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  1. He relogged my Earthcache, Rockin Down the Highway, tonight. I am a bit peeved as Earthcaches requires alot of work and have specific requirments to log. I hate wasting my time deleting bogus logs.
  2. Thanks Harry I was waiting for an email from him before I deleted his log, So far no email and I want to reassure everyone that I have standards for my caches so his log has now been deleted from Rockin Down the Highway Earthcache, I doubt I will hear from him. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt hoping he really did this one just had not made contact with me with the particulars for my Earthcache. I really do not care how he plays but you have to experience my caches to log them, especially my Earthcaches as it took a lot of time to set them up and working with geoware to get them approved by the Geelogic people.
  3. Received your email, I hope you got mine we consider you on our team. My eamil sent particulars, as we have the coords from the USA cache. Awaiting your email. to my response
  4. Hey UK cachers I am seeking a cacher/team to become part of our team to complete this Peter Pan series. Today, We visited the Statue in Camden NJ and now have coords to trade ,to some new team members. We need a cacher that can get to Liverpool & someone who can get to London THe Camden cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f3-18aec6f4a1ce Please email me
  5. Hey Canadian cachers I am seeking a cacher/team to become part of our team to complete this Peter Pan series. Today, We visited the Statue in Camden NJ and now have coords to trade ,to some new team members. We need a cacher that can get to Toronto & someone who can get to St John's (Newfoundland THe Camden cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f3-18aec6f4a1ce Please email me
  6. Greetings I am 1/2 of Dublin-stress team located in NJ and we have just starrted forming our team for the International Peter Pan series. Today we went to the peter Pan statue and we are interested in finding International Teammates form Australia to assist in this endeavour. Here is the cache in Camden for specifics http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f3-18aec6f4a1ce
  7. HEy Belgium cachers I am seeking a belgium cacher/team to become part of our team to complete this Peter Pan series. Today, We visited the Statue in Camden NJ and now have coords to trade to some new team members. Camden cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f3-18aec6f4a1ce Please email me
  8. My belief after reading the gophila site is that they are going to be archived.
  9. My friend ( Who was with me) Dublin_rfk is even going to go to one of the showings in NM; the one that is also an event by boatman. I can not make it this time though. I'd go back for GPS the Movie 2. Just received an email from Hallie and I will be purchasing my hubby as Calvin Dunovan on the Charachter cards if you are interested.
  10. I was so excited over this movie I flew from NJ to Seattle to see it here is a review I wrote complete with photos. Anyone there on that Sat evening might remember the ditsy lady who they gave the poster too, might remember me. http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?arti...281474977111265Yep I got the treasure code too, but it is asking about athe beer BOB drank in the movie and I can not remember the brand name. Guess I will have to fly to NM to watch it again. LOL
  11. Geospartan I was in the audienc too on Sat night. Do you remember the crazy lady and her partner from NJ that they gave the poster too, well that was me. Yep I played the online game and collected all the character cards, even won one of the treaasure boxes, hid two for the game myself and yes finally flew from NJ to seattle to see the premier. see my review & photos here http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?arti...281474977111265
  12. The king TUT series sponsored by the Franklin Institute and Mellon Bank in PA were fantastic, but sadly it ends on the 30th of this month. I had also hoped to do the Salvation Army Caches last summer and get the special TB's for the event but could not make it.
  13. I suggest not releasing the jeep until the contest begins on July 1 ( They were just sent out so that we would all be ready) If you release it before then you will not know what photo submission to take to enter the contest!!!
  14. Very Soon now!!! There web site http://jeep.geocaching.com/
  15. Most all states that I am aware of require permits and the majority of wilderness camping forbid such fires. Leave No Trace is the rule. As an alternative to campfires, you are encouraged to use a stove in the wilderness. This minimizes the impact on soils and vegetation. Washington State "Campfires - To protect vegetation and soils, campfires are not allowed above 3,500 feet or in some high-use areas below that elevation. " Nevada "In all Nevadas Division of Parks & recreation areas, Fires are permitted in designated areas only. " TN "The kindling of any fire is permitted only: In designated camping and picnic grounds when the fire is confined in a fireplace provided for the use of visitors, or grills, or in locations marked by the Superintendent; nor are they in other locations, including backcountry, wilderness and remote sections of the park areas . Permits are required" Vermont State Parks "All fires must be built only at these designated sites and in the provided fire rings." New yORK "Fires must be built in existing fire pits or fireplaces only, and users must get permits to camp in wilderness areas." In fact a recent press release in NY says "to ensure compliance with regulations rangers will be patroling the wilderness areas to enforce the regulations." North Carolina: "All North Carolina state parks are wildlife preserves.Cooking & recreational fires are permitted only in designated areas with fire rings." Calif. "Campfire permits are issued at no charge to insure fire restrictions are followed correctly., and they are not given for wilderness camping. Camping Rules in all of NJ Parks: "Fires — Fires are permitted only in stoves, fireplaces or designated ground fireplaces or in approved campstoves provided by the camper. No wilderness area fires are allowed. Pa rules for all state owned wilderness areas: "Fires are only permitted in fire rings and grills and must be extinguished when not in the designated camp site All National Parks Wilderness Areas " fires are prohibited; use a backcountry stove for cooking." In fact Without posting all 50 states regs, I have not located 1 state that permits fires in wilderness areas. The general rule of thumb is Fires (except at specific sites with metal fire rings) The entire Appalation Trail does not permit open fires either, "Fires are allowed in the fireplaces at the leantos, but wood is short and a lightweight backpacking stove is strongly recommended."
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