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Mngca Geocoin Sales


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Final tally 1135 sold. I placed an order yesterday 5 January for 1200 coins. Expected production time is 14 to 21 working days (3 to 4 weeks). As soon as I get the shipment I'll post another note and let you know that they have arrived.


I will still need to sort them, package them and then get them in the mail to you all and I will keep you as informed as I can here.


Thank you all for your support. You have made this coin a much greater sucess then we had every anticipated. Thanks again.



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At 1700 hours yesterday I received the shippment of geocoins from the manufacture.


I will have all of the coins packaged for shipment by the middle of this coming week.


Because I have over 300 orders to ship, I will not be able to get them all shipped in one day.


It's going to take a few days after work going to the post office to get them all out. Hopefully, I should have them all out by the end of next weekend.


I'll keep everyone posted.


I would expect that all of the stateside orders will be iin your hands within the next two weeks. The overseas orders will probalby take a little longer.


Again thanks for all of your support.



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Please post a photo of the coin when you get them.

Thanks for your coin...

I'll see what I can do. But the picture I tried to take wasn't very good. Because of the shiny nature of the coin it reflects the flash. If I don't use a flash and try side lighting all you see is the reflection of the camera and me in the coin.


I'll try again and see what I can come up with.


If all goes well the first shipment will be in the mail on Monday.

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As of 1700 hrs CST today ALL orders for MnGCA Geocoins are in the hands of the United States Postal Service. I would expect that US based orders should be arriving by this coming weekend. All overseas order were sent Air Mail and should arrive within 5-7 working days. But I think that also depends upon your local mail services as well.


We the members of the MnGCA do appreciate your support in the purchase of our coin. We hope that you find them to be of a high quality and worth the wait.


Thank you.



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Probably a stupid question, but are there any left for sale?

No it's not a stupid question.


The MnGCA did purchase a few extra coins. Our intent it to offer them to members of the organization first. However, if we don't sell them all they will be offered to the public. If your interested being on the waiting list you can send me an e-mail with a request to be placed on the waiting list.



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I'm psyched for this coin. How is the detail AG? Hopefully tomorrow! :lol:

They're really well done. And from an "unknown vendor" too (unknown to cachers that is). Very shiny front and the color on the back just looks real sharp with that shiny silver accent. They have a real nice weight to them too. very happy with these.

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We at the MnGCA really appreciate all of the great comments we have been receiving both here and by direct contact. We strived to provide a high quality coin and your comments seem to bear out that we achieved that goal.


Just so every one knows. A few copies of a limited edition version of this coin (shiny gold with numbers under 60) will be available on the E site in the near future.


Thanks again.



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Any Chance of bringing a few to MOGA? I know when we have the coin show at MOGA this year, you will be able to swap a few, I for one, will trade ya coins...





MOGA - "THE" Geocoin Show Extravaganza... among the caching fun!

March 25 - 26 - Pere Marquette Park, Grafton Illinois..

Details at MOGA SITE


See the Event Page for more info!

I did plan on bring some to MOGA this year if we have any left. Those that I bring down will be selling for the same price as the rest $7.00. I'll probalby still have at least 10 or so left to bring.

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