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Geocoin Shipping Dates


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I edited the newcomer's guide link and moved it next to Jaybee's Shipping Primer to put the two shipping threads next to one and other and hopefully make it more obvious.


If anyone is shipping coins, this is the place you can notify people of the date of shipment. Hopefully this thread will work as well as the trading thread for keeping a running tab of recent shipping dates for quick review.

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I have a few shipping updates I can post.


There are several thousand packages to ship but I should meet or exceed the following shipment schedule:


GCC February - Most of the US shipped today, International orders will ship tomorrow 2/22


Mississippi (Std & LE) coins will ship Wed-Fri 2/22-24


Bigfoot coins - Wed-Thur 2/22-24


MiGO 2006 coins - Mon-Wed next week 2/27-3/1


English coins - Mon-Wed next week 2/27-3/1

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January Signal coins are in and starting to ship (I know)


Yea!! Seeing the January coins will help me make my decession as to continue with the series. I've ordered it as well as the Feb. Really want to see the Jan before March goes on sale. I think I am really going to like these.

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Hoxie coins (US/Int) finished today

GAS coins (US) shipped today International ship tomorrow


I just checked the store for my GAS coins, and they are listed as not shipped yet. I'm in Canada, so I would have thought they would ship with either the US or International :laughing:

Especially since I'm "almost" in the area the coins represent .

But the GAS coins I'm waiting for are not US, so maybe it's a different coin that shipped?

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