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  1. It is also a joy to no longer be a CO as well. We had a small number of them over a decade old then we decided to just be finders exclusively.
  2. www.mygeocachingprofile.com Create a profile there, then create a pocket query here then upload that query to mygeocachingprofile.com then there will be a section of maps
  3. My favorite statistics plus I like maps plus its a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Use the internet to locate the caches you want to find. But ignore all the people and their comments (like mine here) on the internet. Your life will be much easier. You're welcome.
  5. My long road trips usually have a destination with a mild time constraint. Because of that I usually go for traditional geocaches (small or regular sized) not too far off the highways or virtual geocaches.
  6. His issue is more with the general public and police than with other geocachers. In 18 years and 6K plus geocachers, we've met maybe two dozen other geocachers. I have been questioned by people and police when out geocaching, I have been wary of those encounters too but not because of my race fortunately. As for the Confederate Memorial geocache mentioned in the story, he may have been offended but he found it anyway. He has impressive statistics too, like finding a geocache in all 254 Texas counties.
  7. Moral of the story: Geocache the way we want to.
  8. 17- all are archived now. I now prefer to be a geocache finder than a geocache owner.
  9. If I could give ours away I would as this is not an aspect of the activity we participate in. We assigned about 10% of them then I got bored doing that. If I really like a geocache, I leave a post that is longer than "Thanks!" and maybe post a photo. A favorite point here is the equivalent to the heart on Instagram or a like on Facebook-meaningless in the scheme of life.
  10. Yesterday I bought a new desktop and was attempting to log in from there. All it does is load and load then I get a message saying its timed out. Its the same when I attempt to log in using my iPhone and iPad. Has anyone else experienced this recently?
  11. We’ve found nearly 6200 since October 2003 and have archived our own geocaches to concentrate on geocaching. I live in a metro area of 4 million and geocaches come online probably regularly. We prefer small to regular sized traditionals and those seem fewer and far between these days. So in that three years now, I will take monthly multi-day (usually three days) geocaching roadtrips throughout my state. Staying in low cost motels and bringing my own food to save money. There are more regular sized geocaches in rural and forested areas. While I prefer not to find micros in urban settings some rural areas in the state have many micro power trails making it an easier and less intrusive search. I used to scoff at roadside geocaches but l like statistics and I like to see ours increase so I have made my peace with those.
  12. FIVE by Ursula Archer. I read it several years back. Its a murder mystery where I think body parts and clues are found in geocaches.
  13. ....."From today's blog article that was linked from the newsletter:"........ That sums up the entire problem: you read a blog article in a newsletter. Stop reading those and the problem goes away. You're welcome.
  14. This is our best year ever for geocaching. I took weekend trips during March, April and May to find many. I had the highways, motels and parks all to myself. It was actually pretty nice.
  15. Earlier this week I found a used face mask in a geocache. Seems disgusting and a biohazard.
  16. Is it a cut and paste or each one an individual post? Per mygeocachingprofile.com our posts are 240 characters or 45 words. It beats TFTH and the rest of the alphabet of acronyms. But full disclosure I have been tired or the geocache was not overly memorable so I have used TFTH too.
  17. $30 annually is cheap for entertainment though I know you said you have philosophical issues with Groundspeak. Personally I just find geocaches, no longer hide them, sporadically come into the forums and like all forums comments go downhill quickly. $30 is easy to waste, people do it all the time on cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs, tattoos and Starbucks.
  18. DNF's (if more than a sad emoji) can provide important information to future searchers and the CO's. I do not recall a CO's ever removing or requesting that I remove a DNF. I actually take pride in posting the first DNF on a geocache as nobody is perfect. But on the internet everyone is successful, everyone is happy, everyone is attractive and everyone finds every geocache.
  19. FP's are simply a feature of the geocaching website we choose not to use. There are a number of website features that are unnecessary to our way of geocaching. We do not find waymarks, almost never find an earthcache, haven't attended an event in over five years, we no longer drop/leave swag except trackables and we are no longer place geocaches. We "downvote" a geocache by choosing not to find it. There are many geocaches in my city I chose not to find, we do not dislike them but we are not required to find them. That is not really a downvote, its just preference. We "upvote" a geocache by finding it, writing a decent online log that is not a cut and paste or just an acronym (TFTH) or "Thanks!" But full disclosure, we have been lazy and just posted "TFTH" or "Thanks" but its rare. An online log that gives some description of the area or experience in finding the geocache goes much further at helping other geocachers than receiving a FP, The way you are describing FP's is akin to the likes on Facebook or on Instagram. As if you are not getting enough validation with your geocache you place it on a death list for removal because of its below average quality. We placed geocaches to show off an area, its history or quirkiness. We kept them well maintained and if they went awhile without a find we'd drop a trackable we found in it as a possible incentive. That is how we kept our geocaches average or above average in quality. But everybody has their own way of geocaching, to fit their needs, comfort, skills and sense of accomplishment.
  20. My industry has been decimated by the pandemic. I am not working but work will return so I am doing my best to ride this out. That said I have been geocaching a lot more this year. March and April during the depths of the stay at home orders, I was going out to the woods away people to get fresh air, fresh scenery and a fresh perspective on life. That said our geocaching statistics are the best ever (low compared to other geocachers stats but high by ours) Is that happening to others too, you are out geocaching more this year than previous years?
  21. I have 5700 geocache finds as of yesterday and 620 geocaches not found. For about every ten geocaches found, there is one I do not find. Does anyone else think about that? Does everyone log the geocaches they do not find? Just wondering
  22. Good question. A Travel Bug page would have to be created. Now if virtual caches were allowed it would be much easier. I have to have another 25 years left in me though. My initial desire was already vetoed: have my body dumped in the woods to degrade naturally with a toe tag reading "he was not murdered, he died naturally"
  23. I have an inactivated Travel Bug in an envelope with instructions for my partner to have the TB number inscribed on my headstone when I am no longer around. That way I can contribute to my favorite hobby after I am no longer around. Has anyone else heard of this or seen this before?
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