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What Man Would You Most Wanna Cache With?

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Stole the idea from the other topic.

My picks are Fantasy: David Krumholtz from Numb3rs. Nerdy and cute, that could be fun. <_<

Reality: My best friend Dan(Thor of the Mountain) He's been my caching buddy since day one, we started together and got hooked on it together


What about the other ladies of the forum?

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CHARLTON HESTON! Oh, dear lord...Charlton Heston.


1969. I saw "Planet of the Apes" in the theater when it came out. Few people remember this. They are accustomed to the version edited for TV. It was the beginning of the skinny-dipping scene in the desert, and for one brief, shining moment on the screen, there it was: Charlton Heston's naked butt.


I was nine. It was the first naked male butt I ever saw, and it became for me at that moment the model for all naked male butts. The ideal butt. The butt of butts. It rose...pale, majestic...above the horizon of my girlhood like the very moon. I need hardly tell you that no naked male butt since has come close the sweet, pinchable goodness of Mister Heston's remarkable dimpled apple of a hinder. And I went to art school: I've seen a few.


Heston the man has never let me down, from the Civil Rights march on Washington to the NRA. And yet, really...it's all about Heston the butt. Nothing could come between us. Alzheimer's? Don't make me laugh! He'd be all, like, "who are you?" and I'd be, like, "Charlton. Darling. Don't you remember? I'm your wife of forty years...! Now, how's about that butt?"










Some guy with a really good GPS, I guess.

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Actually, I think it would be cool to cache with EdScott. I'd like to not only see him in action, but learn how he does what he does, considering he doesn't own the same equipment the rest of us do.








Um.... yeah... better clarify that. :lol:


I'm referring of course to his ability to geocache sans GPS, using only a topo map and compass for directional guidance.

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Dang, all the coolest fantasy picks are taken. Tom, Sam, Charlie...


In all the world, of all the men, I would have chosen you. My bestest friend:




Fantasy pick...?


Abraham Lincoln...I bet he'd be good at this.












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I would have to pick Robert Duvall. Not only is he a great actor (he can act like I'm a great cacher!), but he's also funny and can entertain me, he sings really well (remember Tender Mercies) and he loves to tango so that would be a great way to get from waypoint to waypoint.

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He is relentless in trying to find the Illudium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator - I am sure he could find those tough caches...


Otherwise it would have to be Josh Holloway from Lost... Throw away the GPS! We would get lost and not much caching would get done - rrrrr! :tired::lol:


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