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  1. It'll work, limited features (no memory for maps, no basemap, it's just an empty field for navigation). It'll get you started though. It'd be better to spend a bit more and get one with a few megs of memory and a basemap though. That is I assume you're talking about the basic 60 yellow one, and not a more advanced version of the 60 series
  2. 1. Is the electronic compass on? If it's off it does crazy rotations while stopped. Even with it on, the compass isn't perfect and will rotate a little. Perhaps try recalibrating it? 2. You can use the lock-on-roads feature in the map options page. I'm not positive this works on topo maps but it works on city navigator. The reason it is off is because the maps have points connected by vectors so it's not completely precise to real-world locations. 3. North is north, but the electronic compass isn't a precise measuring tool. Try recalibrating it, however it's only rated to +/- a few degrees. Don't rely on it if you need precise northing readings. 4. You can't auto-route on topo maps, they're just basically "images" that are displayed on the map page. You can autoroute using City Navigator software. Yes, all normal behavior, just some of the drawbacks of gps technology
  3. That was my first unit for about a year and half, it's great for beginning. Just don't drop it then put a chair leg through the screen
  4. TomTom is a common "average user" gps unit. It's easy to use from what I've read and supports all the common road features. Just have to check models to specifically see if they'll let you enter coords because many road units do not allow that.
  5. I assume you would be talking in reference to map data (obviously it's better in that you can use mac I guess)... Some would say new is better, some say it's the same, some even say it's worse. It all depends what you want to do with it. I've heard it can also be very off with the new version (like distance wise on a gps... I've heard up to 500ft or more in places). If you need it for mac, then I guess you need it but it's not worth the upgrade for the map data.
  6. How long do you let it count, does it eventually stop ? Mine was well over 100 when I turned it off. Just go to 50 or somewhere around there, it won't stop on it's own (atleast not for a very long time until it runs out of memory). If you have really bad drift under a tree cover you could let it go a little longer maybe. Just stop it and save it after a minute and then the coordinates are updated.
  7. It's averaging all the slightly different waypoints, each count is another waypoing it averages. This is to try to pinpoint the center of the drift. When you're setting a cache, set the gps on the cache and start an average and let it go for a few minutes then you'll have the most precise coordinates avaliable to you for that location. Not sure about the tech support thing.
  8. They don't show much more data, and some report them being off by as much as 500 feet in some areas. Unless you're the type that always needs to have the latest, I'd stick with 3.02
  9. Maybe you could request a service manual from Magellan? They might not like giving them out though.
  10. You could try a full device reset, not sure the command on a colorado. Unlikely it'll fix it though. Sounds like a full out firmware corruption which will require a warrenty repair.
  11. They all do it, Garmin didn't use strong enough glue. I gave my friend my legend when I upgraded to 60csx and his is not really stuck on at all, but he just uses it as a serial gps to his palm as the screen is cracked on the legend. You could maybe use some strong adhesive like gorilla glue or something else like that.
  12. Probably won't work for every scratch, it all depends on how the light refracts and interacts with the panel that is put on top. Every scratch is different
  13. I've always wondered about hardware, especially with Garmin. They always seem to release their products too soon. The 60CSx was just like this when it was released, I got it the first weeks it was avaliable and it was almost unusable to some extent. Hopefully colorado will get better as the 60csx did
  14. I think it's Garmin being a pain... In an early 60CSx firmware, they increased the number to 2025 which proves it can be adjusted (atleast it was changed, it's remotely possible 2025 is hardware limit, but that's VERY unlikely) As for 4gb, I highly doubt it'd work being that they're all SDHC. This requires new drivers, and the card wasn't invented when the device was released. They could put out a new firmware, but they seem to be kind of done with firmware for this series
  15. I'd strongly suggest getting City Navigator. If you are interested in traveling to various cities, it is extremely helpful in both routing at street level detail and finding things like places to eat when dinner time comes around. As for the best place, not quite sure. You'll have to shop around or have someone else help you there. Make sure you don't get it on ebay (or used anywhere) as the activation code will have been used on a different gps.
  16. Make sure you update your firmware. I believe they just recently addresses this issue and allowed you to use up to 10M or something.
  17. What is the advantage of that when your unit uses standard AA batteries? Just carry extras of those.
  18. Wow that is cool. I'd never thought of it being possible with a single signal but it makes sense. I'm guessing that would be too much computing for a handheld though which is why they have many signals coming in.
  19. I'd guess the problem is related to EMI/RF Interferences produced by the laptop or USB connection. My friend uses a legend and he has proof in pictures that his reception can be up to 5ft when on the computer but at the same place and time, when unplugged it goes down to 30ft. Strange, perhaps his computer actually produces healthy RF? LOL I've never personally used n-route while on the road so I wouldn't know.
  20. If you import it into GSAK and then export it as a gpx, in the gpx export page uncheck use defaults, then enter %Name into the name box where it currently says %code. Hope that works out!
  21. Mine did this once and a simple firmware update fixed it. Glad yours is working now
  22. I really like the night feature, the map especially is much easier to read that way at night. As others have mentioned, I did promptly read the manual cover to cover after purchasing it (even the warnings just to get a laugh lol)
  23. Wow I can't believe a company as good as Garmin would use contact pads rather than wires. I personally like the sounds of the capacitor idea . I tried the squeeze test on my 60CSx and it was fine, but I'll have to try one of these mods if I ever get problems
  24. I'd guess it's marketing, so the next unit can have 'an amazing 2000 waypoint limit'
  25. I have to agree with what others have been saying that there will not be a new 60 release (atleast not soon). I don't think it would be financially 'worth it' for Garmin to make an entire new line with the only upgrade being the chipset. The SiRF StarIII is right on par with whats in the 'h' series, if it's a little worse or better is hard to even determine. Garmin will probably only release a new line when they support better mapping, better geocaching features (after all that's their main handheld consumer), and better chipsets. I still think my 60CSx is the best avaliable handheld at the current time (that may change with tritons and may not, we don't know how good they will be yet)
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