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  1. Thanks so much! You guys are right on. That's exactly what I was thinking of. You're fast too!
  2. Hello fellow cachers! I am searching for the ATV off road geocoin. I came across them before but don't know what the name of the web page was. I only remember the site said it was a preorder. They were in a variety of colors and had a person riding an ATV. I'm thinking they were smaller in size than a normal geocoin. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I was hoping to obtain one as a gift. Thanks for any help you can offer. Sue Smilingsteeles
  3. Thanks AJ&BG for the trade. Cachin' naked? Now there's a concept
  4. I just took a peek at your Event page thought, "Something about this event seems awfully familiar." Great idea. Let us know how it goes. Since no real money is involved, I'd like to bid my fake $1000 on a nice sig item from a local cacher there -- one I'm not likely to already have in my collection. Would that be alright? I'm happy to send you a couple of my wooden rectangular signature items I have. I can't remember if I sent it to you or not. If you're interested in them, I'm happy to donate a few to your event. Let me know. Sue
  5. There is always bound to be some bad apples in a group of this many. Don't forget, everyone has an opinion and will share it whether you asked for it or not.
  6. Have I got a website for you. Great fun and relieves stress as well http://www.virtual-bubblewrap.com/popnow.shtml Hope it works. PS - Try Manic Mode!!! lol-that's too great
  7. I received your wooden nickel today. I love it! Thanks for trading and I will send one out to you this week. I need to check to see if I have any left or if I need to make some new ones. Happy cachin'!
  8. Received my package today! Thank you, love the wooden nickel. I have a cousin from Wales so it is extra special to me.
  9. Darus67, received your wooden nickel today. Thanks! Very nice, indeed.
  10. Big thanks go out to Moozer and Queens Borrowers for the wooden nickels I received today. They are both great.
  11. On the subject of deadbeat traders, can't say I've much of a problem there. Maybe 1 time. As for the closeup photo, must digital cameras have a macro mode. If you have a mode selector, look for a single flower icon. Otherwise, take a picture from as close as you can with the most zoom you can. BomberJohn Yes, the macro mode worked for the hubby. I was having problems taking pictures of our wooden nickels and he figured it out for me.
  12. Thanks goes out to PengoFamily SirGerald for trading with me. I received yours in the mail today. They are both great! [/size]
  13. To those of you who didn't receive my nickel ( empty envelope) I apologize. I think it must have been poor packaging on my part. If you haven't contacted me for a new one, please do. Don't be shy!
  14. OH HAPPY DAY! BOY, DID I GET MAIL! Thanks to the following for their trades, which I received in the mail today! GBOTS Team MoonUnit Tsunrisebey CrossRoad Nomads Dist1
  15. Ok, 2 more sent out! WAHOO! This gets me thinking about how many I will eventually have. How many wooden nickels do you guys have so far, and do you have a picture of all of them? I know once I see them I will have nickel envy... Wow you guys are SUPER FAST! I received three in the mail today. The Dreamcachers slowdownracer racer2814 Thanks so much! They all look great!
  16. Ok, 2 more sent out! WAHOO! This gets me thinking about how many I will eventually have. How many wooden nickels do you guys have so far, and do you have a picture of all of them? I know once I see them I will have nickel envy...
  17. To those of you who have sent me an email about trading, I mailed off a bunch of envelopes today! Thanks so much for trading with me. If you don't receive it in a week or so let me know and we'll try it again.
  18. These are waay better looking in person. Thank you again for the nickels, I really really like the design. HEY THERE, '57! THanks!
  19. WOW! You people are FAST! Looking forward to mail time! Thanks you guys (and gals) ....
  20. I have recently made my own wooden nickels. Anybody here interested in having one? How does one go about trading them? Just ask and you shall receive?
  21. I'm interested in placing one on behalf of our group in St. Louis-SLAGA. How in the heck did you guys place yours already AND get them approved in such a short time???
  22. I absolutely agree! I use to print out the maps and carry them with me. Now I take a look at Google Earth and hope I remember what it looks like when I get there.
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