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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Haven't had the opportunity to add here recently so will show what I got last week.


BadAndy Doublecoins (I'll be placing the silver in the near future)


Silver Geocaching Squad (Got off e-bay as I missed out on the initial issue)


I have been wanting to get the Geocaching Squad coin since I first found out about it. It is a very nice coin although smaller than I was expecting. Everybody have a great week ahead.

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Great day today to say the least !! <_<:unsure:


Motogrrl Memorial , For release in a cache (THX kealia)


Cog & Gil, AZ Geocachers Club 2006 (trade THX )


Grimlock Gold LE #134 and Silver #'s 343, 434 (THX for the request numbers)


Secret Agent Event 2006 (trade thanks The Moop Along)


8MuddyFeet20 toes # 134 (trade THX Mike)


and finely


Kayakerinme Silver 5 coin panel , set # 82 THX for the great trade these are just wonderfull coins !!!

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Today was a "Three Day!"


The July GCC "Mosquito" Coin

The beautiful Fung Shui Map coin (with it's own padded red pouch, just like a Fung Shui map is supposed to have!)

and the Winter Caching coin (feels cooler around here already!)




Now, anybody looking for a "Generic" geocoin? I have two ready to trade!




Happy Trading!



August 14, 2006 @ 9:24 PM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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"And the coins just keep on comin'!!" :D


One each of Grimlock's coins; would never have gotten these if he hadn't said that he's an Aggie! <_<

One Geocaching Family

One Coins and Pins "personal" geocoin: excellent combination of their two main sources of income

Three Dressel Dragons: outstanding design! Are you guys Crake in disguise :D

One Temecula Valley

One Geocache America, color


Another great haul. One of these days, I'm gonna stop buying these; I really am!! :D:D:unsure:

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After 2 days of bills and junk mail,, Finely some coins :laughing:


MTM-MAN 2006 Gold 5th Year Anniversary coin (trade) THX mtm-man


Twin Ports (Team Petey) BN LE 50 minted and 13 days in transit :anibad: THX Glen


Jan & The Percy Boys, Light Bulb (trade) THX Bob


Honeychile Personal

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SunShine Gang Silver License Plate





World Traveler


Kanas TornadoGeorgia Micro


Got these at GeoLuau 3 ....


GeoLuau 3

Mother Hen & Three Chicks


Champoeg (cost me two traders for this one)

Manhattan Urban Cachers (won this one for 2nd place in the accuracy GPS game)

Maine 2005 Geocoin (hubby won this for 5th place in the accuracy GPS game and gave it to me!)

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