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COINTEST: Last Chance


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All my other Cointests are wraping up the Birds of a Feather Phase. This is a Last Chance to win one of these special Coins. It's so simple, you won't know what to do with yourself.


1. If you have not won one of these Coins in any other Cointest...


2. and you would like to win one,


3. post an entry here.


4. An enrty is a post that just says "Entry"


After I am finished sending out all the other Coins to their winners, whatever is left will be awarded in this Cointest by random draw. One entry per person. If you have won one of these coins in Any other Cointest, you cannot win one here(don't even enter)


Any other discussion is welcome, but only a post stating only "Entry" will qualify for a Coin

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WSR it sota sounds like the birds of a deather coin is not going to be around? I hope that is not the case especially the creator. I have my parrot on the piano, (and he doesn't leave and droppings on the floor) what a good bird. Thanks for the neat coin and the cointest they are alot of fun.

I'll still be around.


At the begining of all these games I had 50 BOF coins made for "Cointest Winners". This one will wrap up the games for that batch. I'm not ruling out making some other batch again in the future, but for now I have to cool off the games a little. I have another big project in the works, which will likely see some prizes given away later. As most of you can tell from the extended delays in updates for these games, and in sending out the prizes, I have bitten off a little more than I can chew(When I don't always have access or time for handling it all properly). Even my old Games have suffered, going for more than a week without remembering to draw a daily Bingo number(and not just once)


One thing I may do next is to turn my attention to some MISSIONS, where I will be able to set it up, and then just watch it go. The games I have been running are very time consuming, but they have been a great deal of fun. You can probably tell also from my lack of Cache finds for most of the summer that I have put too much energy into all these games. I just didn't have the steam left to continue them for several more weeks. With 4 poems left to choose, it would have taken a long time to finish.

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