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  1. If your GPS has a SD or some other kind of memory card the number is as great as your card will allow you. I have a Lowrance Hunt, and I have loaded over 2000 caches. You can store as many as 2000 in the internal memory of the hunt.


    NEWBIE here. I just started at the prompting of a friend. I guess right now I'm an urban cacher only using my Blackberry to do the caching with. What I'm looking for is a Tulsa Based Group, or maybe just people from Tulsa to kind of help me do this. Emails would be just fine. I'm just trying to succed in one of these geocaches. I'm easy to reach at bmw@bryanwilliams.org Join us here! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/geocacheok/


    we have a yahoo group....come on in! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/geocacheok/

    Geo Coins

    For us: we have become limited in the amount of time we have to geocache (compared to days gone by). Sometimes life gets in the way. We do not mind in the least if a trackables owner drops us an email to check on the status of the bug.
  5. I geocache as an escape from the reality of my everyday life. While I am out caching, I am not thinking about money issues, family issues, or job issues. Whether it's just me and CC or one hundred of our friends, geocaching gets me out and about and sometimes a day of geocaching makes me feel like I have taken a little vacation. I don't care if we are hunting dbmc's or traipsing through the wilderness as long as I am not trapped in the little box I live in or the little box I work in! Stacy TBQFM
  6. You might get a bigger response if you post to the yahoo group geocacheok or to the OKC morning meeting cache page.
  7. We still have not got ours either, but I have written him off and won't purchase anything from him again.
  8. We found a cache across from the parking lot at the state capitol building a few months back. We were escorted off the property (cache included) by gentlemen in uniforms! No one else had reported problems while hunting the cache so we were a little surprised. It is possible that there was extra security that weekend since Prez Bush was going to speak at the OSU graduation...maybe he was also going to tour the capitol. I think that was a very good reason to take the cache with us! I was in no mood to convince the officers to watch while we rehid the container! We placed that microcache container in the next large container we visited and then we called the cache owners. The micro was retrieved, and the listing disabled. Since then we have heard there has been a cache placed inside the capitol building. I think that one will join a few others on our IL.
  9. We still have not seen the coins here yet nor have we heard from him either. I am thinking about just writing this one off and avoiding anything that he tries in the future.
  10. we feel your pain. At least they did not take your doors, we own a jeep wrangler and we were awoken by the local police asking if we owned a jeep and were we missing our doors. Sure enough they took the doors and the "OH S**T" handles off our jeep, but the cops managed to recover everything. The funny thing is that they left all the electronics in the car. So now we have hinge locks on our jeep so people won't steal the doors again.
  11. Talked to the event planner by email and he said that ross never showed up for the event, he might have gotten scarred off due to as many people that he owes coins to. how funny is that.
  12. We are waiting for 2 one bronze and one silver
  13. heard from him today regarding our coins, He states that they have been shipped on the 4 of april and here it is the end of May and still no coins. Maybe he sent them 4th or 5th class mail which could take a long time to get here. I will just wait and see if they ever come. thinking about having the Post Office check on these for us if possible.
  14. I would send him emails daily but if he has a spam blocker he could block all emails coming from any one person or even a group of people. I wll try to email him again, maybe i will get a response unlike the other times. I am not out much either, just the price of 2 coins.
  15. still nothing in Oklahoma
  16. I ordered mine back in early december and still not have received them in Oklahoma. I have emailed him a few times with no response.
  17. Greetings fellow Oklahoman! There are many female cachers around here, but maybe not so many up in your area. We are a husband and wife team from the Tulsa County area. She generally finds about half the caches we hunt. Most of the women we know cache as part of a team or team up together. Feel free to come down to a TAG meeting one of these days (it would only be a 70 or so mile drive ) or if you are feeling really adventurous you can attend a meeting in OKC or Ponca City. The meetings are pretty informal...just an excuse to sit around, eat, tell caching stories, and the go caching after.
  18. still waiting in Oklahoma
  19. still no coins in Oklahoma
  20. still nothing in Oklahoma
  21. I can wait for mine to arrive. preordered about 2 months ago.
  22. Hey, we have one of those also! ----------------- What type of coin are you considering (design, etc)?
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