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  1. You are sure right on the poor color in those pics with each one being different color under the same lighting conditions. I just got a Montana 600 without the camera and now glad I did with that poor picture quality. On a side note that picture of the sign looks REAL famaliar and have hiked by it more times than I can count.
  2. I am using the Garmin brand Montana screen protector and they work great. Really help with screen glare. They come 3 to a pack and can be easly be removed if you use something soft so as not to damage the screen. A soft nylon pick that comes on the end of toothbrushes works well and maybe even a plastic toothpick but never anything metal. I did end up using all three protectors because it seemed like no matter how hard I cleaned the screen and used can compressed air to clean the screen before install I always ended up with a speck of something under the protector. Finally on the last one I got the best result with only one speck of dust/whatever under the protector. These are really cheap price wise so no biggie if you need to get another pack for some reason. Glad I got the Garmin screen protector instead of the ZAGG screen protector as I have the ZAGG on my Ipod and it was a bugger to get it started off and it came off pretty hard. IMHO.
  3. Welcome to geocaching BrianIdaho. Nice to see you over here from the atv site. The atv theme geocache trinkets is a good idea and I know I would like to find atv related things in caches. Some of the geocaches in our area were pretty remote and we were always saying to each other that if only we had an atv we could at least get closer to some of these caches. Well we finally got the atv which is so fun and haven't been doing that much geocaching once we found all the really hard remote geocaches. I am not much a fan of the easy ones that are in town or really populated area.
  4. I would be the first to acknowledge that the invisible shield price seems a little expensive but if you don't want any scratches on your electronic gadget put the invisible on first. Another way to look at it is it increase the resale value of your gadget if you ever want to sell it without lots of scratches. I have one on my 76CSX gps, both my suunto watch faces, and one on my newly purchased ipod touch. Well worth the money IMHO.
  5. Don't ever give up hope. My "Lucky Key" tb has come back from the tb graveyard/MIA after being missing for 7 years. Not sure where it was all that time but it turned up in New Zealand. Fantastic team sidewinder
  6. IMHO I like the compass and alt. Better to have them and not use them than not have them at all IMHO. The compass works great when you are hunting and in places where movement is so slow that the gps really can't tell what direction you are heading. It is like buying a car with air conditioning here in Montana where you don't use it much but it is nice to have at times. You can't go wrong with Garmin either.
  7. Got my City Navigator NT 2009 update DVD in the mail today and installed it on my Nuvi 200W. As far as I can see there isn't much difference from the 2008 version but maybe that is just in my area. Good thing it was only $10 for the shipping. Anybody notice any major/minor changes ? team sidewinder
  8. Same problem here also except with 2 different units. I have a 76CSX with software ver. 3.60 and my wife has a 76CS with software ver. 4.10 and over the last 2 weeks we have had the same problems of having the distance decrease heading toward the cache but the direction arrow pointing backward. I will admit though that both units don't have the direction to the cache arrow point in the exact same backward direction at the same time but it is alway around the same time. I have tried all the previous ideas and suggestions mention here but still haven't found any that correct the problem on a consistant basis. I have never had this particular problem happen before with these units and these units have had the software updates for quite some time without any problems.
  9. I say about time. I had recieved notice from some online ( forgot which one ) gps/software dealer of such a new product from Garmin. But could never find any such link at Garmin.com so didn't think anymore about it. I was under the impression that it was going to be the whole western US but now see from your link that in is only several states in the west. I am sure I will make the purchase when my state becomes available but wish they would have done this years ago. Just my 2 cents worth. team sidewinder
  10. I used a Garmin 12XL for many of my first caches and It worked great. The 12XL is the same gps as the 12 but has a option of using an external antenna which I never used. It didn't have as great as sat. reception as the newer ones but still got the job done. Make sure you are in the same map datum as geocaching.com uses ( WGS 84 ). Just a thought. team sidewinder
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your and the others invlolved with information collection and all the hard work. Your name will go down in gps history as the man who put Montana on the map. LOL Lee team sidewinder
  12. Recieved a suprise geocoin from an anonymous donor ( well not quite anonymous ). I would be afraid to mention their name as maybe they don't want to be asked by others for a free coin. But it is a very nice thing to give a geocoin without wanting a trade or any strings attached. You know who you are. Thank you.
  13. I must agree on the Petzl Myo XP headlight also. I have 8 surefire flashlight and love them all but the Petzl Myo headlight is by far the most practical when it comes to walking/hiking to the cache for looking around and watching your gps at the same time. Go Petzl and you can't go wrong.
  14. I agree with tomahq. I have a Garmin 76CSX with City Navigator which works great in the car with a RAM suction cup mount and also works as my geocaching gps.
  15. WOW !!! Have my Montana coins and they look great. A geocoin we Montana geocachers can be proud of and with mine I can repay some special geocachers who have sent me geocoins over the years just out of the kindness of their hearts with nothing in return.
  16. Really good job. PLEASE do Montana. If you do I will vote for you for president. LOL
  17. I prefer the 76 versions and have upgraded up through the 76 series until I now have a 76csx. If you already have had a 76 version and you have a car mount the upgrade to another 76 would mean you wouldn't need to get another car mount. Maybe something you might want to consider. After seeing on this forum how some pets eat off the external antenna on the 60 series I would still sticking to the 76 series but other than that it is just a personal preference. Just my $0.02 worth.
  18. I had a Garmin 12XL years ago and when the internal memory battery went dead I thought what the heck so I sent it in to Garmin. Garmin replaced the battery for free and sent it back and I know it was way past any kind of warranty. You might give Garmin a call and explain your problem. It is at least worth a try as you don't have anything to lose and Garmin has excellent customer support/service. team sidewinder
  19. I had to go one step farther XXQQ on the updater page even after it said my gps had no new updates available before I got the version 3.0
  20. I know everybody uses rechargables but I have used the lithiums for every gps I have owned for the last 10 years. I love the life of the lithiums and the added cold weather performance as mentioned but then again sometimes I will go for months without using my gps but when I do I want lithiums in there. But maybe that is just me. team sidewinder
  21. I believe both the 60C(S)x and the 76C(S)x use Quad helix antennae. From what I understand the two use the same guts and the same software. The only difference is size, shape, button placement, bouyancy, and the size of the micro SD card that comes with the unit. CTD is correct in his statement.
  22. I love my 76CSX with the more sensitive sirf chip and the expandable memory ( SD micro card ) Color screen is easy see and bright even in direct sunlight. Sirf chip picks up signals even inside my house. I have a 1 gig sd micro card in mine which holds all the TOPO and City Select software I need or want. Can't go wrong with this gps
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