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Skunked Geocoins


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Hello Everyone!! I am very excited about this. :anitongue::D PengoMommy designed this coin and it is being minted by Oakcoins. It will be for sale on their site sometime in the future. These are pictures of the samples (not a tracking number showing.) I do not know at this time how much they will be sold for or finishes but I will update this thread as more information is available. The coin is 1.75" in diameter and 3mm thick. The front says 'Watch out for me' and the back says 'Or you'll get skunked'.







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Just a quick update....


The order has been placed with the mint and coins should arrive in approx. 3 weeks. The coins are now 3.5mm thick. Oakcoins, (geoswag), will be selling the black nickel finish in imitation hard enamel and the gold finish in soft enamel fill. ;):P I will update this thread with pricing once the information is available.


Thanks everyone for your interest!


I will also have a few available for trade in a nickel finish. :huh:

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The Skunked! Geocoin was designed by PengoMommy of PengoFamily. We worked closely with her to make sure the coin came out as she envisioned.


This beautiful Geocooin has 9 colors on the front, 11 colors on the back! There are very few Geocoins which have this many colors!


This coin is 1.75"(45mm) x 3.5mm thick!


This Geocoin is trackable at geocaching.com and has its own icon.


These coins are available and ready to ship today.





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