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  1. Hey, can I get on your trading list, too?
  2. Coaught this year only three ticks, so I ordered another three for the winter...
  3. If you are doing any trades, just keep me in mind. Thanks
  4. Just noticed today: It finally happened, the coins got it's icon I'm can't wait to find one of my coins in the wild...
  5. Awesome! I'd like some of these, too!
  6. There is still one problem with the icon left. It seems to take some time until it gets activated. Sorry for the trouble, again. I will make a notice here, when everything is perfekt. Thanks, Elchrich
  7. Okay, all the coins went yesterday to the post office. The herd of moose is also on it's way... Moose@work:
  8. The Elchrich Elch Coin has been shipped yesterday. The Icon should be ready this week.
  9. I've been a bit quiet in the last time, because of some vacations and some work around here. But here are the News: The coins have arrived yesterday and since then I spend several hours preparing them for the shipping. I will bring the first batch tomorrow to the post office. You will be informed be a seperate mail, when your coins are on the way. Please let them some time to cross the ocean or the several continents I hope I'll get all of them on their way by end of this week. At the moment it is pretty alot work to be done. Thanks for your patience, Rainer Oh, before I forget: There are still golden and silver coins for sale/trade...
  10. The Coins are at the german customs and they taking their time. I'll think I'll get the coins on Tuesday! Cu, Elchrich
  11. I hope so. But I didn't get any message an friday. I will try to contact the manufacturer on monday...
  12. Hey, the coins look great. Can't wait to get mine!!!! Thanks for the good job, Elchrich
  13. At the moment we have some technical difficulties with our homepage. If you like to place orders, you can do it also bei sending me a PM with your nickname, address and amount which coins you like. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks, Elchrich
  14. Can't wait to see the photos....
  15. Put them under those small Schnaps-glases? Edit: small mistake corrected...
  16. Just got the information from the manufactorer: The coins will be shiped to me at 30th of june. I hope the parcel will get an fast ship/plane/donkey... cu, Elchrich
  17. Yes they are still available! I don't have the newest numbers, but I think there are around 40 Coins left for the Nickel and the Gold-edition each. To the webpage...
  18. Thats really strange. I'll try to send you another invoice. If anyone didn't received anything from me (Except the most recent ones who ordered a coin from me), please drop me an PM. THanks alot, Elchrich
  19. Unfortunately they didn't put a symbolic tracking number (something like PCXXXX) on it. Then it'll be easier to notice the balloon. But I can't wait to get the real ones in my hands . The production will take a bit more than three weeks. cu, Elchrich Btw: There are still golden and silver coins left...
  20. It took a little bit longer, but here they are: cu, Elchrich
  21. Thank god, I'm not alone... I had a nice email conversation with the german support of paypal. They treid to convince me, that the fault is at my site. I'll try it tomorrow (MEZ) again... cu, Elchrich
  22. If you wanna trade: Lust think of me, too. cu, Elchrich
  23. Good and bad news: Bad news first: I've got some problems with paypal, when I want to send the invoices. So a couple of the last ones who ordered will have to wait a bit. I think you can live with that. Good news: I also ordered the sample-coins. They promised me the first pictures of the coins this weekend. cu, Elchrich
  24. Nice Coin. Hope you remind me, when you wanna trade...
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