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  1. I'm planning a bit of travel to grab a few caches and was thinking it would be neat to grab the oldest cache in each county I visit. I found a bookmark list of the oldest caches in each California county, but a couple of them have been archived. So I'm trying to figure out the oldest active cache in a given county. Has anyone done this, and how would you go about it? Thanks! Driver Carries Cache
  2. I've been studying the maps and geocaching.com trying to decide which caches I want to find for the NorCal Delorme challenge. I especially want to make sure that on each page I find a cache which is unique in some way... scenic, historic, "oldest" caches, epic or just plain fun! Does anyone have any suggestions for the Northernmost part of the state? Thanks! Driver Carries Cache
  3. I removed a small bottle of Vodka from a cache once... but only to protect the children! (and I contacted the cache owner and offered the booze to him... he said "enjoy"!)
  4. The first event above was the first event I've ever attended! What a blast! I couldn't believe that there were so many other crazies like me out there. The second event was also a blast. Met up with some friends for a fun cruise around the county and the pasta was pretty good too! I can't wait to see what he comes up with for this year!
  5. Think outside the box on this one... we have a local cacher that has thrown a LARGE event each of the past two years that involved a competition. The first one was a "county-wide" scavenger hunt. So we had a list of items to find that took u all over the county (we drove over 250 miles!) and it just so happened that there were about 30 new geocaches launched the same day! So we didn't just scavenger hunt, we stopped along the way for tons of geocaches! This year, it was a "road rally" where we had to search for and identify places and things along a pre-determined route. And yes, there happened to be 30 or so brand new geocaches placed as well. These events were fantasticly fun, and we got to do some caching, but it wasn't a requirement. In fact, each event had a points system and at the end of the day we all got together for dinner, prizes and geo-games! You can figure out a way to throw a great event and get some caching in as well! Driver Carries Cache
  6. I think that's the best idea. Let your Geocaching pals know your preference, and make sure someone reliable has access to your ID (which I know is probably against the rules). DCC
  7. No shame in a DNF... in fact many times, there's a funny story to be told. If you visit my profile, the first "stats" are my list of DNF's. One of my favorite stats is how many DNF's I convert to finds on a subsequent attempt!
  8. My significant other doesn't even blink at what I'll do for a good photo anymore. She doesn't ask why I'm laying on the ground or why I'm crawling under some low branches like she used to. Eventually, they just get used to our strangeness and enjoy the resulting photos. DCC
  9. Sounds like a lotta work. But hey, if you enjoy doing it... Go For It! I thought recently that it might be fun to go out and leave a special prize for the 50th finder of my first cache, but never got around to it. Maybe next time! DCC
  10. I ran the search to find one, and I have to say, that's obnoxious. I'd ask them to clean it up, or kiss it goodbye. DCC
  11. There's no point in owning a camera that you're afraid to take outside. That's why I like my Nikon D100... it's a tool. It's going to get scratched and dinged and every once in a while will take a good hit. Photojournalists like the folks who shoot for National Geographic have carried Nikons into all the wet, dirty, dusty and dangerous corners of the world for decades. That being said, I carry mine caching regularly, and usually with three lenses in tow. It's been carried on many boats, but never a kayak (of course I've never been in a kayak). Tools get beat around a bit, and that's OK. Just make sure your tools are up to the game. DCC
  12. Wow... sombody sounds bitter. This has to be the "feel good" post of the day. DCC
  13. I was in that lecture at GW6 and there was so much useful info imparted that it made my head spin! We pleaded with Hynr to give us some follow-up reading on the subject and he has packed the document at the link above with tons of valuable info. Once you learn the GSAK Polygon Tool, you'll wonder how you lived without it. A great big thanks to Hynr! DCC
  14. The width of the box for either description would be irrelevant as it's display on the actual cache page varies depending on the user's screen resolution and how wide the user has the browser window open. I do like the idea of having the "make this cache active" checkbox at the bottom of the page nearer the submit button, or even left where it is and repeated at the bottom of the form. From a usability perspective, it just makes sense. DCC
  15. Dare I ask... how do you log the "bonus" cache if it can't be published. Obviously it won't have a page to log on. DCC
  16. So from a usability perspective (and as part of any HTML 101 class) one of the 10 things you should never do is create a link that reads "click here". The words that make up a link should describe what information you'll be getting when you click on said link. DCC
  17. Good point! There are valid reasons for a TB or Coin to be listed in the cache and not be present. And as TripCyclone said, if I was going to comment on a missing trackable I'd just say "looked for it and didn't see it". That's sufficient to let everyone involved know what's up. DCC
  18. I've seen "seed caches" left frequently as Swag. I think it's a great idea, just not as an extra logging requirement. DCC
  19. I love it! But I don't know if it would encourage people to log their DNF's or not. One of my favorite stats is the rate of conversion of DNF's to Founds! Right now I have to track it on my own. I think this is a great idea. DCC
  20. Nope, the DNF should stand and the find should be made as a new log. The DNF is part of the cache's history and may help those planning to go look for it recognize it as a more difficult hide. It never hurts to note in your log the conditions of the cache... container is cracked, contents are damp etc. That's usually what I do. If a cache is in desperate need, then I post a "needs maintenance". In a case like that, I'd note in my find log (for the cache) that I checked for such-and-such item and it wasn't there. The cache owner can remove missing items from the list on the cache page. As far as leaving a note on the trackables page... it doesn't hurt. DCC
  21. They already have one. It's just a matter of getting it to interface with the geocaching.com website. I hope the Groundspeak staff are already hard at work on it! Dang, why is it that when you drop a piece of toast, it always lands hint side down??? That's why I prep all my geocaching toast with a lovely image of the Virgin Mary on the reverse! DCC
  22. KBI, That's what I said, I still stick by what I feel (as quoted above). That is what my words actually say... "I've always had the feeling". You're not going to change my mind. Obviously, you disagree... we get it. At least I guess you disagree, either that or you just enjoy attacking me. I'll withdraw myself from the discussion so you can concentrate your attacks on someone else. Enjoy! DCC
  23. Remember, you're not allowed to import into the State of California any seed packet with a capacity of more than 10 seeds, otherwise it's an "assault packet". And the DOJ will probably want to "drop test" it... you know for everyone's safety. Gawd I love this stupid state! DCC
  24. OK... here we go! I never said bogus cache logs made me sad, I said it was sad that the topic of cheating needs to be brought up with such frequency. I also never said that bogus logs were sending society into a downward spiral. I think I was fairly clear in saying that it was the "it doesn't affect me mentality" (seen frequently as a response in these very forums) that is detrimental to society. (1) I think again, I said that society was in a downward spiral (that could be a topic for debate, but it's out of scope in this forum) and no crumbling of civilization was ever mentioned. (2) I also never said that either of these were caused by bogus online logs. Don't remember seeing this in my post either, but upon checking my handy pocket Bill Of Rights, I didn't run across anything that pertains to Geocache logging (online or otherwise). The framers did seem to lack foresight on the topic of Geocaching and it's impact on civil society.... or maybe it was the fact that they couldn't achieve a solid satellite lock. DCC
  25. I've always had the feeling that everyone loses when we just allow poor behavior to go on un-called and un-checked. It's sad that this topic comes up as often as it does. DCC What is being lost by you (in California) when some guy (in NYC) is busily logging caches that he didn't really find (for whatever reason) and some of the cache owners don't delete the bogus logs? I'm honestly trying to figure out why this is sad, not just for you, but for so many others too. It's just another ever-increasing step into the "hey it doesn't affect me so do whatever you want" mentality that has society in its current downward spiral. DCC
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