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  1. I personally wish you had an option of the old search or the new, I do not like the new way. I guess if it ain't broke, fix it anyway smh.....
  2. I am looking for a 3doxies geocoin, I just found out these were around, since I have kinda been out of the loop for awhile, I don't have a lot to trade but if you have one hollar and I'll see what I have to trade, most everything I have is at least a couple of years old. Thanks, Cya on the trails, Rusty
  3. I'm still here though I don't cache as much as I did a few years ago, I still get out on the trail on occasion.
  4. I think I might try that, I checked the fuse and it was fine, if the connectors doesn't work I guess I will just have to stock up on GPSr feed for my trip, lol
  5. I will check that, but the light on the plug is on, I really think it is some kind of connection problem between the GPSr and the connection, but I may be wrong.
  6. Ok, I am going to be making the track to the Nascar race this weekend, and as usual will have set aside some geocaching time. Could anyone up in the Tri-Cities area tell me how far it is from Bristol to West Virginia, or Kentucky? I was wanting to add those to states to my finds if I got a chance. Also any caches with a .5 mile or less hike, not counting urban micros that are gonna be WAY too busy this weekend. Cya on the trails, Rusty
  7. I have a Meridian Platinum and have been using the external power supply cord when driving. I plugged the cord in yesterday and connected it, and about 15 minutes down the road I get the warning of external power lost............. Anyone else have this problem? can it be corrected? Should I buy a new cable, if so are there any stores that sell them or do you have to get one from an online store? Any info would be GREAT!!! Thanks, and Cya on the trails, Rusty
  8. WOOHOO!!! Rock and Roll Thats it Blue Deuce THANKS ALOT!!! Now I have something to look forward to when I get home from work today, LoL Thanks again, and Cya on the trails, Rusty
  9. No what I was looking for was a little more customized, there were different size sheets or even business card sized ones that you could type up the goals, I think it was in adobe acrobat format.......... Blue Deuce? Rusty Wallace fan by chance?
  10. I remember back in the day, when I found a link to a page where you could type up your travel bug goals on a little form then print them off. Does anyone have that link? I have looked through old threads and can't find it anywhere. Thanks, Cya on the trails, Rusty
  11. Hey Joe, Got the coins in Western Arkansas today, along with a neat "extra" thanks again, glad everything got worked out in the end. Cya on the trails, Rusty
  12. WOOHOO!!!! Now I have a reason to stalk the mailman, well that and my Nascar tickets to Bristol
  13. I hope for one that no one comes up with a "price guide" to geocoins. I enjoy collecting them, at least I guess that is what I am doing since I personally have not activated any of the coins that I have, but I think that once you start getting into prices and things like that then this hobby will turn into what the baseball card hobby has turned into. Besides everyone has a favorite coin, so everyone would value their coin differently, I personally hope it stays that way.
  14. So any time frame on these coins being in my mailbox?
  15. When I go caching with my friend we sign the log with Team RDD & SS then when we get home we log the find under our own account, that way we can keep up with what we have found together as a team as well as one on one seems to work pretty good for us. Cya on the trails, Rusty Da Dog Charleston, AR 1/2 of Team RDD & SS
  16. And then there are some people who would complain if they were hung with a new rope
  17. Wow, from reading this thread it sounds like there really is gold in dem der hills...... Best I have ever left are unactivated Travel Bugs or Geocoins.
  18. Course, I have seen caches get placed inside the 528' zone, and then when the geocacher questions it he is told it is a "gray area" up to the reviewers discreation, once I replied to that, then the other cacher was asked to move or archive the cache. It eventually got moved with a comment from the reviewer "archieved due to conflict with other local geocacher" or something VERY close to that. Just my .02 Cya on the trails, Rusty
  19. When you get the nurse themed coins made, I would be interested in one or two, since a close personal friend is a nurse and also a fellow cacher.
  20. Well, I don't have a pic of it, but the Canine Cachers V3 is my favorite, simply because I have 3 miniature hellions (oops) I mean dachshunds
  21. People like that suck in my personal opinion, but then again as for geocoins I have only been collecting them a short time, but one thing about it if anyone sent me a free coin, I dang sure wouldn't drop it on Ebay. (So if anyone wants to send me on) J/k but seriously, if I sent someone a coin and found it on Ebay, I would be P**Sed OFF. I think I would be finding a way to let everyone know who the person was just so no one else would have to suffer through this crap. Just my .02 Cya on the trails, Rusty
  22. Coming from someone who has had several travel bugs stolen, I think if we ever found any of these people stealing them, we should cut their hand off. Do that they won't steal more than two Oh and just for the record, yes I am serious. My Grandma (may she RIP) always told me there is nothing worse in this world than a thief.
  23. I have a couple of coins, but have not activated them, and I doubt I put them in a cache, at least not right now. I do have a coin cache that I have been dropping geocoins in, it started out as a regular cache, but now it is a members only cache, not sure if that will keep the geocoins from getting "misplaced" or not but thought it was worth a try. Any coin I find in a cache will make its way back to that cache so hopefully it will be safe. Just my .02 Cya on the trails, Rusty
  24. Hey Joe, Just wondering what the status of the coins was, gotta know when to start stalking the Postman, LoL
  25. Location Location Location It is all about Location. I have found the Wal-Mart or as idiots oops I mean cachers around here call them Tram-Law but if you have found one you have found them all. Funny how no two waterfalls are alike, and you can see a lot out in the woods looking for those sticks all stacked up nice and neat, to me I would rather hike 5 miles for one cache than to find 50 micros in wal-mart parking lots. Just my .02 though Cya on the trails, Rusty
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