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Geocaching Featured on "Law & Order"

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It's pretty funny. For many reasons I was unable to watch this episode until last weekend, but I finally saw it. Generally I liked the show with the exception to the weird trowel being used to find and hide caches. It was definitely a small portion of the overall show but it was a part of the plot that wasn't really as important as other elements.


As for the GPS under the car it was accurately called a transceiver and not a receiver or transmitter (because it is both). You can accurately track a vehicle with such a device and since it was removed there could have been an antenna. But we'll never know since the device wasn't actually found.


Also, the GPS was flipped around as the detective rummaged through the pack, but it was correctly positioned when he was using the GPS unit.


So overall the technology was accurately shown and geocaching was generally shown in a positive light. Two thumbs up for me.

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Wacky. I also finally got around to watching it this Saturday. I don't have a clue why the trowel was there, but overall it was fine. I thought it was funny when the detective was rumaging through her backpack.


The only real problem that I had with the show was when they decided that she couldn't have done it because even though they had a ton of evidence, she insisted that she was not guilty.

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The only real problem that I had with the show was when they decided that she couldn't have done it because even though they had a ton of evidence, she insisted that she was not guilty.

Doesn't that happen a lot when non-fictional people from TV are accused of crimes as well? Not that I'm thinking of any case in particular... :D

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Didn't see this posted anywhere, but my TiVo picked up an upcoming episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that will revolve around geocaching.


Law & Order: Criminal Intent

NBC May 08 09:00pm EST

Series/Drama, 60 Mins.


"The Unblinking Eye"

A young actor is wounded and his fiancee killed, leading detectives to look into a high-tech treasure-hunting game called geocaching.

WOW my favorite program and it has geocaching....I have gone to heaven :mad: Just in case...I have a life <_<

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I know this thread is a few years old... but I just had to add to it.


If you a Netflix member, you can watch it on their streaming service. We have a BluRay player that streams Netflix in HD and it's great. It's Law and Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4: Episodose 21.


The main problem I had with the show was...




The killer was trying to frame a geocacher. So they buried a gun and clothing 100 ft away from a cache under a huge rock hoping the police would find it. Even with acurate coords it would have been hard to find... stupid idea.


Now using "ESP", Vincent D'Onofrio thought that evidence may be near a geocache site. Why he thought this I don't know. So he picked out a geocache, almost at random, from a list the girl had found, just based on the name, and went to the site. A park ranger said something like "this rock has been disturbed", even though to me I couldn't tell.


All I have to say is that these cops are the world's best geocachers if they can find that and should probably take it up as a hobby.


As for my favorite Law and Order spoof it has to be the one the Simpsons did... Law & Order: Elevator Inspectors Unit


And my favorite Vincent D'Onofrio movie is "Adventures in Babysitting" where he played a mechanic that looked like Thor.

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Last Saturday (09-04-2011) there was a similar "crimi" on German TV (Der letzte Bulle - The last pig). It was all about a drugs dealer that way giving the punters coords using the CHIRP-Technology. It just happened that a Cacher crossed thier path and found the drugs, thats why he got shot. Didnt see the end of the program, I fell asleep.

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