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  1. We will be at the Mid-West Geobash in July 23-26, Ohio http://www.midwestgeobash.org/ Any other brothers planning on attending? Bob Hospadaruk Ann Arbor-Fraternity #262, MI
  2. Does anyone else have any unactivated Masonic geocoins?
  3. The "200" figure is ridiculous.. I know 200 people in the Detroit area that use the Geocaching Network KML alone. Also, the KML was an advertised benefit of premium membership. Can we get a prorated refund? The KML tool is superior because Google Earth is superior - it the the best Geo tool around and the KML was great for fast trip/vacation planning. Most people who posted here saying "they won't miss it" either never used it or didn't know how to use it.
  4. Let's get going with the Windows Mobile Non-touchscreen version! Happy Holidays!
  5. I need support for a Blackjack II too!
  6. I added a "demand" for the Midwest Geobash in Kenallville, IN. August 7-10 http://eventful.com/demand/D0-001-001344541-5
  7. YES - Let us proceed with Palm OS development! So many of us poor schmucks have palm devices - especially since we have many paperless Geocachers amounst us running Cachemate - yes? Happy New Year Jeremy!
  8. I would vote no. Clearing caches based on frequency would get rid of some of the best. My observation is over-saturation in our area is caused by people with just a few finds (less than 10 often) going out and splattering a bunch of new caches. Usually fairly urban/suburban, usually micros or other cheap containers with not much else in them but some paper and a pencil. I think a new user should be prevented by the GC.com site from submitting a new cache until they have reached at least 25 finds. This isn't too draconian, it isn't a new rule people have to follow and would prevent a lot of clutter.
  9. Woo Hoo! I took a tip from another thread that said to talk to "customer support", not "tech support", which I had done with no joy. Today customer support issued me an RMA on my out of warrenty unit. I'm a loyal Garmin customer!
  10. No, it turns on consistantly every time when I press in the power button. It just goes off when I let go... Same scenario on car power too
  11. MY year and a half old Legend is on the fluke. I've got fresh batteries... When I press the power button I see the startup display but as soon as I let go of the button, the unit goes off. Anybody else ever have or see this problem? Thanks! -Red Rose, Ann Arbor, MI
  12. Rusty from Michigan! He's fair and responsive, great qualities in a reveiwer.
  13. My SN comes from the Dark Tower series of books written by S. King. AND from an idea for sig items using the little figurines given out in Red Rose tea boxes. Maybe you'll get one!
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