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  1. I always carry when caching. Most of the time it's my Ruger LCP in a pocket holster.
  2. GPS, pen, Ruger LCP, a bottle of 98% Deet, and a small flashlight.
  3. 60CSx and I wouldn't trade it for the world
  4. No, I don't. I wouldn't really care if they all had the same time and date stamp, that way I would at least show up when they are exported.
  5. After almost 5 years of Geocaching, I finally became a premium member and started using Cachemate on my Palm TX. I must say that it opens up a whole new world. I like to keep a gpx file of my found caches and run the My Finds Pocket Query once a week or so. After downloading this file for the first time, I imported it into GSAK, created a Found Caches filter, and then exported them to a .pdb file. I then installed this to my Palm and imported them into the Found category in Cachemate. However, when I export the logs, it only exports the ones that were time stamped using Cachemate. Is it possible to add a time stamp to all of the caches I have found before using Cachemate without opening each individual cache and setting a time stamp manually? I've got around 400 or so. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. True, they do cost a little bit more than the cheaper 5 to a pack screen protectors, but the first time you drop your GPS and it lands face down on the pavement, you won't regret having spent the extra money. You definitely get what you pay for.
  7. The 60CSx will not show up as a drive letter unless you put it into Mass Storage Mode. To do this go to Setup -- Interface, and then arrow down to the Mass Storage Mode button and push enter. I will tell you though that using the adapter and card reader is likely to be much faster (usb 1.0 vs. usb 2.0)
  8. I started out caching with the eTrex Legend (the blue one with the sparkly things) and I now use the 60csx. There is no comparison. The 60CSx is a far superior receiver and outperforms the old eTrexes in every way. I'd say buy it, you definitely won't regret it for a second.
  9. "IMHO, there is still no unit "available now" that surpasses the 76CSx or 76Cx. That includes the Colorado/Oregon series. The 60-76's have the SIRF lll chipset , no "drift" problems, no WAAS problems, just less problems overall. Before anyone gets their tail over the dashboard over my opinions, I'm only interested in overall accuracy, accurate track logging, external antenna capability and waypoint accuracy . I really couldn't care less about "Paperless" geocaching." Very well said! I couldn't agree more
  10. I had pretty much the same experience. Ended up removing and repostioning several times before I finally got it on the way I wanted it. After all of that, I pretty skeptical about the product, but once it's on, it doesn't come off and a year later it still looks new.
  11. In the Garmin lineup any unit with a H in the title is high sensitivity. Legend Hcx, Etrex H,...... Plus the 60Cx, 60CSx, 76Cx , and the 76CSx
  12. Unless you absolutely have to have the paperless features, I'd stick with the 60CSx. It also serves very well as a driving device and when it comes to off road navigation it is equal to or better than just about anything else out there (plus it's a lot cheaper)
  13. Definitely the Venture HC or the Legend HCx. They will do everything the Camo will and also will acquire a satellite lock much faster. As far as accuracy, in the open there probably won't be much difference, but when in less than ideal situations (like in the woods), the high sensitivity chip will definitely be more accurate. If I had to decide between the two, I would go with the Legend, simply because of the memory card storage for mapping (should you decide you want it later). Which ever one you decide on, you won't be disappointed.
  14. I'd contact Garmin about out of warranty repairs. They usually replace the unit at a much better price, and they would probably take care of your map licensing as well. I mention this mainly because you are obviously familiar with its operation and most importantly, it fits your needs.
  15. A user in the 76C Yahoo group reports that his unit successfully recalculated a route without any problem after upgrading to 3.90. Any chance your problem could have been low batteries? They were fresh Duracells. I did downgrade it back to 3.70 and the problem went away.
  16. Just downloaded and installed it. Took a trip around town and now every time it recalculates a route, the screen fades out and the unit shuts off. Definitely going back to 3.70
  17. Since they both user a serial connection, I wouldn't recommend either since very few new computers have a serial connection. I would step up to the Venture HC or Legend HCx. They both have USB connections and since both models support mapping, the USB connection is MUCH faster when loading maps (and waypoints too for that matter.)
  18. Try this, but make sure you are out in the open (no trees or tall buildings in the area) From the satellite screen, hit the menu button and click on "Use with GPS off" Hit the menu button again, and click on New Location, then select Automatic. Let it sit there for a good 1/2 hour or so, even if it gets a lock sooner. I've had this problem and it really did help a lot.
  19. I'm in the same row. For some reason I just can't come up with a reason to replace my 76CSx. Jim Same for me with my 60CSx
  20. I own both. I bought the Legend HCx as a backup for the 60CSx, and from my experience, it will remain a backup for a long time. I like the button layout and the bigger screen better, and get more consistent tracks with the 60.
  21. I have a Legend HCx and a GPSMap 60CSx. I use the Legend for bicyling, and the 60 CSx for everything else (caching, hiking, street routing, etc...)
  22. About a year ago, I did an informal non-scientific battery test between my Legend HCx and 60CSx. I put the results in pdf format here: http://www.gpwtech.com/gpsbatttest.pdf
  23. Yes, the 60CSX does have an external antenna connector and would definitely suit your needs very well. I have thought about the exact same thing you're asking about and if I were in that type of situation, the 60CSx is the only unit I would trust my life with.
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