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Halloween-ized Geocaching Names


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Originally posted by Snoogans:

I have been given the "Dark Gift." Ohhh Mystery Woman! Come and be my Snoogstress of the night and head minion of my vampire horde.





Your wish is my command, Master.



"Snoogstress of the Night" - head minion of Snoogans' vampire horde

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I don't have any names to add to the list, but I did notice that carleenp's new avatar came equipped with implants (for Halloween?)


Ack! And here I was trying to go for more realistic and less sexy. I'll aim for flat chested next time on the avatar even though I'm not! icon_rolleyes.gif


pika waving

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Some of these are probably done already, and most of them suck anywayicon_razz.gif:





Captain MoreGun&family


SlayMe Z







TombStone Family

Kill literate wino

Team die-oh!


Skull-y & Murder et al.





- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -


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Ok, time to dig this corpse from its grave again. There's a bunch of new nicknames raised from the fog during the last year. Halloweenize them (and older ones too)!


Torry - Gory

uperdooper - BOOperBOOper

Anonymous' - Anaemous

Seamus - Screamus

tirediron - Die, er, die Ron!

Pyewacket - DieHacket



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Here in the triangle (Bermuda instead of Raleigh Durham? :blink: ) we have

Fishinghouls (fishingfools)


Nightmaredave (nittanydave)

nchacker (nctreker)

jackolanterncachenc (jackcachenc)

mysterynadhisgirls (mr.p and his girls)

horsecheeks (horsegeeks)

The Gallows Crew (The Callan Crew)

necropsygal (geologygal)

Other cachers I have met:




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Something to do on All Hallow's Eve:


Have you ever tried Geoslashing? You know, this killer idea of modern graverobbing where you use your GPS (Grave Pointing Shovel) to dig for hidden Stabberware coffins. Popular GPS models are e.g. Goremin Eat Rex and Mad hell'n Sporthack, ask your local undertaker. Remember, if you take something from a casket, you always should leave something, so always bring fresh corpses with you. You may also find The Hell Bugs, which are funny little critters jumping from grave to grave. You can find the grave locations in geoslashing.com where a company called Gravespeak lists them. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Germy Eye Reeks, Hellias, Diedee or Rot Stab-a-fari of Gravespeak, or ask more in the gore rooms. ;)

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