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  1. Throw it out there - I'd be more than willing to host the site free of charge if you guys are hitting bwidth cap constantly. rjo@rynet.com if interested (any other association for that matter - if you are ever looking for a reliable host for your site and your requirements aren't excessive (i.e. your site doesn't suck bwidth and ram like a mad man ) I'd be more than happy to help out)
  2. What happened to the PayPal option? It seems to be gone for me... Paypal is always the easiest way to pay IMO
  3. Start of August update - I'm heading in to August with 57. A stretch goal of 100 by the end of September? Don't mind if I do...
  4. If I could come with my ATV I'd be interested... I've done a lot of running in that area... (Based out of Coe Hill)
  5. I've been caching for almost 8 years now (wow) and only have 36 finds (knee surgery in the middle of that period ugh)... So my goal for this summer and fall is to double that to 72
  6. Pressed for time, gotta get it in whilst I can
  7. Hey all, I've managed to lose my RINO so I'm in need of a new GPS! I went out today to buy a new one and low and behold my usual stomping grounds (Durham Radio and Radio World) were closed by the time I got there (drove out to Radio World and found out it was closed, was smart enough to use my PDA to check the hours on Durham Radio from Radio World's parking lot ). Both of these places are closed on Sundays. Anyone know of a decent place open sundays in Toronto to go? Both Walmart and Canadian tire are options but I'm hoping for something else (they both have the legend colour I'm thinking of getting for 100 dollars more then the above competitors, so I wanna use them as a last resort). Any suggestions would be great. I'm central in the city so really up for driving anywhere in the GTA. Thanks guys!
  8. sometimes (often) the internet is a scary place
  9. I'm looking mostly for sofware for viewing cache files... keep the suggestions coming
  10. I'll check my email or pop on MSN From my pocket pc every once in a while... just a quick hope though... Dont wanna leech too much
  11. What's the point of posting these, completely out of context? Is there a story behind these pictures? If so, why wasn't it included? So a guy walked into a bar....
  12. Traditional first of all for sure... followed probably by virtual (I'm a history/neat geography/random point of interest buff) then mystery and multi.
  13. Hey all, Just a quick question. What geocaching software does everyone recommend for a pocket pc? Also is getting a GPS module for the iPaq worthwhile? Thanks! Trying to deck out my new toy
  14. rjo

    Underwater Cache?

    I've been considering doing one in a nearby river, my little sister suggested that it might be cool.... When I started thinking about it though what about when the water levels are up and the river is potentially dangerous... I don't know... Something I'm milling over at the moment....
  15. Just wanna say, I used wap.geo... while traveling in the US last week and this was a great help in caching on the road! Great feature
  16. rjo

    Parks Ontario

    I don't buy that... As a policy advisor for the Ontario PC Party I can tell you their hands are not as tied on something like this as you might think. THERE IS NO LEGISLATION OR REGULATION COVERING THIS - Enviromental protection is one thing, but there is room for hobbies to work within that framework. I snowmobile, ATV and boat regularly - these hobbies are accepted and have a WAY greater enviromental impact. There is however career public servants who are afraid to take risks of any sort There a whole load of people at MNR who would rather just ignore this or give it a simple response. That is what you've seen here. OGA has the right to be mad at this AND YOU ALL SHOULD BE MAD AT THIS... There is a no virtual policy at the moment and if virtuals ever come back it will be TIGHT to get one approved. Our hobby is about things like CITO, and being enviromentally mindful. There is more to it then that, and all of us here are responsible in how we take part in this hobby. The simple fact remains here.. these are OUR lands, this is a ministry that serves US. We need to step this up. We need to hound the minister, we need to talk to our MPPs, we need to educate those in charge so we don't ever see an UNIFORMED response to one of querries again. David Ramsay (Minister of Natural Resources) is a decent guy, and an approachable politician. We could also discuss this with Tourism and Rec (Minister Bradley - someone I can't give you any thoughts on as I've never had any dealings with him) as it does have an impact there. So where do we go from here.. that is up to all of us as a community. I'm willing to work on this.... you know where to find me
  17. I took a break from work down at the sportsman show today (ok honestly I didn't do an ounce of work) I checked out Angie's Outdoor and a few other places... Great to see someone in the sportsman show with geocaching gear. Just FYI as well, Radioworld has some great specials on GPSrs... Might wanna check it out! Lots of great stuff to see! If anyone sees camo duct tape in their travels at the show please let me know
  18. 8th Don Mills Group, Toronto, Canada. Was a Chief Scout and a leader for a while before my work schedule just made it impossible to make it on the nights required. Some day when I have kids I'll be right back to it.
  19. Wow again, this is really cool! I wish we here in Ontario could get the same support from our park staff members!
  20. omg omg omg Great news! I'll be dropping by for sure!
  21. For those of you who go to the sportsman show in Toronto there is sometimes a guy there who sells them. I work down there, and as I've done on here in years past I will let you know if he is carrying any this year
  22. Wow, that is cool. I invisioned this being a "I got pwned by the land owner" post Spread the word, it couldn't hurt the sport to have more land managers on our side!
  23. Wil is the biggest self proclaimed geek ever ;p
  24. Ok so ya... with streets and and trips you just use push pins with an imported cache image to mark your caches. I would have had a nice map except SandT decided it would crash while I was half way through placing my caches on the map.. so .. project for another night It looks really sharp
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