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  1. So I should get the 450t? The Oregon seems to have some issues....
  2. Replacing my 60CSx and have narrowed it down to the 450t and the 62st. I know the obvious differences....price, screen size, etc. Price is no object, but don't understand why the Oregon is almost half the price. ??? Which one would you buy and why if price was not a factor? Also, will my 60CSx mounts work with the 62st? Thank you for all your replies!
  3. Fixed. Make sure you have the lastest Mapsource version installed. Duh...
  4. I finally got a new laptop with Windows 7. I successfully loaded the Topo software (v 3.02). The computer recognizes the GPS unit and connection (with the little tone), but I can't get the "Save To Device" to Autodetect the unit. In the "Save To Device" window, it keeps trying to autodetect a Serial Port. When I click on the USB Port tab, it says, "No Compatible Devices Available." The unit says "Connected" in the interface menu. I downloaded the latest USB drivers from Garmin, but still no luck. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
  5. Installed WY and it works fine on my Mapsource. Thanks for the link and the maps. AE
  6. That's too bad because one of the nice features of the DVD is being able to plan trips on your PC, then download everything to the unit. Typical Garmin....
  7. That was exactly the problem. It was actually a blessing in disguise because I replaced the 128 mb with a 2 gb for on $14.99 at Radio Shack. Works perfect now. Thanks for all the responses. AE
  8. Today, I tried to load a Mapsource Topo map or two onto my 60CSx and got this error message: "The required memory for storing maps is missing from your GPS. If your GPS uses a programmable data card, check to make sure it is inserted properly." My data card sub-menu shows: 0% Full, Maps 0.00 mb, and interestingly..Free Space 0.00 mb. I've never had a problem loading maps until now. Think is is memory card problem? Any thoughts or solutions? Thanks for the help. Alan
  9. Amazing place that everyone needs to visit. http://www.jackieandalan.com/utahhiking.html
  10. I'm considering getting the Inland Lakes software for my 60CSX. I'm a bass fisherman and plan on using my GPS to mark fishing spots on various lakes. Has anyone ever used the Inland Lakes software and what is your opinion? What kind of details do you get on the maps? Thanks for the help. AE
  11. It is usually not the cold that is bad...but the wind (with the cold). Anyway, I always wear a polypro long underwear as a base, a fleece middle layer, then a gortex shell pant. Get your shell pants with full zippers so you can regulate heat if necessary. With full zippers, they are also easier to take off with your boots on. I used to wear ski pants but they were too heavy, not waterproof, and hard to get off with boots on. Me (in yellow) near the summit of Mt. Bross, Colorado (14,172 ft) in February 2005. About 10 degrees and 40-50 mph winds.
  12. I like the XM weather feature of the Bushnell Onix 400. Garmin already has an auto unit with XM, weather, etc. I wonder when they will introduce a handheld unit with XM radio and weather? I was hoping the new Colorado series would have it.
  13. Thank you very much. Almost all of my pics are non-GC related, so I didn't think it was appropriate to upload them to my gallery. There are more pics on my website: http://www.jackieandalan.com
  14. Here's a few...mostly mountain climbing. See more on my website: http://www.JackieandAlan.com Climbing Uncompahgre Peak, CO Ascending Mt. Bierstadt, CO in winter. Mt. Moran in the Tetons of Wyoming. My wife at Willow Lake near the base of Kit Carson Peak, CO On a winter ascent of Marble Mountain in the Sangres of CO Winter ascent of Quandary Peak, CO A hike of Conejos Peak, CO Backpacking in the Wind River Range, WY
  15. What do you mean by......"some 60CSx's don't like them."
  16. Thanks for the responses. I did a search and didn't have much luck finding what I was looking for, but this answered my questions. Much appreciated. On a related topic (and other question): I will be in the backcountry of Colorado for several days so I'm interested in extended battery life. So the question: Is WAAS effective in the the backcountry? I'll be in the middle of the Weminuche Wilderness of Colorado and was wondering if WAAS works that far into the backcountry. Thanks.
  17. What's the increase in battery life while in Battery Saver mode? Also, is there any unit performance difference while in Battery Saver mode? Thanks for the help. AE
  18. I got a 60CSx from www.buyeretail.com last week for $307. After rebate $257. Service was good and shippping was fast. http://buyeretail.com/product.asp?i=GARGPSMAP60CSX
  19. The manual says the serial number is an 8-digit number on the back of the unit. Well, I found a 9-digit number inside the battery compartment but no 8-digit number at all. Is the 9-digit number inside the battery compartment the serial number or am I missing something? Thanks for the help.
  20. Sorry, I was at work all day and my work firewall blocks Groundspeak. The unit is SOLD. Thanks for your interest. Alan
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