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  1. I am not desperate enough to use crapple products just yet, especially since then it would only be good for this one purpose. With all the salespeople out there using their laptops, I have to think there is something available for computers that won't cost an arm and a leg like Map Point, although if I could find it for a reasonable price that might be what I have to go with. I may have a line on some old stock of MS S&T 2013, which would be ideal. Seems very short sighted to discontinue it.
  2. nRoute is still available. I just have to play with it. I remembered severe shortcomings, bu better than nothing.
  3. Have used Microsoft Streets and Trips for years. Unfortunately, need to upgrade my hard drive and it was downloaded from Amazon, which will not let me re-download it. Is there any replacement software out there? It obviously needs to load caches via a GPX or similar file and do routing as well as work with a USB puck. I thought basecamp may work, but it does not. I am going to try nroute but I remember that being somewhat limited.
  4. What does it matter? GC is not a utility or necessity. Enjoy the free aspect or don't play. Apparently the majority of users worldwide have no issue.
  5. Have you ever looked at Premium membership? Just off the top of my head; - Pocket Queries. This allows downloading up to 10,000 caches a day. I presume technically, if used in conjunction with the app, it may be 16,000 - Instant Notifications - Bookmark Lists - Planning routes using Cache Along a Route feature You also seem to think that Geocaching is totally provided by the users and volunteers. While that is true to the data in the content, try doing it without the site which provides data collation, search featyres, record keeping, etc. You are more than welcome to set-up a web page, or even a Facebook page, and try to recreate GC strictly from users. Don't really see it being successful. nut if it is, please come back and let us know. Ultimately, GC is US based. They do their best (quite well might add) to accommodate the myriad of differences in technology as well as other countries and cultures. It was promised early on that GC would always have a free component, and that promise has been kept. Call me elitist, but if you want more, you have to pony up with the $$$.
  6. Not sure why? They were first to find. FtF is binary, either you were or you weren't, and not dependant on publication. Many give coords to caches out before they are published. Gsrmin did this with cache series in the past as has GC.
  7. I use the COLORIZE macro in GSAK to mark corrected coordinates. Much easier to see at a glance than the triangle.
  8. Have used this for years. It reconditions as well as charges. MAHA MH-C9000 by Thomas Engineering I use it with Eneloop batteries.
  9. Not sure what this has to do with the OP, but thanks for the opinion.
  10. I have searched the directories and called Garmin with no luck. The person I talked to agreed it was shortsighted and opened a ticket but I thought there may be a work around.
  11. It currently sends a default message of Logged usung a Garmin Oregon 7xx". That is the default looking to change. Doing field notes on the GPS is too cumbersome.
  12. Yes, I understand I can turn it off, however I was wondering if there was a way to make the feature more useful and utilize it.
  13. Do the betas use a different numbering scheme, because my unit is on the relase of 2.70?
  14. After caching the other day, when I walked into my house, my Oregon 700 logged itself into wifi and did me a favor by uploading all my logs. Problem is, I only mark them "found" or "not found" and do not log in the field. As a result I have 100 or so logs that only say "Submitted via Garmin Oregon 7xx". Is there a way to change the default text, or even add a default log? Either via the unit or GC?
  15. I don't know if there's any way to remove the subjectivity from this part of the guidelines. One way to remove the subjectivity is to delete that particular guideline. Groundspeak doesn't impose a "reasonable number of cachers" guideline on Non-Challenge caches, so why impose it on Challenge caches? Let Challenge caches be challenging! How exactly would you impose a guideline that a reasonable number of cachers in your area have found your cache if it has not published yet?
  16. Google is your friend. I would start by finding the local WoodCraft Store. You can also try these guys. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Shot-Wood-Carving/156438527729429
  17. I have the most recent version of Streets and Trips. I know it is discontinued however I have several routes done in it and, quite frankly, still superior in most way to Basecamp. My question is, does anyone know how to transfer routes in S&T to a Garmin GPS, in particular the Montana? Getting the caches in is obviously no problem, it is just the routes.
  18. So much fail. So little time. GSAK is a database. To maintain a database, you do not delete it every couple of weeks. You update the records in it. So in other words you want geocaching.com to provide you big offline databases. Not gonna happen. Learn how to use GSAK properly and I believe you will have no trouble maintaining the number of caches you need. I agree, I maintain a database of about 180 Miles around my home near Chicago. Each query runs once a week. I have a filter set up to show caches that do not have an update from the GPX in the last 7 days, those are the caches that are archived and I delete those and keep the database and log history.
  19. Fisrt to find is a binary state, either you are or you are not. It also is no different to the twentieth find. If you're asking should you put a note in your log that you were ftf, you were not.
  20. Mostly security theater. People think it keeps the cache from disappearing.
  21. I'm sorry, but if any of these things prevent you from a virtual posting requirement, then moved along. Every cache is not for everyone and it is not being controlling. It is no different then a cache 20 feet up a tree and you can't climb.
  22. That or if, like around here, the area is closed all but winter.
  23. Slight correction, there are dozens of apps, some free, some with a charge attached. Whether or not they work with premium features is how your GC account is set up. Premium is attached to your ID, not the app. Pretty much lik the site you cited in the OP.
  24. OK, I'll say it since no one else will. Based on the OP premise (and responses) it would appear GC is not for you. There are many injuries, maybe everyday, within caching of varying degrees. We all assume the risk. If someone comes in with th mentality they can make a buck by not taking responsibility, this will become a problem and ruin the game.
  25. I try to only look for caches I have not found yet.
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