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  1. I too have a different ebay name than our caching name. As it has been said before, ebay name came before we even started caching. I am selling some of our personal coins on ebay. We needed to make back some of the money spent on having them made. And I don't know how else to do it other than ebay. I love our coins and am very glad that we got to have them made. And as far as I can tell the purchasers have been very glad to get to have one as part of their collection. That part makes me feel good - that they get happiness out of it. How high the price goes depends on th person bidding. Some people just seem to want a coin really, really bad and will pay whatever for it (not ours - LOL). That is not the seller's fault. Here in NM I have never found an unactivated geocoin for swag in a cache. So unless I purchase or find someone online to trade with, I would never get any coins. And here in the forums the coins seem to get sold out before I can get an order in, so ebay has been a place for me to purchase coins to add to my collection. There are many that I bid on and don't get because I refuse to pay more than $12 for a coin and even that price is saved for the ones that I think are really cool. So anyway, that is my 2 cents. Jaime
  2. I have had that happen before with selling through PayPal and ebay. And to keep from getting a negative repsonse, I sent another coin. BUT somehow the buyer found the first one at the post office. It was being held because I forgot a stamp (WHICH I will be WAY more careful of in the future). Luckily, he paid me for both (he had a friend who wanted the second one). Go it all ended good, but I guess with ebay, it is just a chance you take as a seller. I guess we could just up the shipping and always charge for the insurance so we are covered.
  3. Lots of good information here! Thanks for all the help! Jaime
  4. Yahooooo!!!! Congrats to the latest "bitten" people: Dolfy, Windrose, PengoFamily and Broken W!!!!!! You guys are sooooo luky!
  5. I am really looking for one of these....except the 2007 version............... All I have to offer for trade is one of my Blue Morpho coins or the green stuff....... Thanks, Jaime
  6. OK.......I found another one that I just HAVE to have, but I can't seem to find it available anywhere. Is is the geomuse butterfly coin: Oooooohhhhhhh it is so beautiful! Jaime
  7. Thanks for helping my Fluttershy butterfly desire come true! YOU know who you are!!! I feel very blessed! Jaime
  8. Oh well, the one that I would have wanted was the Fluttershy one. I have been trying to track down one of those for awhile. Good luck selling the rest. I bet around here they go quick! Jaime
  9. Email sent..... Jaime
  10. If you still have any to trade, I would love to send you my Blue Morpho coin for one of yours...... And thanks to all 3 of you for putting yourselves in harms way to help our men when no one else can!!!!!! Jaime
  11. I will buy your Earth Turtle-Silver from you! Jaime
  12. We don't have very many flying bugs out here in NM that bite......maybe one would like to transplant....... Jaime
  13. Wanted the whole set, but am afraid that I had to just pick one. Ordered a red one. Can wait to get it and see it up close. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  14. OOHHHH, can't wait! My mom and I are both quilters! Jaime
  15. I love butterflies (in case no one has noticed! ) and am looking for Crake's Monarch coin as well as any of the fluttershy butterflies. I am so bummed that missed out on the Geojellies (I am hoping to get in on the next version) - I wouldn't mind being able to get a yummy flavor.............. Jaime
  16. I have mine, Bruce, and I LOVE it!!!! Beautiful job!! Jaime
  17. Shucks! Slept too late! Great looking coins! Jaime
  18. I like it! Especially the saying! Through caching we have learned that the fastest way between 2 points is NOT a straight line!!!!!! Jaime
  19. I still have some more of these available if anyone is interested.... Thanks, Jaime
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