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What Are Your Feelings Towards Geocaching?

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Our 1NatureFamily loves it. We've cached on vacation & day trips. We are now always late for family gatherings or tend leave early. :huh: Our daughters are tomorrow's leaders; they have a greater appreciation of nature! Caching is a great legacy.

"We did not inherit the earth, but are merily borrowing it from our children"~Indian proverb.



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My feelings toward geocaching:  ;)  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

My feelings toward the blizzard we're having here today, which is preventing me from geocaching:  :huh:  :huh:  :blink:  :huh:  :huh:  <_<

no, no, no


Be happy!


Snowshoes and cross-country skis were invented for a reason (So were fat MTB tires and really good balance! <_< )


I went for a quick (sadly, non-caching related :( ) ride today... 14 degrees... loved every minute of it! (loved the hot shower even more though! :D )


post-blizzard winter caching just makes it harder to find the cache... Cold, snowy, hard day of caching.. what could be better? :(


Total snow accumulation for this "storm" is supposed to be 12-18 inches... Gonna be fun digging out my caches tomorrow!


ok... Time for me to get to bed... tomorrow's gonna be a fun day of clearing the driveway and then going caching!


Enjoy the snow! It's your friend!

Happy Caching


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<_< I'm a neocacher, but I notice that many cacher's in my area don't put a lot of thought into their caches. There is so much history here that I find it ludicrous that people do not incorporate this into their Caches, instead of including so much worthless trinketry in their caches.

Honestly, the Spanish, French, and native American influence is so predominent in the midwest, that it should be tied into the items in the Cache.

In the American West The Spanish, Native American History would be an excellent theme for a Cache!


My point is, Caches have the power to educate, if the Cachers think about the items they include, then they can make the Cache more worth while to the seeker.



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My feelings toward geocaching:  :huh:  :huh:  :(  :(  ;)  :D

My feelings toward the blizzard we're having here today, which is preventing me from geocaching:  :D  :D  :huh:  <_<  <_<  :huh:

no, no, no


Be happy....Enjoy the snow! It's your friend!

Happy Caching


Yeah....we got that 12 inches you were talking about. Spent the morning shoveling instead of cachin'. That's okay. Snow is my friend. LOL


Snow doesn't really bother me all that much, and we've gone cachin' in the snow with no problems, BUT.....it was -7º this morning!! That's just plain miserable. :blink:

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I LOVE geocaching!! :) As others have said, it gets me off the couch, out hiking again, and spending time outside with my 6-year-old granddaughter, aka BisonGirl. Geocaching is fun, fun, fun! My husband has been out caching with us, too, but how will I justify traveling more than 50 miles just to geocache? :huh:

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My other hobby, scuba, has taken about $7K out of my pocket for tech training and top of the line gear. I got started in geocaching with a used emap for 40 bucks and I recently got a new 76cs for around 320 after employee discounts and rebates, I think geocaching is a great value. I enjoy getting out hiking and getting others involved as well.

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Well, here I am...probably the newest to the sport. I have been reading about it , but I have yet to dip my feet in it.


To be or not to be (a geocacher!) That is truly the question for me. I will attempt to do my best (as always) to meet the chalenges ahead, with honor and itegrity.


I really want to be, and will be, as soon as I buy the GPS unit that better suits my lifestyle.


One last thing......wish me luck !

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I would have to say that for the most part I'm happy with the entrainment Groundspeak provides for me. You can’t beat the price for the service they provide. I will continue to support them with my premium membership but as with any organization there is always room for improvement. I still would still like to see a separate section (like benchmarks) for virtuals and locationless caches.

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I like it, but I wish I had a pony.


By the way, I can't figure out the frog smilies, so I don't use them. I know the laughing one, and the pink-cheeked one with the blinky eyes, and the wink. but for some reason I can never figure out what emotion the rest of them are trying to express without hovering my mouse. And by the time I hover my mouse, I have lost interest.


Back OT, I like it, but I wish I had a pony.


Edit: did I mention the pony?

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Well, "Golly Gee", this seemed easy enough when I sat down to write it.....

But how do you set out to describe the quintessential "Mother-of-Invention", Geocaching.com ?!

I don't.....

So now we can get on with my somewhat convoluted explanation of what Geocaching is to us.


This all started with my stumbling across Geocaching.com one evening, in my home here in Eastampton NJ. Yep! thats "Where We all are from ". Then making the decision to buy a 4-wheel drive vehicle and then last but not least, buying our first GPS. Oh, happy day's..... I must be in heaven..... I mean, what can I say ? Cruising the back country in my '96 Explorer, Air Conditioning on, classic rock & roll playing quietly on the the cd player and the GPS constantly showing me the way to today's treasure..... Hubby (my Geocaching partner) reclines on the front seat whittleing away ( He is a wood carver), enjoying the sun coming in the windows.....This MUST be Geocaching ! Now, we are getting close..... time to hike the rest of the way. After standing in awe for a few moments of the awesome view and inspiring silence, we continue..... After walking for a while, we are at the cache coordinates. But where is it ? A few minutes of walking in circles and a few strange looks exchanged between us. Later..... Ah hah ! The Cache ! YES, that's what Geocaching is..... We roll around in the dirt and examine the cache. This must be Geocaching ....! Hey, That was Fun !..... But what's next ? How about that cache on Mt ? What, no roads ? Hmmm..... Now on to bigger and better things.


So now, on to hiking, backpacking,canoeing,swimming, snowshoeing (don't ask how that got included), and

camping, of course. Oh yes, can't forget walking (winter exercise)..... Oh, this must be Geocaching..... Always with GPS in hand..... Always looking for the treasure.

Included in all of this were trips up & down the Eastcoast , doing some hiking , and knocking off a couple of caches , and actually enjoying hiking in 90 degree temps..... Then,like that wasn't good enough, We drove up & down the East Coast cacheing some more, eventually we even stashed our first cache. The "Duckie Cache". What a fantastic drive and hike! I think this just might be geocaching..... To our delight, this cache is becoming popular, since this was our first cache stash..... Since then we have placed the "Dinosaur Cache" and "Cache Wonder" .

To complete my repetoirre, we must go back to the beginning..... Back before 4x4's, GPS's, even Geocaching.com..... It was some time after our honeymoon Florida, in particular, Key West. We were in our 20's, Hubby and I agreed that some day we would sail the ocean blue. Well, our life has not turned out to be a sailing trip (hubby gets sea sick), but a hiking,camping, canoeing,swimming trip,to the grandest caches of all....!

A trip to Mexico,to the Monarch Butterfly Santuaries and the Mexican pyramids. Now, this has to be Geocaching..... All the hiking, all the backpacking, walking etc. has all been to this end..... We were younger then when we discussed our life plans..... We are now 52 and 55..... And if it had not been for geocaching, we would not so easily have been able to get in shape for that Mexican trip. So far, Our plans are coming together for yet another grand trip to Peru. Will I tell you about it ? You betcha ! And to sweeten the pot, there are caches..... Ahhh,This must be Geocaching! Well, maybe this isn't exactly what Geocaching is, but what fun it has been; and along the way we found EVENT CACHES wonders in themselves ,and fellow geocachers who have now become good friends.

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I don't get to cache nearly as much as I'd like due to work, etc but whenever I do get time it makes for a really great day typically with my little sister who I don't get to spend nearly as much time as I'd like to with.

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