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Geocaching Featured on "Law & Order"

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Jeremy needs to add something on PAGE ONE of the GC web site, disclaiming the L&O episode and the fact that it depicts BURIED CACHES, which of course proper cachers don't do. We're about to be bombed with new traffic off this show.


"Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong..."


-Dave R.

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We are at the half way point. I think GC has taken all the damage its going to take. THANKFULLY.

well i think the gps tracking of cars made it a little worse.


And to qote my freind in a im its like watching a car accedent you dont want to watch but just cant look away

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Man, all I gotta say is some of this stuff really makes us look BAD. You know how ignorant people can be! "You are all psycho-geo-killers!" Ooo. Geo-Killers. I should copyright that. :unsure:



G3 Geoblazers

Copyright © 2005 Geo-Killers. (heee hee. I couldn't resist!)

Well that might keep the muggles away! :blink:

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