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  1. Order sent - If over 40 people sign up let me know so I can increase my order!
  2. We have started a new project group turtle tessellation project this year for Geowoodstock XV. The coins fit together as a puzzle and will make for a fun trading event. If you have any questions please email at janae@oakcoins.com. Here is the link for more information or if you would like to order. http://www.geoswag.com/new-releases/tessellationturtle.html
  3. oakcoins


    Check out our new Halloween swag. http://www.geoswag.com/grimreaperas.html http://www.geoswag.com/jacktraveltag.html http://www.geoswag.com/sallytraveltag.html http://www.geoswag.com/screamertraveltag.html
  4. 25 coins is the minimum order? Fantastic, I may have a geocoin project coming up come 2017 that you could help me with. Normally our minimum order is 50 coins. With price breaks at 100/250/500. For the Benchmarks we can do a minimum of 25.
  5. Hey guys check out some of our Halloween offerings. http://www.geoswag.com/grimreaperas.html http://www.geoswag.com/jacktraveltag.html http://www.geoswag.com/sallytraveltag.html http://www.geoswag.com/screamertraveltag.html Hope you all have a Happy Halloween.
  6. Unfortunately we can't sell just one at a time year round. I could give you a quote for a custom coin any time though. The minimum order would be 25 coins.
  7. Thanks! We think they are pretty cool too.
  8. Get your own Personalized Custom Geocoin For a limited time you can get a Customized Personalized Trackable Benchmark Geocoin. Commemorate a Special Person, Location, or Event with your very own Trackable. http://www.geoswag.com/trackable-custom-benchmark-coin.html
  9. Yes! We are getting them either Friday or next Monday.
  10. No, it doesn't come off. It is one piece.
  11. Check out our National Parks 100 Years Geocoin. We will be getting these in tomorrow or Monday. http://www.geoswag.com/nps100yearcoin.html
  12. Today is your last day to order your coins! 2 pm mountain time.
  13. Here is the link to order the coins or if you have questions about the project. Or you can email janae@oakcoins.com. http://www.geoswag.com/maythe4thmultievent16.html
  14. Check out our new project! For a limited time you can get a Customized Trackable Geocoin. Offer closes November 12th. If you have any questions please email Janae at Janae@oakcoins.com Here is the link: http://www.geoswag.com/megageneric15.html
  15. Check out the new version of our cache sabers! Available in 3 and 6 inches. Limited quantities. Fight off the dark side with the powerful Cache Saber Geocoin.
  16. I will email and post the link either on Monday or Tuesday with all the different versions. Janae
  17. Here is the link to see all the different Cache Saber Versions: http://www.geoswag.com/policy_cache_saber
  18. Celebrating 15 Years of Geocaching World Wide Multi Event Hi Everyone. We are excited to say that we are releasing our next multi event coin called the Celebrating 15 Years of Geocaching World Wide Multi Event. The World Wide Multi Events will take place May 3rd, 2015. Please note that the 15 on the coin will be an attachment piece. We have created a page for you to make your own custom coins for your event. Please see the page for more information. Janae will be your contact for this project. Here is a look at what the Geoswag version will be.
  19. Here are some sample Pictures
  20. Hi All, We are going to have a special price for the next two weeks. May the 4th Be With You Cache Saber Thanks Hans
  21. Hi Everyone. We are excited to say that we will soon be releasing our next multi event coin called the Cache Saber. So keep an eye open for it and "May the 4th" be with you.
  22. oakcoins

    Pi Day?

    Hi everyone, Here is a link to view all the different versions of the 2015 Pi Day Coin: My link
  23. oakcoins

    Pi Day?

    Please reach out to Janae @ janae@oakcoins.com. We are on a tight deadline with the Chinese break this next year since will take longer than normal to get things in February and early March.
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