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Geocoin Shipping Dates


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1st Edition UOTrackers coins round 1, 2 and most of 3 went out on Monday (ran out of packages) I get paid tomorrow and the rest of round 3 and all of 4 will go out then. That's all our trades! We do have quite a few coins left but will not be trading any for quite some time. Thanks to everyone so far, especially for understanding about all the problems we've had!

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The July Geoswag Coin and Pin shipped today. As for the icon, it should be ready by end of week.


Hope you enjoy!





Will these have an icon different from the rest of the coin club's coins?


If you dont tell anyone, yes it should :D. It should be live this weekend.

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[Pre-Order] Historic caslte-coin from Germany




In the middle of Germany there are many castles and historic buidlings. Four Geocachers, linving not far off a very famous castle ruin have decided to mint a coin, which is out for pre-order now.:



Size: 42 mm (3mm thick)

Color: soft cloisonné (smooth surface)

Finishes: antique nickel (RE) 120 pieces

antique gold (LE) 80 pieces

mat gun (black nickel) (SE) 50 pieces

Trackable: Yes, on www.geocaching.com

Icon: Yes, this coin gets an own icon.



If you want to have a closer look or order this coin, you will find more about it at:



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