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The Geocoin Fairy Geocoin?

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Your words below struck a cord with me and have special meaning:


“Since that day, I’ve begun to recognize the gifts and miracles that are around us daily. The unexplained and unlooked for ones when no one is around and I, too, believe again in Santa and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. The Geocoin Fairy. So what if they say he or she or it can’t be real, because Science or a friend or whoever says there’s no way they could travel that much or give that much or whatever. It’s not about the getting or keeping up with the Joneses or motives and what's in it for me, it’s about the wonder of small child and the miracle of a sunrise and the beauty of a rainbow stretching across the sky. The peace at the end of the day when there is no reason for it.”


Thorny1 you and a lot of my other geo-friends have helped me to be able to say that I believe.


We are a group that believes. So if anyone doubts that there is a geocoin fairy just look at all the kind words and the thought that have been put down on this board.


I also believe!!!

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TGF hit Colorado. I have taken to leaving the geocoin fairy's profile minimized on my computer and every now and then I check it...well today was the day.....

I left work early and knew that I had to go south since the traffic in Col Springs is so bad up in the north of the city. (and I just watched on the news that it's pouring up where one of the caches is).

So I drove to the area and since I had already found this cache I knew right where to go....man these are beautiful coins. I think they are even neater when a lot of effort goes into getting them and waiting for them!


No real "story" though, no police, no fights with another cacher for the coin (although that would be interesting).


Thanks Geocoin Fairy....I can finally sleep at night! :cry:


(Atlanta Gal, I'll update the map momentarily) :P

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Woo hoo! I got a Geocoin Fairy Coin yesterday from my "Tooth Fairy Cache" here in Birmingham, AL!


I saw the log pop up, thought, "Cool, a personal coin I haven't heard of!" So I make myself late for work and go check the cache. Bingo, there it was -- I trade well for it (have to keep my cache stocked, right?), and log it from work. I even sent a thank-you note.


Now I'm on here for the first time in ages, and I see all the hubbub about the Geocoin Fairy Coins. Cool! It looks like I lucked out!


Thanks again, Fairy!

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I got one today. I have been busy and so I hadn't been following things in the coin world much lately. I learned about the geocoin fairy being in the area through pure luck when a friend mentioned it to me last night. So I looked things up and made a lunch time trip to a cache sort of near my work. I traded quite well, so now I am watching to see who picks up what I left. It is all quite fun! :laughing:

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Time to fess up!! I had just missed the fairy down south around Springfield, MO... I had visited one of the caches the day before the fairy did! So I figured I would watch and maybe just maybe the fairy would land somewhere closer to me. I was working on some stuff at home, not feeling to good, when I got a mysterious phone call. The caller told me that I should revisit a particularly hard puzzle cache that I just happened to get the FTF on. So after explaining my confusion, the caller finally said " Ever hear of the Geocoin Fairy" Needless to say, I was out the door in about 2 seconds flat! I knew what that meant and I knew that here in the KC area one has to be really fast to be first on the scene! I got to the first cache to check and lo and behold the Coin was there! Whooo Hoooo.... I felt a whole lot better right then. Must have been a little fairy dust left on the coin! I put out a very sought after coin in another cache to repay this one. And to keep it interesting I waited a day or two before fessing up on that one as well. :lol: All I will say is that the replacement coin was 1 of 100 made. As Thorny1 has already mentioned this coin will be going with me to events and road trips to share in the magic. The SLAGA Fall picnic was the first of many stops the coin will make. I do know who got the other two from the Kansas drops but I won't out them... :P

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This is the first I have had a chance to visit here and record my experience with the Geocoin Fairy. I found a GCF geocoin in a cache I was visiting to put a Kansas Sunshine coin in. Imagine my surprise. At first I was not sure what this coin was so I just picked it up and left the sunflower. It was not until later that I realized this was a special gift from a special individual. It is number 088. Thanks GCF for placing this in Kansas.

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:anibad: TGF came to MS over the weekend and dropped off something lovely for my daughter. Making her very happy, because now she got something from two fairies: the Tooth Fairy and the Geocoin Fairy (I believe the Tooth Fairy is more likely to be back a few more times though.) ;)

Thank you so much TGF.

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Boy oh boy, where do I start?


I was out playing around with my brand new real life Jeep soon to be TB today. I decided to go up and check out my cache and the scenery that goes along with the trip. Since I was going to be in the area I hit two other caches that I had not searched for yet. They were a nice way to spend a beautiful afternoon.


I arrive at my cache and have my bag of goodies with me to make sure that it was fully stocked. I had a large item that I wanted to get into the cache so I had to empty it and repack it. What is this, my daughter picks up something and says, "Daddy, where did you get Tinkerbell from?" I was still working on putting items in, when I looked to see what she was talking about. I said let me see that. Hmmmmm, what is this? I reread the logs to see if someone wrote about leaving this coin in the logbook but did not post it online, nope. Now I am a little confused. I put a few items into the cache, but my daughter's would not let me put "Tinkerbell Fairy Princess" back. I get back to cellphone land and place a call to another cacher asking if he had put the coin in, nope he said the Geocoin Fairy put it in, he had just gotten an email about the log. I said huh? There was no log in my book by this fairy....not even any fairy dust. I may be mistaken about this though because now that I think about it, I only flipped through to the log of the last finder that I KNEW about. I got home and called another cacher in the area to see if they had put the coin in, nope. She helped me check online to try to figure out more info about this Fairy. She was actually the one that found this forum topic.


How does this magical creature pick out caches? All I can say is, this is an absolutely beautiful coin. My girls (ages 3 and 4) would not put it down all night. I looked at the pictures in the log, I must have just missed the magic by an hour or so based off of the appearance of the pictures.


Thank you Geocoin Fairy

-Gr8danz and pups :rolleyes:

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Wow, I'm still excited. Last night I couldn't stand it any longer and had to try my hand at getting a TGF coin. I've been watching her/his finds for a while now, never really thinking I'd get my hands on one. I was wrong. :unsure: Initially my girlfriend (Geocookers) may have thought I lost my mind a little wanting to drive so far after work, and having to be at work the next day. Although, being as she loves caching too it was easy to get her to go along. Below is part of my log from An Australian Goose (GCTXV8).


WooHoo....I believe in The Geocoin Fairy. :unsure:


"I watched this cache yesterday because I'd seen that the Geocoin Fairy had been there. I was so tempted to drive the 2 hours from my place to try and get this special coin. Then I figured that's too much all over a coin, plus I was sure someone would beat me to it.


Today I look again and I see no one has yet logged after The Geocoin Fairy....hmmm, could this coin still be sitting here? Well, I had to know. Geocookers and I started the trip from Cincinnati, OH at about 6:30........about 2 hours later we find ourselves standing in front of a cache. Wondering if the coin could still be here. I was sure someone would have came to claim it while we were driving over. I open the cache, and think it's gone. Suddenly I realize there's something in with the logbook. Woo-Hoo #50 Geocoin Fairy was still here. Not only that but there was also a 2006 RoadTrip coin, which is a great coin by the way.


Lucky for Geocookers and myself there were two coins so we didn't have to fight over just one."

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Yup! The Geocoin fairy has been to Minnesota. I found "a little something" in my Mall of America cache today. I left a 2006 Kansas geocoin in trade. I didn't realize what I had found until I did a search and came up with this thread. I was lucky enough to get #187. It will have a place of honor in my collection. Thanks Geocoin Fairy!

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"Dear GeoCoin Fairy;

I've been an awesome girl this year. I have lost over two hundred pounds in 18 months, sold everything I owned and packed my family off from Northern California to SW Maine to start a new life on the Right Coast. If you could see it in your heart to come to Southern Maine and leave one of your beautiful Geocoins for me, that would make it all worthwhile! I promise I will leave something worthy in trade for it.

Your Devoted Follower,

RedwoodRed of The GeoGadgets Team"

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After seeing this forum thread at the top of the list for weeks, I finally decided to read a bit about it this morning and see what it was all about. After reading through some of the entries I saw the last entry said the Geocoin Fairy had been in Minnesota. I checked out which caches she's been to and picked the one closest to me. Got there and found "a little something" in Jumpin' Jack Flash cache. I'm lucky to add coin #196 to my collection. Thanks Geocoin Fairy!



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Hey Haughton, she logged Minnesota yesterday

And reports from Delaware now too. So two more states down..time to update the map again. Is (s)he going for the full 50? Playing a little geocoin state bingo? Hehe. Does (s)he get bonus points for foreign countries?


This thread is too cool. I check it daily for new messages. And I have to say, it's the only thread I read do that for on a daily basis.


Thank you Geocoin Fairy, whoever you are! You've brought joy to a lot of strangers and have asked nothing in return, not to mention remaining anonomyous. Kudos to you.

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Well, I haven't been on the coin forums in months, life got hectic and sad (my daughter and 2 grandchildren moved 1000 away and my father became sick several months back and was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer) I just lost interest in the coins (and many things) although I do have a wonderful collection.

I came here again to see whats' the latest. So many beautiful and clever coins, still some contraversay here and there but this fun thread had me reading late into the evening. What fun with the mad dashes and childrens (and adults) smiles and excitement. It's nice to see the fun of getting back to placeing coins in caches. As soon as my sprained ankle heals, we are heading back out to cache and spread a few of our personal and extra coins around.

I am getting ready to sell most of my coins, raise airfare to see my babies but am keeping several for sentimental reasons; locals cachers, those I found in caches are favorites and special events and special cachers. I think that a Fairy coin would be in a special coin catagory as I am sure most of the finders here feel that way about their's.

So kiss your babies, spouses, loved ones, stay healthy, have fun caching. Life can change overnight.


Thanks all for a fun read. B)

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