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Which Garmin do you own?


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GPS 72, and find it fantasic. Have mainly used this for fishing especially the route though the sandbar at the river mouth. I'll get back to the first two positions and find the caches for my first finds next week, time permitting

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I just picked up the eTrex Legend C for $137. Great price! So I had to get it.

Now I just have to learn how to use it. The menu system sucks, but it's like my Rino. I can't get GSAK to send waypoints to it. I wonder if I have to load a Map source program to have USB drivers for it? :rolleyes:

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:P Got the GPSMap 60CS


Great receiver, accuracy is usually +/- 15' to 30' with even as few as 3 satellites. I've also had 12 birds on the screen simultaneously. Have US and south Canada on the mapping software - autorouting and address finding is very cool.

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I have an ancient gps 12 and a new Gpsmap 76cs I'll let you guess wich one I use the most. I have also owned a lowrance Ifinder which had a lot of nice features but seemed delicate and was not at all water pruff or even resistant. I had to sell it so the wife would let me get the 76cs. I also had an etrax for a short time and I wasn't really happy with the reception but really didn't get to use it much.

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I have a GPS V with CitySelect for in the car and a GPSmap 60C with Topo for when I'm not in the car. I had a Legend C but I returned it to get the 60C. Nothing really wrong with the Legend C, just that the screen was a bit too small. I haven't used the 60C outside yet, just exchanged on tuesday.

I just bought a GPS V (should show up in the mail today) for use GCing. Bad idea, or is there a different reason you only use yours for in the car?

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