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test my avator


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IS "how to change your atavar" in a FAQ somewhere?<BR><BR>if its not, id like to suggest it be considered for addition the next time its updated.<BR><BR><A HREF="http://brillig.com/geocaching/" TARGET=_blank><IMG SRC="http://brillig.com/geocaching/images/waypoint_link.gif"> </A><IMG SRC="http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/22008_1700.gif"> <A HREF="http://www.gpgeocaching.com/" TARGET=_blank><IMG SRC="http://www.gpgeocaching.com/UserDocs/discuss/37_gp_logo88x31.jpg"> </A>

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Henrietta is our Geopooch. We found her while caching!!! My wife and I packed a picnic lunch and went to a park I had read about on a cache page. We were going to look for GCQFZ3, but first we sat down for our lunch. As soon as we got our sandwiches out a dog climbed up on the bench and layed accros my lap. She looked hungry, you could see her ribs. I gave her my sandwhich and she hoovered it up quick. I gave her my other sandwhich and half of my wife's sandwhich and she ate those too. She sat down next to me and leaned against me. Then she drank all our water. My wife and I went back to our car and got our Geo supplies and went for the cache. When we got back the dog was waiting next to our car! I called the Brazoria County Animal Control and they came and picked her up thinking they would adopt her out. I called them the next day to check on her and they said she had 5 day till they would put her down. I couldn't let that happen, she was so nice and loving. The next thing I knew we were at the pet store buying a dog crate, dog house, food, leash, collar, name tag (my wife named her before we picked her up), and setup an appointment with vet. Yep, approx. $300 i was not prepared to spend, needless to say bills were late and courtesy calls were made. We were going to sponser her till the SPCA could find a home because we weren't ready for a dog yet, but she grew on us and she formed a strong bond with us. After that I couldn't bring myself to give her away again. How could I just kick her out of our family and into a new one? So here she is!!! We're just about ready to take her caching. She's doing very well with her training, she doesn't pull her leash, and she doesn't stray too far when she's on a drag line...



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