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  1. I sooooo got to have the Signal pole dancing background lol
  2. Doesn't sound like there is a problem with offensive logs, or bad language or spoilers. Any of those might be cause to ask the finder to reword the log or risk deletion. No, the OP wants to delete logs that "displease him" because the finder wasn't verbose enough for his liking. I'm not trying to be an instigator, and know nothing of your cache hides. I wonder if the problem is that your cache is of poor quality, and the finder had nothing nice to say. On a side note, the biggest insult to a cache hider, who prides themselves in quality caches in quality locations, is a found it log like "TFTC" or "#3 of 150 today." This tells me that the finder is too busy to take the time to write a nice log. There is a local cacher who usually puts out GREAT caches. He placed a lamp post micro. The cache deserved the words "found it" and nothing else. Somtimes two words is all you should get.
  3. yea, I just figured it is was the cache in question since its the only one that has a log for today
  4. so they can do an evil laugh like this , buahahaha
  5. I guess you didnt think it was too bad canyon view http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...8d-9bdd273f4691 "Obviously my hilight." "Thanks for bringing me back to this spot" "Great view and great drive to here" it may not be kosher, but you enjoyed it right? Edit: late reply......thats wrong of someone to put regular if its a micro
  6. not that I would personally put a micro out in the middle of no where
  7. for me its not the container as much as it is the adventure getting there.
  8. I dont really do it for new cachers as much as I do it for out of towners.
  9. Its Mae Simmons park, by Mackenzie state park, where most of the mountain bike trails are. Depending on the wheel size you can easily average 5-8 on small wheel and 10-12 on a big wheel. whats the farthest you have gone for a geocache eroick?
  10. I think its hard enough to just simply look for a urban cache, its even worse with a unicycle next to you.
  11. Can't look low for any, can't go into the woods, and I would think you would have to be constantly moving wouldnt you? YOU CANT GO INTO THE WOODS????? do a google or youtube seach for Mountain Unicycling (also known as MUni). and yes, you can stay in one spot, you just rock your wheel back and forth for balance. also visit http://unicyclist.org/cont/muni.cfm and watch the movie trailers at the bottom Yep, I did it at Geowoodstock IV. I have done a few in town, but they are too far apart so (before I got my car) I would take the citibus and ride from the stops. Oh, and most of them have been on my 24" Torker lx I am honored that Briansnat remembered my name hehe. EDIT: changed the search paragraph
  12. oh, I am thinking a little different. When you said overlap I thought of double entries in GSAK. Which I dont think would happen because they have the same way point name.
  13. overlap should not be a problem, it would be the same as normal as updating the queries but the problem I see is missing a section, not sure about that part.
  14. I dont see any problem with it getting approved, but why not make it difficult in the first place?
  15. some guy that rides a unicycle. I think his name is unicyclist. haha I dont read the names when reading the forums. I just read the main text.
  16. t would be awfully petty to delete a legit found it log because you don't like the size of his signature. not only would it be petty, it would cause that person to post on the forums complaining because the owner of a geocache deleted his log because of his sig. we allready have enough of those
  17. I know of topozone, but you have to pay 49.95 to get the grid on it.
  18. where would I get maps to try this with for inside a city?
  19. I loved my Magellan Gold. I lost it and now I am back with my garmin hehe
  20. The virtuals are still there no matter what site there on.
  21. I have a new sig line, THANKS as for fiding the cache, [rant] I am the only person that could not find the geocache in the last month so it must be gone. So Im posting a needs maintence log. Because if I can not find it, it must be gone right?[/rant]
  22. The problem with webcam caches is that there is no log or anything else for that matter. By my definition (others have different definitions) a geocache, at the least, has a container and a log book. EDIT: for spelling
  23. I tried doing a "simple" search and brought back simply this thread.
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