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  1. Good morning! We have an explorist 510 that we purchased in June of this year to replace an aging 60CS. We tried it for a number of months, but don't find the operation as intuitive as our Garmin; we are set in our ways. We did get the City Series North America maps, which are installed on a 32GB microSD card so it will perform on-road navigation. It does work great, it has a camera and all of the functions that you can read about on their product page: http://www.magellangps.com/Products/eXploristseries/eXplorist-510 We purchased it new, so if you have been looking to buy one and would like to save a few dollars, please consider this one. I would like to get $225 for it, including the price of shipping it within the US. If you need any more photos or description, please feel free to contact me at budophylus@gmail.com, and I will be glad to get back to you. edit: spelling
  2. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. I only found out about his illness at Geowoodstock from WCnut, and had hoped to see him at MWGB to give some encouragement. He was always eager to talk, and sought me out at events to see what was happening, so I could swap stories with him. He will be missed.
  3. Bud

    True or False

    True. It's not a great way, but it does have its purpose in breaking up the perceived outline. T or F: the next cacher has found caches in every state in the Midwest.
  4. From the outside looking in that might be how this situation appears. However, if you knew the whole story, then you might think differently. This situation started when Cav Scout was asked by the guy in charge of the Berea College Forest to place a cache in memory of his nephew that died. Cav said that he would do that. He checked the area, scouted it out, found that no other caches were nearby and placed the cache. In that same time period another cacher, who will remain anonymous, also attempted to place a cache in the Berea College Forest (but not near the one Cav put out). Both Cav and Cacher "F" were told by Iron Horse Reviewer that they could not place those caches in the Forest. When they asked why the answer given was that they were not the required .10 miles away from other caches. Not true, both protested, there were no caches anywhere near the ones that they put out. The answer given this time was that those areas were "reserved." Hmmm, I don't remember anything in the rules about being allowed to reserve large areas of public or private land for your own cache whenever you please. Needless to say the Forest Director was none too happy that "his" cache couldn't be placed on "his" land. Through a series of emails it was discovered that another cacher, Cacher D, was planning an event in the Forest and had his buddy Iron Horse Reviewer bend the rules so that he could have exclusive access to those areas. When the Forest Director saw the inside job taking place on his land he pulled the plug, and rightfully so, on ANY physical caches in the Berea College Forest (except the memorial cache that he asked Cav to place). Can't say I blame him. Bend the rules, pay the price. From my point of view Cav was not the problem here. Another sad footnote to this story is that other cachers, who I will not mention, have since begun placing angry posts on the caches created by Cav Scout. When it became clear who was behind some of the angry posts (possibly a reviewer incognito?) they were quickly deleted by another reviewer. Inside job to be sure. Make sure you know the whole story. The traditional caching at Berea College Forest was ruined for everyone but not by Cav. While this story sounds much more nefarious than it really is, if someone places a cache asking it to be published on a certain day, and then a second someone places a cache less than 528 feet away after that, the person placing the cache first, as evidence by the GC#, gets priority on the location. You can see the previous discussion on this subject HERE. No rules were bent, and this is all becoming much more dramatic than it should be. We've strayed pretty far off of the original topic here, so I won't make any more comments on this subject in this forum, but would be happy to discuss this with anyone who would like more information elsewhere. As Mr. Clemens says: What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so. EDIT: spelin n grammer
  5. Last I've heard is that a cache can be unarchived for three months after archival. After that you'd have to submit a new cache.
  6. Only reason I can think of is that it's something to do while you're waiting for your PQ to arrive (like I am right now). The show's a little melodramatic, but it does teach a lesson that you'd think the GEO-MAN would know: always mark a waypoint for the car! Edit: spelin n grammer (I swear, I'm really going to learn to type someday)
  7. 2nd shipment went out today. Thanks again to all who've helped out! Since we're running low on the gold gecoins, it would be best to write ahead for availability before sending any funds from here on out.
  8. Thanks to all who've helped out! We've sold about half of our gold coins, leaving about 30, and about the same number of our nickel coins, leaving about 90. They will ship out first thing Monday morning, and should be in your hands soon. For the benefit of those who asked about overseas shipping, please just add $1 to the already mentioned $2 flat shipping to cover the airmail expense.
  9. Sorry, should have been clearer. $2.00 flat shipping, whether you buy one coin or twenty.
  10. Awesome, I'd love to have one in my collection next to my spinning Texas geocoin!
  11. It appears that we were to optimistic in how many coins we would sell last year; we still have about 60 of our gold coins and 110 of our nickel coins. To give us a chance to finish these out and work on the 2007 coins, we're selling these at cost to get the last of them in caches and out of my den. They are trackable and have their own icon, as seen here. GEOcachers of KentuckY (GEOCKY, pronounced "jockey") geocoins are now $5 each until sold, $2 shipping, no matter how many you buy. At this price, they can almost be bought as travel bug tags. If you would like to get in on the last of these coins, please write or make payment to geockycoins@gmail.com via PayPal, and I'll work on getting them shipped out ASAP. In the photo below, the top coin is gold, and the bottom is the nickel, though they look similar because of how bright it is. They are both a shiny metal, rather than a matte finish. Apart from the metal color, the design is the same on the front and back for each. EDIT: photo added.
  12. If I can get my permission slip signed.... To whom it may concern, I hereby grant llatnek permission to attend geowoodstock 5 in Raleigh NC on May 26, 2007. I won't guarantee that it will be the best event he has ever attended, having that much fun is entirely up to him. Sincerely, wimseyguy geowoodstock5 co-chair While wimseyguy might not guarantee that it will be the best event ever, I've been to (and thrown) a lot of them in the last 6 years, and this one looks to be one of the best planned that I've seen, and I'm optimistic that it will be one of, if not THE best that I've ever attended. My wife and I have taken the whole week off to get there and enjoy the Carolinas, their caches, and the BBQ, one of our favorite things! Go attend, permission be damned!
  13. I'm in Lexington, as well. As for the Geocky.org website, it's still a good resource, despite the front page being a bit out of date. We do have at least monthly meetings to get together and tell lies and tall stories share our caching adventures. Keep an eye out for them on line, we always welcome new addicts members!
  14. Almost 6 years later, and 299 logged visits and it's still live and kicking! Airplane Spot (GC274) was the only cache in San Antonio at the time, so it was the only choice I had before leaving town to go cache. Glad it's stuck around this long.
  15. If I'm reading the Garmin product comparison page correctly, the only difference between the two is that one comes with a 64MB MicroSD chip, and the other does not. For the money that you would spend on the Legend, you could get the Venture, and spend the other $30 on a 1GB chip on that online auction site, and have more than adequate room for maps. Either GPSr should make a fine addition to your arsenal, though. Hi Bud, How are you doing these days? A while back I bought a 1gig microSD (Kingston) with SD adapter for $10.00 after rebate shipped to my door. Just recieved the $10.00 rebate 2 days ago. If you shop around you can get that deal pretty often. Someday I would love to get the Venture Cx so I can use it to navigate to the cache location then use it to find the cache. For some reason the handhelds are still pretty expensive when you consider you can get an automotive unit with touch screen for $200.00. I think there is less competition in the handheld market keeping the prices and profit margin high. Ray Hi Ray! Yeah, I've seen some of the automotive units for low clearance prices, but would be concerned whether they've got a fixed mapset on a chip or could be upgraded. With Mapsource v8, which just came out last year, I still find a number of neighborhoods that aren't on there yet, since it takes a few years to get them on to the update. Also, the handhelds are ruggedized and waterproof, which I'm sure you couldn't say about most of the auto units.
  16. Thanks for sharing. I got a chuckle reading this; it sounded like my sister-in-law back when I was dating my wife-to-be in the 80's. You couldn't run out to the store without your hair done just so, and changing your clothes at least twice to make sure it matched your makeup that day. We hadn't found geocaching all those years ago, but if we had, I'd have been sure to drag her along just to torment her. She's still as vain, but not as big of a pill.
  17. Somewhere along the way I ended up with a free subscription after registering some product or other, and never found it more than a bunch of advertising with little info in between. Now I wish I hadn't thrown this month's copy away already.
  18. One other thing to consider is that when it installs, it goes in to the "Unfiled" category. If you're looking in whichever category you're usually using for your applications, it won't show up there unless you manually move it. Look at the upper right of your screen, and drop down the menu and check in the "unfiled" or "all" category.
  19. If I'm reading the Garmin product comparison page correctly, the only difference between the two is that one comes with a 64MB MicroSD chip, and the other does not. For the money that you would spend on the Legend, you could get the Venture, and spend the other $30 on a 1GB chip on that online auction site, and have more than adequate room for maps. Either GPSr should make a fine addition to your arsenal, though.
  20. I'm sorry to see that this is being used as ANOTHER divisive issue here in the forums. I thought we had enough of them in the last few months, and that no one could find anything to complain about for a while. I'm always sorely disappointed. I remember when I started geocaching (6 years in April!) and the caches were few and far between. The server would bog down more often than it does now, and PQ's and online mapping were nonexistent or rudimentary at best. GC has had to hire great coders and obtain new equipment to handle the upgrades that most of the people complaining about here have known since signing on to the site and take for granted. Equipment and technicians take money, and PM is one of the more direct ways to get those funds. As for the PMOC's, I like to think of them as an agreement between like-minded indivduals that we believe enough in a website and activity that we are willing to support it in some small way in the hope that it will become even better than we have seen it grow to up until now. Most of my caches are PMOC's for the first week, to let those like minded people know that I appreciate their contribution. I also have no disrespect for cachers who aren't PM's, and make those caches accessible to all after that. It's a big enough tent for all of us to fit under here. There should be no reason for us to point fingers, exclude other cachers, and generally throw a hissy fit every time something doesn't go according to our idealized notion of the world. The weather's getting warmer, get out there and cache, and leave the angst of the forums behind for a while!
  21. I don't know about Mt. Sterling, but know that there are a good number in both Winchester and Ashland, not to mention Hazard Co., so you're surrounded by cachers. Be sure to check out geocky.org for local caching information.
  22. What do the nickel ones look like? are they 'shiny' nickel, or sand blasted or what? They're shiny, just like the gold, but just in nickel.
  23. We're down to about 100 each of these, and are wanting to get them out of the house and in to the caches. Last price drops to clear them out: Price is now $7.00 each, or 3 for $20.00, shipping included, until we can get them all in to good homes! Thanks to all who've helped us up until now!
  24. I've been keeping an eye out for these. Any news on when they'll be available? EDIT: spelin and punkchewashun
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