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    Red Jeeps

    Can you get the red jeep TB mailed to you this year to drop in caches? I can't find a link like I did last year.
  2. Big kudos to BigDaddyD. Our local paper, The Jackson Sun, did an article about geocaching. It mentioned our group as well (GOWT-Geocachers of West Tennessee). Here is a link to the story. GOWT and Geocaching
  3. WARedBear, There is a not so new product out-can get it at Walgreen's usually. It's called 911 Relief and actually helps with Poison Ivy, burns, and many other skin issues. 911 Relief. The military is actually looking into providing for our troops (still in the works).
  4. I just flew in to and from Reagan National in DC. Used it in the plane both ways and had no trouble except for not putting fresh batteries in for the return trip.
  5. I'll keep tweaking. That didn't work yet. Thanks for the help.
  6. I did several searches but couldn't find a match. If this has been discussed, just point me in the direction of that discussion and I will be happy. On GC.com, when I try to click on image links to see pictures people have uploaded, I don't get a picture to view. I get a large box with their log in it and then there is a blank where a picture should be. Can anyone help me figure out what to change for this. Thanks.
  7. I still like the Geocouching! my son and I got a great giggle out of that one.
  8. Oh no! Are those being archived too? Uh oh. I'd better make a run to Cacheville, TN really soon!
  9. I'm just waiting for the rain to pass now. Temperature is okay now. I'm getting a walkway poured around a lake at my new office. That's where the benchmark will be set. Can't wait!!!!!!!
  10. The 2005 GOWT coin- only 500 minted.
  11. I had many similar thoughts as mentioned above. I DID email Jeep. Here is a copy of the response I got. Very generic and this person had no idea about them it seems. And she is a "Senior Staff Representative" Dear Mike, Thank you for your email regarding Jeep Travel Bugs. For information about the Travel Bugs and the caching of them please visit "Google" and type in "Jeep Travel Bug". There are several sites dedicated to this "bug" and what to do with them if you find one. It sounds like a lot of fun from what I can tell! Jeeps heritage originates with WWII, for more than 60 years of 4WD leadership and capability. Privacy http://www.daimlerchrysler.com/disclaimer/index.html NOTE: Please do not use the 'Reply' function of your email system. If you wish to respond to this message, please visit us at our reply form (link provided below). REPLY LINK: http://www.chrysler.com/wccsapp/wccs/brand...KMM2579360C0KM& Thank you for your interest in Jeep and good luck on your "Bug" search! Anita G.W. Senior Staff Representative Jeep Information Center
  12. Okay, I know everyone has them but I will trade a GOWT (West Tennessee) for an OKIC coin if anyone is interested. email me.
  13. I would NOT recommend GPSexplorer.com. They had incredibly horrible customer service and took well over 8 days to ship. I still haven't gotten my original invoice for rebates.
  14. That was an absolutely AWEsome trade! This coin is huge. I love the big bear claw. Was about to toss the envelope. I looked in one last time and saw the wooden nickel. That looks great too. Somehow, I bet my son is going to capture this coin for his collection. Great job on the design.
  15. Got 49 and 50 in the mail today. 2 words AWE SOME! Thanks for this. We will now have to find 2 of the perfect spots that mean a lot to our family.
  16. Well, I have finally gotten my 60CS after 1 1/2 weeks of waiting and multiple calls. Now I have to try to talk to another human to see if they will send my original invoice/packing slip for the rebate offers. Nice price but quite a bit of hassle from a company that claims such wonderful support. BUT, I do like the 60CS!!!
  17. Sorry I missed out on the order date. Just got a coin in trade with Copperdog. Awesome looking coin! thanks.
  18. Wow! There have been lots of comments on both sides. Very strong on both side. I did sit down with my son and we talked about this discussion. Even though we really would like to have this specific jeep, it ultimately is a travel bug. Even though I still don't think jeep is an actual cacher, they did pay to have the jeeps placed. I know how hard we tried to go and get the 3 we were able to find. My son (the old wise one he is) said, "I guess people are still excited about those jeeps". I appreciate everyone's comments on both sides. Thank you for bringing me back down to earth-even though I got pretty bruised on the way down. I also appreciate the intense spirit felt on both sides of this discussion. Thanks again, happy caching.
  19. No, I have no travel bugs in my collection. I have a Moun10bike coin I traded for and trade items as you have described. No coin that I have found in a cache is in my collection-period. And I understand the very good comments everyone has said concerning the YJTBs. The fact that I don't agree with them is just that. How many corporate cachers are there? When you check on the YJTB owner, this cacher has no finds. You would think someone very concerned about the sport would participate in it-wouldn't you? I can imagine When it comes down to it, the jeeps were put out with a purpose to draw attention to the 2004 jeep promotion which is now over. Many of them may still be passing around, the majority have been withdrawn and placed into personal collections. I'm just being honest about my desire to have this one specific jeep. The story concerning my desire for this is not important to anyone but myself and my son. Honesty and integrity have been mentioned in these posts. I hold both of those in pretty high regard and there in lies my reasoning to project my desire for the jeep. I may never get this jeep-that's okay. I do appreciate all the discussion this has created on a 'gray area'.
  20. So, you have no travel bugs, trade items, or geocoins of any type in your collection? No items that can be tracked? Not one? Enough said.
  21. And AGAIN, on that same page you reference, it states that progam is over. It welcomes you to come back in JUNE for the 2005 adventure.
  22. Lickity split. Gonna have to grow the Tennessee caches a little bit. I better get busy.
  23. But how do you know who are members? Do you just ask your other caching friends, "Hey buddy, you a tc.com member?" anyway, I'm asking......Are ya?
  24. Put the fam down for 5 plus a silver. Somebody could mint a coin for the local garbage dump and we would still be jumping in line to get the coins. We are so predictable. Hoping for a good coin from a very beautiful state. Will be hard to beat the Idaho coin.
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