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  1. Im talking to my daughters kindergarten class tomorrow about geocaching. After we were in the local newspaper the teacher asked me to come in and talk about it. I know...this is a bit of short notice. I have gotten permission to hide a temp cache(tupperware) and I am going to put some clown noses in it for the kids. I have 2 GPS'r and also have some geocacing U what is geocaching handouts to take home. Any ideas what else to talk about? I plan on starting out asking them if hunting for hidden treasure sounds like fun. And then tell them a bit about how the GPS works, and how geocaching works, then some Q&A and then the hunt and maybe some more Q&A afterwards. I need to take up an hour and Im afraid I only have about 30 minutes of material. I guess I can always make armpit sounds for the last half. I know my kid will enjoy that :-)
  2. I have felt like that dog ever since the phone arrived at my house Wedsneday.
  3. Mine had that problem too. I carried it outside and let it get a signal and now it works. It just needed to know where it was before it could give me the nearest.
  4. I got rear ended while making a geoturn, Luckily the girl was yammering on the cellfone and we stuck with that story to the cops. I forgot to mention the geocaching to the cops
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    Track Log Trading

    How do you uplaod a gpx file for Googleearth?
  6. I dont even know if its a good deal. They do pack alotta stuff in the box. Card reader. maps, and more. $279 Lowrance at comp geeks
  7. Here are a couple of mine. Sorry no geocaching either Chloes Webpage My daughter Mine Semi geocaching related These photos are from a CD a park ranger gave me while geocaching. They are all photos of the LBL Land Between the Lakes area in Ky and Tn
  8. The new one I got seems a bit flaky. I have to reset it about once a week and the battery will never go to full charge. I have contacted them about it. Only took 2 weeks for them to respond to my email.....still beats 4 hours on Enya. I also asked about a firmware upgrade...They didnt give any indication as to when. I suspect my next one will be a Garmin or Lowrance
  9. I had to get the protective plastic screen replaced on my 600 because of a nasty scratch. It was $45 plus $6 shipping. They replaced the entire unit. I wish I had my old one back
  10. Black is not the best color to stick a thermometer in
  11. My 5 y/o likes blocks and marbles. She will pickup just a single marble even when some really good stuff is in the cache.
  12. I received this reply today from Thales concerning some issues with my replacement unit Dear Sir, Thank you for contacting Thales Navigation Customer Support. At the moment there is no firmware for the Explorist. Unfortunately we have no information about this firmware. In order to reset your GPS unit, we recommend that you follow the instructions below: *** WARNING : ALL data (waypoints, routes ...) will be deleted *** - Switch the GPS unit off. - Press the "Menu" and "Power" buttons simultaneously. - The following message appears on the screen: "Clear all memory and shut off unit?" - Select "Yes" and press "Enter". Once GPS memory is cleared, start it again and set it up. Let it track satellites signals in an open space. This might last 30 minutes up to 2 hours. After this manipulation unit should work fine. Otherwise you should return the unit back again. Kind regards, Thales Navigation Customer Support
  13. Well if they wag thier tail they are being friendly. You can then scratch them behind the ears and tickle its chin and it should roll over and let you rub its belly.....errr wait a minute....thats a puppy....I have no advice for a rattlesnake....sorry
  14. My kid would love to find a glue stick...even if we do have a dozen at home
  15. I think my 5 year old could go a mile or a mile and a half fairly easily if she knew we would be getting to another treasure pretty soon. The hike back out would "put her legs to sleep" if she had nothing to look forward to.
  16. THANKS. It was embras review that I saw that earlier this week. Thanks Condor I was playing with it inside last night and it was timing out and I thought it was a problem with the connection between the GPS and the laptop. Now it makes perfect sense that it was timing out because it wasnt getting a signal
  17. I thought I saw something a few days ago about the settings you use for using a laptop connected to the explorist. Can you connect the explorist to a laptop and Direct Route so you can view the map? Does that make sense?
  18. If you zoom all the way in you can see some of the space junk we left behind...Im starting to believe....NO I still dont believe we went to the moon
  19. I have the winshield suction cup mount and Im very happy with it. It is flexible and also has swivel on the part that hold the GPS'r. So far I am very happy with it. I bought it on ebay for about $24 I think. It has the hole for the powercable in the back that you can clip the cable to.
  20. I just dont see where to change the serial number.
  21. This may be old news but PC Moble has replacement batteries for $19.95 http://www.pc-mobile.net./mexgps.htm I ordered a cable kit from them a couple months ago and was happy with the service.
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    This one looks really cool though XYZ777 (edit) I should have looked at HugoOnes post first
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