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I just happen to have a wonderful girlfriend who enjoys Caching! We went out today, even though it was cold and quite damp, she trooped along with me!


We just got into caching, but we're enjoying it, and seem to be planning our weekends (at least one day), around a afternoon long hunt.


I might move faster by myself (but would have a bit of a harder time finding anything), but it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable. I love having the company, and we are finding some wonderful places together!


Do you have a cache partner, or at least an often cached-with buddy?

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I just started geocaching - I've just found 2 so far. The first I did on my own, then the second, my husband did with me. For me, caching is a way to learn about new places to walk/hike, with the added excitement of finding the cache. When we found the cache, my husband said, "So this is real - you weren't just making it all up!" We were happy to have found a new place to hike near our house, so it's all good so far!



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Our usual caching consists of Fox and myself (Hound) or my wife Moun10Girl. We've been hiking and mountaineering for years and practice safe measures by always going at least 2 or more in a group. So when we discovered caching it just made perfect sense to go with a partner. It's always more entertaining, always safer and we both noticed right away that because we think differently and approach searching differently we always find the caches faster with a partner. Besides, someone has to take a picture of you falling face first in the mud while searching for that hard-to-reach cache. :)

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WCNUT & I cache together sometimes... I am more of his enabler/ event cacher :) than a caching partner, we log together so I insist on being involved on the milestones. WCNUT likes to go caching with different people, he doesn't have a 'set' caching buddy, he has a LIST of caching friends, some are fairly new and some are pro's. He enjoys his time with them, i enjoy the time alone and we enjoy going just the two of us sometimes too.


Tater :D

Clarksville, IN



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I married my geocaching partner too. Actually we were married before we started geocaching. Between the two of us we keep each other looking when one alone might give up before finding the prize. We have been to places in our state because of geocaching that we would have never gone to otherwise. My wife got tired of following me to the cache as we had only one gpsr back then so I got her one of her own ( a good excuse to upgrade to a new gpsr ). I feel kind of sorry to hear of people at some geocaching get to togethers that have a partner who isn't into geocaching and they have to geocache by themselves.


team sidewinder

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I've made all my finds (so far) with a good friend (and some with his wife who seems to have better luck than both of us!) who I've known for nearly 30 years (I was in the fourth grade, he was in the 5th). We were talking on a recent caching trip, about when we were kids. We used to spend our weekends packing drinks and snacks into backpacks, hopping onto bicycles and exploring the community we lived in. It's funny, we're kind of doing the same thing again (except we're using a Jeep and GPS!). I think we've got lots more exploring left in us... and some of the places we explored as kids, well they might be in need of a cache!


Driver Carries Cache


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In geocaching as in life my primary partner is Mrs NW, who tags along for the best hiking opportunities (she's not a microcacher & loathes benchmarks - which I hunt by myself usually). AeroAK (aka Aero the standard poodle) will go anywhere anytime for anything. My youngest daughter enjoys the hiking caches, but my oldest daughter is a binge cache-a-holic who'll go when she's got a good block of time and a half-dozen caches in view. She & her husband (who only likes the really hard to reach hiking caches) just presented me with a new potential partner... minicache-er!


From time to time I get to cache with a few friends - especially Scobey and the Ladybug Kids. We're flying down for the Geocoinfest in Temecula in late winter...



Mrs NW and Aero high above Anchorage AK in the foothills of the Chugach Mountains.



NorthWes, showing off the then-four-day-old minicache-er (youngest attendee!)

at the 2nd Annual Anchorage Holiday GeoFest '06

(photo credit to Moun10Bike - thank you, sir!)

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My wife and I have agreed that caching is one of our "together" things. We only get out about once a week and only find 2 or 3, but it is time well enjoyed with each other. The only times that we cache apart is if one of us is going to be a different part of the state or country for work, etc. and the other can't be there. I've taken up Waymarking as my solo hobby on days when my wife is working and I am itching to get out and find something...

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My two dogs go on any and every cache where dogs are allowed. Otherwise, I have no set cache partner.


My brother and his wife go with me sometimes, and it is always fun to have a group of people. However, there is also something extremely satisfying about going out alone, and finding the cache with no one else around.

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I only have 19 as of this post, I have found 12 on my own, then I told my 14 year old brother abot Geocaching and it intriqued him so the past 2 weekends he went out with me. This is a pic me and him just before we went down one of the trails to find a cache.

I am still trying to get my wife to come with me, :unsure:



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I am 1/3 of the Team Rod & Tod crew....Tod and KAboom make up the rest! Tod is a friend who I used to mountain climb with, KAboom is my 14 yr old! KAboom has slacked on his logging of caches, I try to tell him that he's got to log them if he wants to keep track, he's more into the find!


I also cache with some friends from time to time...one of those "regulars" is the Geopigs (or 1/2 of them anyway)...we mostly go out after TBs though!


About the only time I go alone is if there's a FTF nearby, or if I'm on my motorcycle!

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I usually go out with my wife and (nearly) 2 year old Son. It does make caching quite a bit slower that doing it solo, but is a perfect way to have a family day out together.


I've also encouraged quite a few other people to start eocaching recently so have been out with some of them lately as well..


Other times I just love the peace and solitude of a day walking in the hills with just me and my eTRex!



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I will cache by myself, but it is not as much fun. Most of my caches are with either one or both of my long time friends 1More and ScienceNerd. We are not the fastest group, but we have a good time. We have a system. I plan the trip, ScienceNerd waypoints the car, and 1More finds the cache. :lol:



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We are a husband and wife team. (We were married before we got into geocaching). We sometimes will go caching with Jay's mom and step-dad (Raunjohn & Annie), they are the one's who got us into caching. It's fun to cache with a "sidekick", you've got someone to enjoy the experience with and an extra set of eyes scoping out the prize! <_<

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Been married to my caching partner for a long time.


He goes on some hikes with other cachers. But only because he is worried about the health issues I have (asthma and a total knee replacement in April of 05). Which sometimes the asthma comes on all of sudden. Even after I take my meds I'll get a flair up. Which can make me feel pretty sad. <_<


I walk a bit slower because of my TKR. I know that can annoy him but he's learning to be a little more patient. Sometimes being slower can be a plus. I'll surprise him when I'm a few feet back when we're getting close to a cache. He'll walk past the cache and I'll see it.


I really miss caching with him. :( But with his job right now it has been hard for us to find time. On his days off he's been either to tired or doing paper work. I did meet him a couple weeks ago to go caching in the area where he works. :( We had a good time together, we only did 2 caches but it was fine with me. I did get to see how things were going on the job site he's on. Which is interesting too.

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I've been married to sun-moon-starz, my caching buddy for 20 years this June. She's more of a numbers player, and loves to snag the micro's, where I like the long hikes and ammo cans. We make compromises and I hunt her way if she's along, as long as we get some of them my way throughout the weekend. She's a good sport who tolerates my "micro-rants" pretty well, as long as she's getting a find.

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3 of us. Me, mamma, and the colonel ( our 85lb yellow lab ). He is the leader of the team only because everytime we open the back door, he knocks us over trying to get outside. He has learned the smell of my etrex legend, and when he sees me pick it up, to the door he goes.


To be honest though, he isn't much of a cacher. Can't read a gps for nothing, can't fill out a log ( no thumbs.....hello ), and always sidetracked by the eveidence of critters and water. We keep him around just the same.

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I started caching a few weeks before my hubby. I introduced him to the sport and now a year later we are going strong, caching as a family. The third party to our group is our 4 year old, she has gone with us for 5 miles for 5 caches. We have gone Up 100 feet of rock, and down sides of steep hills. We enjoy the time together, and plan our vacations around geocaching. We try to spend as much time together, all the while geocaching.

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Unfortunately my wife really has no interest. She will join me maybe a few times per year if it is a nice day and it involves a pleasant hike. Otherwise, after geocaching for about two years without running into a fellow cacher, I bumped into another cacher last year and found that he only lives about 5 miles from me and is as obsessed with caching as I am. Long story short, we go caching together now almost very weekend. So far we have only been able to convince our wives to go with us once. My two kids (girls) lost interest after about the second time.

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Normaly it is me and our two kids a girl age 9 and a boy age 5. So far hubby has not been able to go with the three of us. We did take my Dad with us over Christmas Break. He wants to go again next time we go visiting if the weather and time allow. Hubby hopes to go sometime but normaly he is working when me and the kids go. Though we have not done a lot of finding yet the few we have found have been fun and lots of great out door hiking and more.

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