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Let Me Try Again Vets


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Let me try this again, I think I was kinda vague the first time more out of ignorance then anything but let me try this again...... and I want to be part of both groups........


We started a group to make Military Geocoins and that was about the only thing that everyone agreed on. so how many vets would like to have a coin club/group that would like to be open to ALL vets/military to make a series of coins dedicated to the Military. no cap or at least a very high cap and make coins with probably a min of 500 coins per minting? this would be group 2, group 1 has a 75 member cap with a few very few openings left and Im glad to be a part of it. I am very proud of my Military time and challenge coins were a big thing and just like Geocoins the rarer challenge coins(usually from higher ranking officers) were very desirable, everyone wanted one and trading could be brisk there were unit coins, personal coins coins for events coins for different paygrades coins for milestones....kinda sounds familiar huh...... so there is a place for both I like the collectability of the coins but as a cacher its awesome to find a coin in a cache either as a trade item or a Travel Bug and i would love to be part of both of it the only thing i want to argue about is whether the Navy coin comes 1st or 2nd okay I'll get off my soapbox, LETS MAKE A COIN




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I agree that coins should be in caches. I try to keep 2 (1 for me and one for my daughter) and put the rest out for trade or into a cache.


Can I be part of this group, also?




Order of precedence of coins by creation? :D Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, I don't know after that. :D

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dont forget the coast guard

Thanks for that Old Navy (USCG, 25 years here). I agree with what your saying and would like to join this group too. I am proud to be a vet. It's not about what service you were in, that you were in submarine service, mailroom clerk, jet fighter pilot or spent 4 years empting bed pans.

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Count me in if we are creating a second group.


Or would it be a better option to have one group and produce two different metals of each coin (one silver or pewter non-trackable run of 2 per club member) and an unlimited number of bronze trackable coins to anyone that wants to order them through the forums? If you are going to have a group open to everyone then you may as well keep it in the forums here instead of yahoo.

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I would like to be involved in this group also. Order of preference makes no difference to me as I started in the Navy as a corpsmen stationed with the Marines and now a days I am in the Army reserves. With 20 years plus service I figure a branch is a branch as long as you have served. Today as a civilian I work for the Veteran's Administration Hospitals as a nurse and all who have served have given.

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I would be interested in coins that were trackable to release into caches. I do not collect coins per se but enjoy finding them and moving them on. I know that there are other cachers just like me and military coins would be cool! I'm from a mutligenerational military family as is my husband. Our terms of service were: Billy, active Army, 1976-1990 and me, US Army Reserves with a tour of OIF, 1991-2004. Our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and son also served.

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I (dolphin) would like to join both of these groups. I have been in the US Army Reserve from 1988-1996 and now the TN National Guard from 1996 til now. I have seen some of the military coins however I have never been lucky enough to receive one. What would be the cost impact to this group and the coin prices. I know you may not be able to say for sure but an ballpark figure would give me some idea.


Great Idea!!


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