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  1. Or he could have been in an airplane. It would be completely possible to have done some caches before and after the plane ride, especially if a layover or something was involved. Of course, if there are lots of "layovers" then I would simply ask, "Are you sure you are logging on the right cache?" Maybe even throw in an obvious "verification" question that he would know the answer to had he been there, such as about the parking lot or something. Something like, "Hi, thanks for logging. Please double check to make sure you are logging the right cache. For verification I ask a simple question related to the cache. Was the parking lot a circle or square shape?" You know something obvious and easy, if you had actually been there.
  2. Yes, life does get in the way of logging online. I have a lot higher find count than what my stats show. I did log the paper log, I have not gotten around to logging others. If I find the find logs later I might go ahead and put them in. They would be for finds up to two years ago.
  3. Thanks room104 for agreeing to adopt this cache. I really do appreciate it!
  4. Hi, I am the cache owner of the Cache Across America - South Dakota listing. I need somebody to adopt this cache as I am just not active in geocaching at this time. Is there anybody in the Watertown area who would be interested in taking over this cache? It is part of the 50 state cache series with the final, secret cache hidden in Washington D.C. It cannot be archived since if it is, nobody else will ever be able to complete the national series. If interested, please send me a message. Thanks.
  5. Boy, even the volunteer moderators have to pay for the privilege? Time for a new contract. At any rate - become a premium member. The pocket queries are well worth it. Caches along a route are well worth it. The ability to visit off-topic is very much worth it. I can't really think of a downside unless you honestly can't afford $3 a month. If that's the case I would suggest collecting aluminum for an afternoon. (You could even make it part of a CITO or something)
  6. I wish more people would develop that as their life philosophy.
  7. Yes, only one kind of weirdo typically visits a cache. All kinds of weirdo's goto in the gas station. I'm not sure I would drink it however... Interesting questions.
  8. Of all the gall! What, do they have lives or something? In my experience it is quite quick with a credit card.
  9. Next Chicago will outlaw eating in a place that is on fire. Oh, wait, they did. Loony Laws]
  10. And... WKCWJP ("What kind of cache would Jesus hide?")... all I know is that it wouldn't be a micro. Seriously, I think it's considered a sin. And just think - he could it hide it anywhere - from the deepest ocean to somewhere way out in space....
  11. Muggle - Comes from English slang. A "mug" is somebody who is easily fooled. Cult - Adherents of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices For the Record: The author nor her "followers" belong to any cult organized by the author. I enjoyed reading the books - that does not make me a member or believer of any of the events portrayed. I have this ability to read about made-up things and understand that they are made-up and not real. I don't think I'm the only one...
  12. I would rather do 1 multi, then 10 regular park and grabs.
  13. I believe that only Mithril Card Holders now have this privilege.
  14. I am new to geocaching and was all excited about getting stuff that I could put in a cache when i found one. I am on a limited budget and was afraid that I couldnt' afford to leave cool stuff.....but then i went to the thrift store! Problem solved! I got tons of cool things that aren't expensive but aren't junk (cute small stuffed animals, little girls hello kitty sunglasses, decorative holiday picutre frames, ceramic candle holders with cute decorations, handpainted glass suncatcher-type artwork to hang on a window...etc) all for only 25 cents each! I wish more would do that....it woudl be better than finding a gum wrapper. Rummage sales are another great source of inexpensive stuff suitable as trade items.
  15. Neat - Something to do with the family that did not involve sitting in a dark, freezing cold room eating popcorn.
  16. Challenging/ well camoflauged micros are fun. Especially when hidden in plain sight and I have been staring at it for a few minutes. (Stupid hollowed out bolt hanging in plain view on a chain fence.)
  17. Well - since I have never really shown magical aptitude I guess I must still be a muggle....
  18. I've tried a glass jar, fishing bobber, tackle box, coin collector box and ammo cans. The only good one was the ammo can. (Which I now use on most of my caches. I have yet to replace the tackle box.) I've wondered about the new Lock N Seal containers from Glad though. They are cheap, but will they hold up? Anybody tried those.
  19. As an example as to why pencils offend me: (True Story) I was stabbed with one as a kid. It went in several inches and the graphite is still embedded in my body. Therefore I do not really like pencils and could easily consider them a weapon. But hey - please put a pencil in the cache since pens freeze. I might be offended, but since I am all grown up, I think I'll be able to get over myself.
  20. i'm sorry, i thought it was a general discussion of community standards. if we'd known you just wanted a list of everything that might possibly offend anyone and therefore be excluded from caches, it would have saved everyone a lot of time. everything has the potential to offend someone, so you'd better not put anything at all in. conversely, some people are offended if you don't leave anything, so your best bet is not to open the cache at all. but some people are offended if you visit the cache but don't sign the log. better quit caching. i don't think the original post said anything about a non-offensive cache. it did ask for opinion, but did not state that we were simply compiling an elimination list, which would only serve as an excercise in futility. if nobody actually discusses the opinions, they have about as much meaning as a porkchop at a bar mitzvah. if we are only compiling a debate-free elimination list, i would like to add that i am deeply offended by TBs, geocoins, wooden nickles, WG$, spiral bound notebooks, and blue ball-point pens. i am sent into fits of rage by any pencil other than a dixon-ticonderoga #2, ziploc bags, or foreign currency. anything pink or glittery is completely inappropriate, as is anything in hunter orange or camouflage. it is my habit to trash these things out when i find them in caches. you should, too. Good summation Flask, however I find that those things you listed are particularly disturbing to me right at this moment. My whim at what I find offensive might change later, so watch out. Actually I have just decided to be offended by everything, therefore nothing should go in anywhere....after all I am "just one person". The "just one person" claim is the most sad reflection I have ever heard. But hey - Have a nice day - unless you find that offensive, after all "Once an item offends even one person it will not go in to the cache"....
  21. are you guys keeping track? is there some kind of clandestine rating system that measures loyalty? are there going to be purges? OH, MY GOODNESS! THERE'S A SECRET SCORING SYSTEM! IT'S TRUE! everybody change over to your sockpuppet accounts. hurry, while there's still time. go deep. we'll all meet up at the safe location. you know where. do NOT speak to reviewers, moderators, or anyone that can't give you the password. we'll meet up, regroup, and work out a plan. All hail the great and mighty. All hail the hamster. All hail the milkbones. Honestly though - why does everybody keep picking at the rules and picking at the rules? They are fairly straight-forward without being real restrictive. It's not like this is a matter of law where life and death hangs in the balance.
  22. That would be even easier for the site to implement. Slightly altering 1 SQL statement would change it so that no matter how many found it logs you made on one cache, it would only count as 1, yet would update the found it date stamp for the person filtering on the OP method. Nice and clean idea, at least as far as programming is concerned. Edit: Stupid sphel scheker
  23. Or maybe new tags. Not just what is available now, but a found it-new and a found it-tb drop or a found it-maintenance run. Of course the opposing DNF tags would also have to get created. Or - and this is completely programming here - when a maintenance run or tb drop is made the person making the log would have the option to check a box indicating that yes the cache is present. This would then reflect as a "found it" for filtering purposes, but would do nothing to increase the find count.
  24. You can also set up your gmail as a pop service account and just download the messages to your desktop at your leisure. You can choose to keep a copy on gmail or have it deleted after you download it. Pretty nice, and it is still -- FREE. I think it is laughable though that they are blocking gc.com. I run an itsy bitsy mail server for 3 companies and 5 domains with a few thousands users without problems like this. We process around a gb of mail per day, but since my mail server is correctly configured, it actually just works.
  25. Bring a flashlight. Navigating with the soft glow of the GPS and the blinky lights of a cranky 4 year old's shoes while carrying a two year old is not a great adventure. (Thankfully it was only 1/2 mile.)
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