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How Would They Sign?


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Former President Cliniton here...


I would like to log my recent conquest of a mult-cache here in Washington, DC.

It's called Lewisky's Lair GCXXX. Its a tricky multi-cache and took some time to plan out and execute but in the end I got mine!


Took - nothing (and boy did I get it from Hiliary)


Left - a moist cigar and oh yea, a donation to the cause!

Like this?

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The year 2022 waypoint GCSGIP


This was a challenging multi. My buddy Sol Roth decrypted the clues. The "Furnature" redirect was inspired. I wish more multis had those. Alas, Sol died before he could sign the log.


I had to kill a few muggles to escape the cache site. I think, they are still after me.


Signed Log/Took- some tasty green crackers (I thought food wasn't allowed...?)/Left in a hurry....


Robert Thorn, Team Flatfoot & The Book

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1 2

1 2 3 4

noinch noinch noinch

shcmokin weed schmokin wizz

doin coke drinkin beerz drinkin beerz beerz beerz

rollin fatties smokin blunts

who smokes the blunts we smoke the blunts

rollin blunts and smokin...


<interupted during his hunt>

uh let me get a nickel back


15 bucks little man put that sh*t in my hand

if that money doesnt show then u owe me owe me owe


-Jay logging Nicklebag cache


[cache log edited by cache owner]

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“Cache placed, difficulty 5.” Crazy Horse.

“This cache is over rated. Let’s just charge in and kick some a**.” Custer.


Didn’t find it. Lucy pulled the cache right before I looked” Charlie. Brown.


I shot a cache into the air

It fell to earth I knew not where.

For so swiftly it flew, the sight

Could not follow it in it’s flight.

And that’s why my coordinate are off Mr. Approver… Longfellow.


It was a dark and stormy night when I found the cache. Snoopy.


I did not find and plunder that cache. Clinton.


“Read my lips, No new caches, not gonna do it, not until I see a thousand points of light” Bush Sr.


“What cache?” Ronald Reagan.


Ha! I found the cache! I wonder if Jodie Foster is impressed now!” Hinkley.


Mister Livingston I presume? Have you found that bloody cache yet?


“You put de lime in de coconut and you call it a cache? Dr!


I got mad at da cache and bitted it. Tyson.


The cache when removed was ok but later I could not put it back because contents had become too large for the container and so I left it on the ground exposed. In other words for you simple minded cache jurors “The cache didn’t fit, so I quit”. J.C.




One if by land, two if by see. Any questions? “Yeah, if water requires a boat doesn’t mean it’s a five?” P. Revere.


I found this cache and have it in hand. Earlier I was skunked twice over by the bush. So I must say this cache in hand is better than the two in the bush. Hey I like that, I’ll have to write it down. B. Franklin. (or was that someone else…)


DNF, IBB, The Governator.



“Hey, this is fun, caching isn’t just for the little people” L.H.


“Took something that looked good at the time, Left Classy Lady” D. Trump


“You got that stash out of the Doberman yet?” Cheech.


“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. Your hint sucks”. Captain, Road Prison 36


“I have found the cache and it was hid by us”. Pogo.




“What’s happening at Watergate? Looks like some night cachers, lets call the police and give em a good scare.”


“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind…say what’s this…It’s a frigging vacation cache!…You know what’s worse? Someone will make that flag we are going to set out a locationless” N. Armstrong.

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Was searching for the West Indies cache, but somehow the GPSr led me here.  Met some strange muggles in the woods.  Took continent, left nothing.


-1492,  Chris "the sea cacher" Columbus

Log in book just prior to 1492, Chris "the sea cacher" Columbus's log was this one. :unsure:


FTF, year 1000 ~ Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, explored new continent west of Greenland. For the next ten years a number of voyages were made from Greenland to the new land. TNLNSL B)

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Just up ahead in that bush is the Most Dangerous Cache in the World! Let's get closer!


You Beauty! Notice the lovely olive drab coloration on the exterior ammo can.


Crikey! A naughty little one before me left fresh dragon poo in the cache. Took dragon poo. Left a blood trail. And it was the Most Amazing Adventure of My Life!


-- GeoSteve-O

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Dec 24, Each year.

This has go to be one of my favorite cache trips of the year, besides helping EB on the side during the spring. B) I printed the cache page and checked it twice. Man, what a multi stage this one is going to be tonite. Over 50 million stage legs to do in 24 hrs. I started the cache run on the eastern edge of Russia and then made a quick jaunt down to the south pacific islands. B) Sure is a good thing I have my personal TB GeoCoin handy so I can log in and out of each stage. I believe this will be my best night of milage ever. I then continued westward with the sun on my side for the next 23 1/2 hours. I hit all 50 million stops and left a little something at each stop. Couldn't have done it though without Rudy and the gang. Thanks boys.

Took a cookie and glass of milk at each stop. Left a big present for the good ones :) , and a lump of coal for the bad ones B) .

Thanks for the fun. HO HO HO.


Santa Claus "speed cacher" :unsure:

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Whoville cache by SamIam



I do not like green ammo cans.

I do not like them Sam I am.

I could not find them hidden here.

I could not find them hidden there.

I could not find them anywhere.


I could not find them in the woods.

I could not find them filled with goods.

I could not find them in a tree.

I could not find them by the sea.


I do not like green ammo cans.

I do not like them Sam I am.




Edit: Didn't see Brians post when I started.

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Death Star Cache


Umm, sorry, this ones gonna need archived. We had a "disagreement" with the cache maintainers, who were misappropriating our personal space for their unauthorized cache.


We retrieved our Ambassador Leia Travel Bug that they had swiped and were holding for an extended period, and they got pretty ignorant over the whole thing.


Tried reasoning with the head honchos, but negotiations were broken off after exchanges of harsh words, blaster fire, and some light saber battles.


Final exchanges resulted in something along the lines of complete annihalation of the cache container and remaining contents.


Took: new found respect for power of the force ( and a blind shot )


Left: decimated Imperial superweapon


L. Skywalker, H. Solo, & C.hewy

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at last. found the villa in france. the 12 filthy losers i have under my command are finally thinking as one. i just hope maggot won't go bonkers on me when he sees a woman. he does have a problem there. the corporal who named them the dirty dozen was right. my cologne can't even cover the smell. it's a night cache so things could get hairy.


left gasoline and grenades, and all heck breaking loose.

took vehicle and what was left of the caching party.


i hope TPTB are happy.


the MAJOR :unsure:

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I can certainly see why zis cache was a 5/5!!! My crew sailed ze 'Calypso' to ze coordinates and we put on our scuba gear. It was also necessary to use a shark cage as zese waters are known for ze presence of ze Great White.


After descending ze 300 feet to ze bottom of ze ocean, we searched for ze treasure chest which was reported to be in ze wreck. After much looking, we found ze cache container. It was very difficult to open after 100 years at ze bottom of ze sea!


Ze "Pirate Ship" cache was an excellent one, though. My entire crew, as well as ze film crew of the National Geographic all enjoyed zis trip. Sank you very much!


Took: treasure chest of Spanish Dubloons

Left: diver's knife which I dropped somewhere



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Thanks for an incredible multi-cache!!! "Banks of the West" was incredible!!!


It took us several years to complete, but wooooo-weee!!! What a hooot!!! Had a lot of help from my gang, and we used horses to get between all the stages of the cache. Sorry if we upset some of the cache owners by taking the contents of each cache, though. We didn't realize until we were done that we were supposed to TRADE --- not just STEAL. Oh well. I reckon y'all will just have to get over it!!


Took: cash, Cash, CASH!!!!

'Left: dead people, mayhem, broke people


Jesse James

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Meriwether Lewis



A Benchmark Event

As private secratary of President Jefferson I start this adventure under his direction and command.

Who said,


Never did a similar event excite more joy through the United States.The Humblest of its citizens had taken a lively interst in the issue of this Journey,and looked forward with impatience for the information it would furnish.


The Purchase of the Louisiana Territory has made this most urgent.

We begin from St. Louis and begin our Juorney to find the Source of the River and to explore the land route to the Pacific Ocean.

Meriwether Lewis


Be sure to check the Event link I will log something to the log and want to see your input 200 years later.

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B) Found the Moonshine Cathe <hic> again. I check it out every <hic> Sardy night. Thanks Rafe ol' buddy buddy.


T: Snort

L: Staggering


Otis Cacher Campbell


:unsure: Welllllllllllll..... what have we here. Found the Moonshine Cache. O'l Rafe'll never learn he can't pull one over on ol' Barn. Make sure I got my bullet. I've got to Nip It .... NIP .. IT .. IN .. THE .. BUD!!!!!! So I took my big axe and went POW!! POW!! POW!!


This cache should be archived


Fastgun Fife

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Cache should be rated a 4/4. :D


Our group was the the first and only to log a find. <_<


My grandfather started looking for this cache on July 22, 1587. I was born just 27 days later. <_<


My family had come all the way from England just to find this cache. Rations were running out and we still couldn't find the cache. :D


Grandfather had to return to England to get more rations. <_<


Meanwhile after many difficulties & hardships we located the well hidden cache, claiming the first find. and beings there was no log book in the cache we made our own and signed it. (CRO) The local Indians being newbies created their own log book also and signed. (CROATOAN) :D


After finding the cache we hid our own cache for Grandfather to find when he came back leaving clues in the logs of the first cache. To this day grandfather has not found our cache nor has anyone else! <_<


Virginia Dare


You can read of our adventures at: http://usparks.about.com/cs/parkhistory/a/virginiadare.htm

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Went out with a whole bunch of people today to find caches. Some people call these cache machines but not me. Don't like machines.


Had to post a DNF on all 6 that we tried for.


It could be because we refused to use a GPSr. Labour saving devices are the work of the devil and put good honest citizens like us out of work.


Ned Ludd.


(It's like this thread was made for me. My first post!)

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