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New Design

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Cat got your Cache? :)


I just finished creating this. It's been on my mind for several weeks.


It will be a Trackable 2" Coin with it's own Icon.


Hopefully I figure it out so that I can make several different cats...

These two are my favorites, though.


The all white looks nice, too. So would an Orange Tabby!


Opinions? Thanks~!






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When you go to bed at night, do you only dream about geocoins? LOL, you are like the PEZ dispenser of coin designs.


I'm just teasing with you, hope you know that :)

Of the 2 you have posted, the black and white looks better (IMHO). What about making the cat the ground speak colors instead?

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ahhh thank you!


Well the all grey, is for my 14 year old Cat, Morgan...




The neat thing about this design, is that there could be a few cat designs.


Now I just have to save my pennies to fund this one! :)


Yes, I must dream about Geocoins, right?

I think about it a lot... I guess Geocoins have hit a creative nerve or two! :huh:


Ohhh, I grew up with Siamese cats... love that idea!

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I have 3 cats too, they'll lay on everything I don't want them to.

Kody is gray

Bridger is black

Joe is siemese


I'm sure I'll buy a couple myself.


P.S. The other night I dreamt the GSA left a coin in one of my caches and I kept trying to get there but all these obstacles were getting in my way, I never did get there :) I woke up kinda cranky that morning. This geocoin stuff is addicitive.

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Love the design, and you sure have alot of them :)


We have 2 indoor cats and one outdoor :huh:


Totoro is a Main Coon called affectionately TOE


Misu is a Black and White (fat cat) :)


And we brought back life to a starving kitten Orange Tabby now our outdoor cat named Buddy.


But I miss your Butterfly Avatar Fluttershy :huh:

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I can't believe I'm still here at work...


Time to get the car out of the garage and go HOME!



1. Avatar is back to being Fluttershy :)


2. Here's some wallpaper... lol. :huh:



Now those cats are mighty nice!

Ours are named: Gaz, Elmo, and Sysko!

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LOL... you're half way to getting a Calicoe and for that Smudge will force me to order more than my usual 2.


You mean I'm not the only person who named a cat Smudge? Too funny...


I'd love to see an orange tabby version. My very own Big Orange recently cost us over $1000 in vet bills... but he's worth every cent!


Needless to say, I'd "need" to get this coin :)

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Ok girl this one caught my attention...CATS, gotta love um. That coin rates high on hte cute factor scale :anibad: . :D When we moved back to Texas we bought a 150,000 dollar cat, we got the house for free! I imediatly named here seekers!

One of my twins (Twin B aka Nikki) created here own website with one of the pages decicated to our cats. Shhhh...she is under the impression all the cats are hers.

For you viewing pleasure. Pepper/Niki's cats


I love that coin design I'm gonna have to get a few of those babies. :D good morning y'all



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