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  1. oh no Where's the color and the joy gone. It's all been so all similar. It looks like an indifferent sad advertising page. Come back with the old icons. Borderless looks very confusing and overwhelming. NOT HAPPY
  2. Got adoptions for 3 coins - and just completed. 1000 thanks to Tennessee Jed. We will enjoy watching the travel.
  3. Congreats to all of you who's been bitten by the bug I can’t believe this bug still bites Better get myself one of these.
  4. WOW Love the black one E-mail / order send.
  5. Coins arrived Freday - fast shipping. COOL coins, Thanks
  6. All payed orders has gone out this morning. Joan
  7. If you look at the flipside that line is also there, giving definition to the leg I think. Yes it sayes : Trackable at Geocaching.com Above the logo it's: Late Bronze Age Relic I post a picture of the originally Sun Chariot
  8. Don't know how to post it. But it can be seen here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...39-d1ba5c2725ef Joan
  9. The $5 shipping is for 1-3 coins. Joan
  10. Hi Everyone Interested in the Danish coin Solvognen (Sun Chariot)? We still got about 100 bronze coins left. FACTS: 50 mm long; 3 mm thick Twotone: Bronze / Gold sun disc Sun disc: Gold w/ glitterblue ring Front: 3 color; Back: 10 colors 300 made in the Bronze (act. Copper): About 100 left 125 made in silver: Out of stock 75 made in Gold: Not for sale The coin is $18 + $5 shipping worldwide The coin was for sale in Denmark in Aug/Sep. 2007 Please send PM PAYPAL only and no trade with these ones. Joan
  11. Cutecute coins - hope to get some
  12. Nahh the wiking is to much like the Danish coin 2006 I'd vote for the Elg 8A - that's more Norwegian Joan
  13. Appr. 1350 BC The sun chariot of Trundholm, called Solvognen in Danish, is a late Bronze Age Relic. (appr. 1350 BC). It is a bronze statue of a horse and a big gold disk with very fine carvings. The disk is placed on two spoked wheels. The horse stands on a bronze rod connecting it to the disk and runs on four wheels, the disk itself on two. All wheels have four spokes. The sun mooves from left to right and so pulls the horse the golden sundisk. The opposite disk shows a dark site to symbolise the night. It was discovered in 1902 in the Trundholm moor on the northwest coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in Denmark, in a region known as Odsherred. (Here we held the event for with this coin was made.) The sun was the central in the religion. Bronze-Age-people imagined that the sun was transported over the sky in daytime. In the morning a fish lead the sun to a ship wich trasported it until midday. Here the horse took over and carried the sun to the afternoon-ship. A snake lead the sun to the underworld and down here the sun was dark. The dark sun was carried on the nightship until the morning, where the fish again took over. Like this, the eternety of the day cyclus, was maintenanced by the suns helpers – fish, horse, snake and ships. Joan
  14. WAW nice coin - made a regular reservations.
  15. What a cute little song.......... and contrats to the new menbers of the B.U.G Club /Joan
  16. CONGRATURATIONS to all new who got bitting by the B.U.G Still we haven't seen any bugs (or B.U.G ) here in Denmark Precipitations is 124 mm against the normal 55 mm rain - looking forward to se some sun in CO, SD and WY this september - you got plenty I see
  17. Great idea I just released a 'memobook (TBZ11H) to my nice. It will be called back in a couple of years when she's old enough. It will be fun to look at these TB's or coin's after their returns home I think
  18. Really fabulous coin I absolutly must get one
  19. We have something like that in Denmark too - "Pakkeleg" We use dices, a pair of 6' gives a present, that can be 'stoolen' after a decided time. It's a funny little game, usually entertainment rather than gain (Had to goolge for it too)
  20. Joan, we get rain and waterlogged/underwater caches here too. I can't imagine how many bugs you have there, but the mosquitos here (Midwest USA) can carry you away! Congrats to those who have recieved the bug coins. Much better to be bit by those, especially since you can't catch West Nile Virus from the coins! So they pick you up an carry you away eh!... Here we get bored and saddle em and ride for the tourists...our skitters are so big when Ya gets bit you call em Chisel beeks Have tried the moquitoes in the Everglades (my camera was almost eaten) Going to try them in this september in the midtwest states. Hopefully you got a little sunny weather there. Conglaturations to all of you who got bitten by GOIN-bug.
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