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  1. Mine came yesterday, but I didn't discover it until this morning, hubbie brought in the mail. Yippee! We're in GA by the way.
  2. If you are still trying to get a count of TB's/Coins Discovered or Grabbed, etc, go to My Account, then click on "Bugs" just above the logs, then if you click on "Discovered It" and it will show how many bugs/coins you discovered. If you want to get how many you grabbed, you have to add "Grab it (not from a cache)" plus "Retrieve it from a cache". Hope this helps save you from doing a bunch of counting!
  3. Much better, will pass it on to the dad part of the team and see what he thinks. Thanks
  4. Glad to find this thread, I need help. I'm a CPA (which other than being able to do accounting means, Can't Portray Anything). Anyway, I took a stab at an avatar a letter H made to look like it is made of notes, but it was done in paint so not very professional. HooTunes is a take on our last name, but also because we are into music, both playing and listening. It is a team of a mom, dad, kid and on some hunts a dog. Can anybody make this look a little better? I do want fairly simple. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. That would be awesome if you could do it. If it somehow makes it to the Western Slope I think I will give it a new mission after I grab it.
  6. Thanks for the info. I also checked with our local reviewer and he was good with what I am doing. Working on the container right now and hoping to put it out this afternoon.
  7. Hmm, I have two caches planned and they are both on the grounds of a church, but there is something there worth seeing at both of them. One is my religion and one is not, but I am not having people visit the cache for the religions sake, but for what they will see. Are these not going to get approved?
  8. I also have a bug in the motel and was concerned when I saw the cache was disabled, but it is up and running and this is a fairly active motel, so I hope that all of the ones currently in there will be moved along soon. I guess if there is a prison break, The Kid's Pony wouldn't mind being in on it. I was hoping it would get to CO in a few weeks, but I intended to release it earlier so this may not be feasible at this point, still would like to get it to some other states and maybe we can meet it out there on a later trip to CO. I did want to give some input on the number of bugs put in there recently - I was at the event when the cache owner was leaving and we had a whole bunch of TB's left at a TB swap, so he volunteered to take them up to his neck of the woods to release them. It sounds like a very nice cache where he put them. However, I do have concerns that the take 1 leave 1 rule does tend to keep bugs from traveling. Will be interested to see what happens.
  9. I certainly understand not wanting people to steal your coins, but then just don't put them out. I only see two points of these "replica" coins 1) is to get someone an icon and 2) to get a traveler out without risk. I like getting icons, but for me they represent something and in this case it is being in posession of a coin and having a chance to enjoy looking at it for a bit and then putting it back in the wild. I have "discovered" a couple of coins and travelbugs in unique circumstances, but do plan to limit this to things like a Moun10Bike coin that I come across - although I rarely do more than glance at peoples collections at events, so this is farily unlikely anyway. Now, I am still on the fence on putting a replica out after the original coin was stolen, but it seems like at that point it should be maybe converted to a TB and the future finders of the replica will only get a TB icon and not the coin icon - no clue if this is feasible from a programming perspective but just an idea.
  10. Just did one this past weekend and I was glad we did. Grabbed and dropped coins and travel bugs, felt safer they wouldn't be muggled. Also had a nice visit with the cache owner and family. Although, if I didn't know the cache owner at least by reputation I would probably pass. Thought it would be fun to do one, but I think we will pass on hiding one.
  11. I have designed a coin and am leaning towards having it just be a sig/trade item. May I ask how many coins you had made? I would also love to see pictures!
  12. So, are all these favorites trackables with icons? I have designed a personal coin mostly for us to use as a sig item, but I think it might be something collectors might enjoy. Should I just do 100 numbered or should I do a trackable with an icon and sell it? I would still keep a good number for swag and great cache rewards. I like the personal coins and sig items, but am not big into general coin collecting, so I would probably only do some trading for personal coins/sig items. Thoughts?
  13. Just got mine in the mail. Woo-hoo, very pretty and shiny! We will be putting out our first cache soon and one of these will be a FTF prize. Thanks for making our first coin buying experience easy. I can see how this can get as addictive as the caching. Mom
  14. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this winter and thought we should do something memorable, so we thought a trip was in order, timeframe is mid-December. An objective obviously will be to do geocaching, so being near quality and winter accessible caches will be a factor - don't mind some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, but it would have to be able to be done by someone who hasn't done it before or in a very long time. We have come up with two ideas and are looking for some advice from cachers to help us with our decision. 1 - Canada, this would be a 4 or 5 day trip including travel time from Georgia, so guessing in the Eastern portions of Canada and although I did take French, it is VERY rusty, we might not do Quebec. Would like to maybe have a cabin at a resort - don't want to be cooking all our meals! - so we can have some privacy, but also can get out and socialize and eat. Probably would like to be reasonably near some town worth visiting (antiques, history, etc.) as I doubt the Mr. will want to have geocaching be the main priority oh, I mean 2nd priority . I know very little about Canada and am somewhat overwhelmed by the possibilities so would love some advice on great locations. Beautiful scenery/mountains would be preferred. 2 - Edinburgh to Rome - these are our two favorite European cities (Rome was where we went for our Honeymoon), this would be maybe a 10 day trip. Would start in Edinburgh and end in Rome, possibly hitting some countries and a quality cache in each on the way. Is this trip even doable in that amount of time given that we want to spend at least two days in Edinburgh and 4 days in Rome? If so, would love advice on where to go in between and how to go about it. Obviously these two are quite different trips, with quite different price tags and it may come down to time if we can't fit the Europe trip in between finals and Christmas. Not looking on which to choose, more on if we were to choose one how should we do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I was getting a list of caches to hit this afternoon after work and was excited to see one prospect that had a coin with a cool icon. I checked and it is a laminated copy, think I will pass. At least this guy states clearly on his page what it is. I had picked up one of his at an event and helped it on it's journey and since it was my first coin "found" I thought this was an acceptable practice, but after educating myself I have decided that I'm going to keep this type of thing off my future finds. I have only found two real coins in a cache, both FTF caches, one was a traveler and one was an unactivated FTF prize. Oh, I did find one in a traveling cache too. So, I don't have as many cool icons, but I think they will mean more to me as I do find them.
  16. Okay, changed one more thing, let's see.
  17. Just wanted to give another newbie perspective on this topic. We have gotten a good bit of finds in a short amount of time (79 since joining April 17, 2006) and yes that is due to a good number of micro caches. I like that there is a variety of types of caches and depending on the day we have planned we adjust accordingly. The three main reasons we got into this are 1 - to have an activity that the whole family could do together (my daughter often hunts with us and she loves being able to find the cache first, she is only 4, so most of her finds are magnetic keyholders that I can help guide her to); 2 - to get some exercize (for example we recently did a multi that provided a good hike); and 3 - to see some places we wouldn't have seen before (like while visiting our friends in MA going to a cache that showed us a cool waterfall). I do see some newer people get a little eager to place new caches and may not be putting the thought into their hides that others do or that you may be able to do with the experience of more creative caches, but I know that sometimes even the old pros may have some "lame caches". I have not hidden a cache yet, but am working on a few ideas - I want to have a few well thought out caches that the other cachers in the area will appreciate. One of the unexpected benefits of this game is I have met some very neat people in our area and from other parts of the state that I never would have met, I have even gotten to know a few people virtually . One poster made a comment about newbies complaining about bugs and other hazards of the wild. Now I have made comments in my logs about the level of ticks and chiggers encountered, but I hopefully have not been complaining rather giving info of the hunt. I have to admit I am going to go a little easier on the woodsy hunts for the next couple of months as I want a break from the scratching, although when I am "on the hunt" nothing will stop me. I also wanted to make a comment about the comment on the lame posts that seem to be increasing. Now, I often only sign the paper log with our name since I have been doing more caches with small logs and hate to take up a lot of space and am usually trying to avoid being muggled. However, for a bigger cache/logbook, more time to log or a spectacular hide I will put a little more into the paper log - I actually was signing a log for a FTF with the cache hider standing there and he said - "Are you writing a novel?". When writing my online logs I have multiple things I am trying to accomplish: 1 - a journal of my hunt (find or dnf) for my "historical" reference, including which of the team was out for the hunt; 2 - a thank you to the hider and hopefully they will enjoy what I shared about my hunt; and 3 - info as appropriate for future hunters - not spoilers, but things like warning of a high number of ticks! I think the great part of this game is that it can be done all manners of ways so you can do it alone, with a friend, with a bunch of friends, in the morning, in the dark, in the city, in the country, in a tree, etc. etc., unlike something like Tennis which has to be on a court with at least one other person and usually wearing an approved outfit! (not bashing Tennis, just the first thing that came to mind). Another thing is that everytime you add a new player, they just might be the one to come up with a really cool way to hide a cache for you to find. Anyway, sorry for rambling and I hope that all the old pros can be encouraged that some of us newbies will be able to make a positive contribution to this game.
  18. Hoping third time is a charm.
  19. Guess I didn't log out everywhere I needed to, trying again
  20. Trying to see how this looks
  21. Yes, you need to sign with your geocache name as they will probably cross check the paper log and may delete the online log if they can't find it. Don't worry for the ones you have already done, just email the cache owners and tell them how you logged it. Welcome to geocaching!
  22. I can't believe I hadn't caught on to that before - right on the search page. Amazing the info available if you just look. Thanks for the info! Cache size is not what guides me, but it is nice to know before you go sometimes. Right now I'm going to be focusing on whether or not there is bushwacking and bugs as I am trying to avoid the bugs for the summer so guessing I will be doing more micros until the bugs die down.
  23. I guess I see two approaches to this. 1 - as a game to see how many people you can find, which would lend itself to the code acquiring 2 - as a way to keep track of cachers you have met while enjoying the sport, which would be more toward the Met me approach I personally would be more in favor of option 2 as I would like a way to keep track of who I have met, which corresponds to why I enter finds and DNF's to keep track of my caching activity, enter coins I have found, but not coins that are on a list, etc. I guess I would not have it as a socail log, but just a list of "people I've met" that is only viewable by me and if someone wants me on their list then fine. This eliminates the counts, the codes and the verification. It would be nice to get to their profile page from there to see what they are doing and to easily contact them if you want to follow up on a discussion, ask them if they want to go caching, etc. So what I would like to see is a seperate page of cachers I met and an ability to include where I met them, add a note to their record and maybe to organize them some way. A way for me to personally keep up with the social aspect of caching. BTW, I have met cachers while not at events and that is fun!
  24. We are a caching team and I do have to say I have the cache bug much more than DH. I have the same problem where he doesn't want to do as much as I and he will give up on a hunt before I do. I do some by myself and I always take my mace, sometimes the dog and sometimes the Kid - although she wouldn't offer any protection, but does offer a distraction for grabbing in a muggle situation! When I go by myself, I always take into consideration where I am going to be hunting and the time of day and if I think it is questionable, I either pass it up or force DH to come - there is usually something I can offer which will encourage him.
  25. Another perspective: if one were to have a personal policy of logging any event caches found at an event as additional logs, would you also log additional finds for a multi (one for each stage)? My general perception on multis is that you only claim the find if you find the final stage, which sometimes does happen without finding all stages. Following that logic, if the goal is finding the event, then any "temporary" caches are simply part of that event and you could say the event is the final stage - i.e. the thing you must find to get credit, so any other things found are just a part of finding the event cache and you can count the event cache whether you find any of the temporary caches or not, and even if you find the temporary caches, you still have only one find. That being said, I like the idea of sub-caches 101a, 101b that would have a different icon and count, whether or not it is in the total I could go either way. I like to use my GC account to track my activity, so I think it would be neat to track my temporary caches, but I do not want to show I attended a bunch of events that were actually just temp cache finds at one event.
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