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Moustik 2007 geocoin

Moustik et HBK

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I’m proud to present you the Moustik 2007 geocoin


photo of the coins


175 nickel coins

175 gold coins


35 two-tone nickel and gold

35 two-tone gold and nickel

The two-tone coins are only for trade for rare coins or coins on my seeking list.


This is the back of the two-tone coins


The coin are trackable on Geocaching.com and have their own icon.


The coin are 9.50$ CAD each.


The shipping is 2.00$ for one coin, 2.50$ for two or three coins for the U.S. I have to check the price for more coin.

For other place world shipping, please contact me.


45 mm wide

3.0mm thick


Sent me your order at: karineo@videotron.ca


Geocacher name:

Real name:


Paypal address:



The coin will be available to sell on the web site of landsharkz too at mid june.

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Caught a glimpse of one of these beauties at GW5 but I never could figure out who was selling them there - or if they were being sold there. E-mail sent for a pair of the lovelies. :D



I don't began to sell at the GW5 because I'll just receive my coin at the mid june... but I make some trade ;)

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Polished gold front and polished nickel front :D


Even in hi-res, the photos don't do this coin justice ('specially since I can see the Chris' fingerprints on the polished nickel coin!).


Moustik sent us the image of her avatar and asked us to design a butterfly coin B) .

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We have 8 polished nickel remaining and then this coin will be sold out until we ensure all orders are received. It has only been listed for sale on our site 30 hours!


Between these and Quigley Jones, your servers must have been busy!

Yes, three cheers for our server! I was wondering if I'd have a message from Islandnet asking what the heck was going on, but nada. I think they host a few commercial sites so maybe this was just a drop in the bucket.

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I don't sent the invoice at people with who I made trade. I sent it later because I'll receive my LE coin next Wednesday.

We didn't make a trade that I am aware of. I mean, I would love to trade for a LE but I don't know what you'd want and we didn't make any arrangements for a trade. I guess I won't be being invoiced? ... :D:mad: I hope I will... I was really looking forward to this coin.



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Crowesfeat30: Don't worry, I have your coins :mad: I sent your invoice later. I take note than I sent you invoice, but I surely forget to do :D because I want to make a trade with you :mad:

For the trade, I'll contact you soon. I don't know where I'll go this summer, and I want you coin. I have to check if I'll go to US and where I'll go.



I don't sent the invoice at who order 5 coins and more and with who I made trade.

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