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    Now that the IDNR has done their duty to rid the woods of GeoTrashers, maybe now they can start working on all the abandoned deer stands, beer cans, water bottles, abandoned water jugs, shotgun shell casings, ATV trails, etc. left behind by all the taxpaying "sportsmen" and other recreational abusers of the forest. By the way, those darn white tailed deer are a menace too, eating up all the greenery and leaving those damaging trails everywhere.
  2. Indotguy


    Yes, congrats are in order for Kayak and his cache approval. I however am not going to bow and kiss the DNR ring for allowing this one cache on THEIR property, considering all the other excellent Geocaches they have required archived for no good reason.
  3. Indotguy


    I today received another correspondence from Groundspeak/IDNR regarding EarthCaches owned by me which are in noncompliance with the new policy and which I am requested to Archive. Since there was no indication of which EarthCache(s) were at issue and considering that in September I had already archived all Geocaches, EarthCaches, and Challenges which I determined to be on IDNR property, I am seriously considering archiving the remaining 55 of my owned items. I was recently advised by someone in Groundspeak not to quit the game now because it make it look like "they win". It seems quite apparent to me "they" already have.
  4. Indotguy


    Just checked out the Groundspeak Geocache map and was impressed by how nice and clean all the State Forest and DNR properties look without those silly smilies. I had "beat the rush" by archiving my IDNR caches in September. I noticed today that Groundspeak had re-archived them all again (just making sure they are "dead" I suppose). Anyway, I had a great 8 years Geocaching and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it.
  5. Indotguy


    Considering it's size, I'm curious if the DNR will allow any caches in this park.
  6. I'd say the CO knew exactly what he was doing and the reviewer as well.
  7. Indotguy


    Although I respect the DNRs right to manage our natural resources, I cannot help but feel these regulations regarding the hobby of Geocaching are more about power and control than resource management. Spring Mill State Park in Lawrence County receives approximately 300,000 visitors a year while one of the more accessible Geocaches in the park, Spring Mill Stonehenge (GCHZ73) averages 53 logs a year. Less accessible caches on trails are visited much less often. Similar comparisons could be made regarding Geocaching related resource issues in State Forest areas when contrasted with forest related issues resulting from other users such as hunters, hikers, bicyclist, etc. When put into perspective, I find it extremely hard to believe that the act of geocaching is responsible for appreciable damage to the natural resources of Indiana.
  8. Most all the newer commercial grade handheld GPS devices provide similar accuracy. Getting decent coordinates require making sure your device has a strong satellite lock and averaging a series of readings over a period of time. There are instructions on this topic on the Geocaching web page. Hiding a Geocache
  9. Yea right. Good luck with that.
  10. Do a little reading in this forum and maybe some research online and learn how to use the device you have. I'm sure the Magellan will work fine for a beginner. You can always upgrade to a better device later.
  11. Don't get excited. It's a marketing ploy by the retailer.
  12. "Warning" "This software should only be uploaded to the unit for which it is intended. If this software is uploaded to a GPS unit other than the product it is designed for, it will render the unit inoperative."
  13. Some species of wasp will also build nest in Red Cedar trees and weeds. Geocaching can be dangerous if you consider all the bees, wasps, snakes, spiders, misc. biting insects, wildlife, splinters, falls, etc. that can be encountered while on the hunt.
  14. Some got it and some ain't.
  15. Indotguy

    1450 LMT

    The north arrow is displayed on mine when the map is set to the "Track Up" setting. It doesn't appear to display the north arrow when set to "North Up" or "3D".
  16. I don't doubt you, but surely if it is a software problem then as I'm using the same software it follows that I should get the same problem. My final addition to this thread and comment on this is: not certain at all, remember that configurations can differ: different maps and memory cards. And User13371 yes you are somewhat right, but I think it's likely to be my perhaps exotic usage scenario that makes this device disappointing to me, it might well be so that the majority of users see those bugs as insignificant. So, what you are saying tr_s is that issues like "farting noises" are perhaps more of a problem to your "exotic usage scenario" than to us plebeian users?
  17. My Forum Title is displayed on My Accounts Details page but does not show up below my Avatar on a forum post. What am I doing wrong?
  18. Because, as you have already stated, it does not have an electronic compass. The compass pointer on the Etrex 10 & 20 will only work as a compass when the GPS is receiving satellites signals and you are moving.
  19. I believe a data field with that info can be added to the page.
  20. Indotguy

    Garmin 2455 LMT

    I connect my Nuvi 1450 to the PC and copy the GPX file to the GPX folder on the Garmin drive. The files are displayed as Favorites on the Nuvi.
  21. Did a quick search for free Garmin compatible maps of the area in question and didn't have much luck. Garmin map packages may be your best option unless you are up to creating your own.
  22. I presume you have already read page 24 of the eTrex Owners Manual?
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