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  1. Yo buddy, a ) Yes, it originated from the kids game! b ) I was gonna actually change my name/handle to that, but “SOMEONE.... ” changed theirs just days before me. c ) Years ago, when I got started in caching, the phrase “HuckleBuckle” was to signify that you found the cache or the part. I had picked it up on GC when I first started, I did not create the phrase! Some of us old time cachers would use it regularly, and the newbies would want to know what it mean. For almost two years, I'd explain to many local cachers what “HuckleBuckle” meant. I had picked it up on GC when I first started, I did not create the phrase!
  2. Hey Lupes, Way back when I was printing pages (3-4 years ago), I use to print two pages per sheet. On your printer control board, you have settings that you can adjust. Select the cache page to print: Option 1 Under the "Print PDF" I usually selected no logs, and then printed the page out. Once printed, I read the cache page and looked for any helpful hints that may have mentioned (i.e.: I stepped on it twice, or I bumped into it three times, or it's winter accessible). I then wrote this down on the print out cache page. Sometimes I even hit the (hint) decrypt button for the clue, if I thought it was going to be hard to find. Why waste time doing it by hand in the field. Option 2 Select the print friendly (no logs) button. Then on your browser tool bar, select <file>, <print> on the new screen, select <properties> then look for <print layout> and select the <booklet format> and press the <ok> button. You are now back on the print screen, and find your print ranges section. Your selections may be <All>, <Pages>, and <Selections>. I select the <Pages> and then tweak the output numbers to just pages "1" and "2" only. Then select the number of copies to <1>, unless you plan on making hand outs for your caching party! **There is a (formatting) problem sometimes printing out these cache pages.** At times you will get a blank first page, then the actual printing starts on page two. I've never been able to figure out the reason some cache pages print ok, and others skip the first page. So I tweaked the way I printed using MS Word, by using the cut and paste method by: "a)" Going to the cache page, then select and copy the cache name, "" Then I skipped over the map, and copied the rest of the info and pasted it to word doc. "c)" I then edit it, by removing all the unnecessary filler stuff. "d)" I then print it out, that way. Option 3 Since then I’ve gone paperless. That means, using a pda to hold all your cache pages instead of printing them. You can buy a cheap and efficient pda for $20.00, and there are several programs that you can use for free. To learn more on paperless goto http://www.geocacher-u.com/resources/paperless.html Hope this helps you out. SF1
  3. Elias, Thank you for your assistance in my PQ matter, and your follow up with the PM. Upon further investigation with your PM, I found out that during the time period of September 28th/29th my account (unexplainable) decided your emails from **contact at geocaching dot com** got switched by a blocking feature. Yahoo nor I, know how this happened. Anyway, the situation has been resolved with your help and I am now enjoying my PQ’s once again. Now I can do some minor updates and go caching again. I’m glad that I didn’t jump the gun and blast anyone, or I’d have mud on my face. So, I hereby retract **Here’s my Beef - #59 posting ! ** LOL Keep up the good work! Thanks again, SF1
  4. OK, here's my beef, When I didn't get my last weeks round of PQ's, I went back and checked my PQ generator, and found all my PQ's got unchecked. So I went back and rechecked the days I wanted them to run, again. I got them on Sept 27th and 28th. But now, when I look at the generator, it tells me they have been sent out, including today's date. When I checked my yahoo email, where I've been getting them for over two years, there is nothing there. I even checked the "BULK" and "TRASH" folders to see if they got misguided, for some reason. They are not being recieved on my end, but yet the PQ generator say's they have. Yes, I even checked my email address at the bottom to make sure it's going to the right address. What's up with that. Anyone else having this problem, too. Hopefully, this will be resolved before the end of the month, when my membership is to renew. Getting the PQ's is the sole reason for my membership, since most cachers in the area don't want MO caches, except for some that place a new one to see who's checking on it more than anything else.
  5. Hey bornlost, I would only buy what you can afford, to start with. Then, buy what you can afford to replace, if it should break. Remember we sometimes get into rough terrain, as well as flat sidewalks. My old Garmin 12 got dropped onto the sidewalk and cracked the shell. Too bad there wasn’t a warrantee in place. I’m presently working to resolve a problem with my friends vista, it just doesn’t work with the USB cord. It’s crazy to hand punch waypoints one at a time in the GPS. Also, check to make sure, your gps interface can be changed from Garmin to NMEA. That’s the language the gps and computer mapping software talk to each other. If you can’t change that you limit yourself drastically to your use. SF1
  6. Here are my votes: Best Personal: Moun10bike v3. Best State: New York Best Event: GeoWoodstock III Biggest Stretch: Made In China Best Other: Groundspeak Volunteer Best Trackable: Moun10Bike v3. Most Valuable: Moun10Bike v3 Best Shape: Screw Geocoin Best Charity: Katrina coin Best Country: UK Best Icon: Pennsylvania NW
  7. Ok, I'm in for two sets. Depending on the final cost, I may up it to 4 sets. Nice job, keep us up to date. SF1
  8. Ahhhh! Finally, one coin that comes in my color and flavor ! I’ll take four of each over rocks, (insert a hic-up here)! Thanks bartender, keep the rest (wink-wink) for your tip. Very cool design, Nice job! I can’t wait to order. I hope the wife gives me more in my allowance that week! Now I have to go and chill till then ! SF1
  9. Try clicking on the TB or GeoCoin listed on the cache page. It will bump you to the tb or coin page and then just look at the top entry. The date it was dropped, is on the left. Is it not in My Account Details in the lower right box marked My Inventory already ? BTW: Isn’t the TB or Coin in your cache bag, to go caching with you! Cache On ! SF1
  10. I just bought a few coins this last week, and received a variety of packages. Here are my recommendations. 1) The best one so far, actually best two, was a regular size envelope and the business size envelope with the coin wrapped in newspaper. Then wrapped in plain white #20 paper with the instructions on where to activate the coin. (Greatly appreciated – see below). Then stuffed into the envelope and taped at the edges. Unless you’re using the paypal/ebay mailing labels, which the label doesn’t fit these envelopes. It’s not only easy to put into a mailbox and also to get out, but very easy to remover the coin. Remember: I am not just getting your one coin in one package per day. Yes I have the extra large curbside rural mailboxes, and it gets stuffed some days. And yes, I remembered to take care of my mailperson for Christmas, too! This one gets 4 smiles. 2) The next best are the bubble pak shippers approx size of 7*9. I think they are just way over sized for the coins. If they were half that size, they would be perfect. This one gets 2 smiles 3) Then the larger size bubble pak shippers of 9*11.5. Again, over sized and over kill. (The horse, is already dead)! This one gets 1 smile. 4) And the worst so far: is the cardboard with the contact glue, holding the coin in place. For those that ship using these, try placing a coin in one, and let it sit on your desk for a week. Then try to open it. Now maybe you’ll rethink how you are packing it. Thankfully, I missed cutting the coin, and just got the vinyl sleeve with the exacto knife. This one gets 1 unhappy . And Last but not least, please, please, please, if you aren’t supplying the activation code, at least supply the web address, as to where we need to go and activate it. It’s like only getting part of the coin! :D I guess, you wouldn’t mind getting paid in two installments, right! Happy Trading / Selling and most of all Caching! SF1
  11. paypaled for 5. Any set date for shipping yet. Thanks SF1
  12. My thoughts, exactly! So, why do you want to watch "lil old me / or him-her" ! If I'm that important to watch, just pick up the phone and call me, stop over and we'll have a beer, I'm buying. or better yet, let's go caching! . SF1
  13. strikeforce1

    Site Down?

    Yupp! Same here. SF1
  14. Hey Moote, You are right, I missed that posting! For those that "do not GSAK", all I can say about it is that, you are able to carry a mini version of GC with you, where ever you are! It has even saved several of us, when GC unexpectedly goes down. We have a small network of cachers that “always” has “fresh data”, for those “unexpected down times”. There is no better “one program” that does as much as GSAK! SF1
  15. Hey Moote, When you set up a filter, to "exclude" certain caches, you don’t “need / want to know it’s if it’s unavailable or archived”. Reason being, you are “only hunting” what the “results of the output” are. Which means, if they are active, they will show up, and be ready for you to hunt. Remember to empty your GPS and reload only the fresh output! Another note: Please remember to keep your info up to date. There is nothing worse, than going to hunt a cache, and finding out it’s been disabled / archived, exactly what you stated above. We call it “stale data”. Good luck SF1
  16. No, you don’t have to modify the date range regularly! Just set your pq, to do for you. Here's what I did, when setting up my PQ. No mess, no fuss! Just drop and go! When setting up your PQ (I set mine for the closes 100 caches from home), just checkmark “That I haven’t found”, and “is active”, and unless you have placed many caches yourself – you’ll then need to check off “I don’t own”. Then have it sent to your email daily( by checking every day of the week in the setup for this PQ), and just drop it into your GSAK program or what ever you do to get your GPX files loaded into your device. This result should give you “all caches in a given area” that you have not found, are active – huntable, and that you don’t own. You shouldn’t have to keep changing the date. You can then verify your “output results” by going into your PQ setup <Member Features> , then <Pocket Query Generator>. This should bring up a table of all your PQ’s. Now find your PQ we just talked about. To the left of the name, click on the “preview” to see the results. Hopefully, if you set your PQ up properly, you should see the caches “you have not found” and the caches that are good to hunt – “active”. Hope this helps to cut down your steps. SF1
  17. Hey Treebark There area two ways to fix this. The first, is what I recommend. Email the player asap that has it, Inform them not to drop it until you do a short / quick fix. Also, inform them that you are going to grab it from them, and drop it into the cache you originally placed it in. They then can retrieve it from the cache. This should properly calc the miles. The second option is, just to grab it and drop it into the cache, and be done with it. But be warned, this method ticks off others. Also, make sure you put a note something like this “dropping/grabbing to fix tb miles to reflect the proper movements. That should make everyone happy. SF1
  18. Wow, I’m in! Interesting stat! Excluding pages 27 and 31 (which requires crossing into Canada to cache), page 38 (46.3 mi – 47.9 mi) was the first one without any red checks on it. But, remember, this is subject to change evey time a new cache is approved or archived . SF1
  19. Hey Milbank, Did you by chance check the log book, to see if someone logged it out! And if so did you get their name. Then check the online logs! Reason being, if they logged their find online already and didn’t log off the jeep, it’s almost 100 percent a gonner! Unless you can send them a polite reminder, it may help! This doesn’t mean someone else, couldn’t have come by it, either, and just grabbed it for themselves! Here’s what I’ve found in the past. If someone took it legitimately, they will usually write in the log book that they took it! If it wasn’t mentioned, I hate to say “it disappeared”. This is usually how tb pirates have worked around here! They just come and grab the tb and that’s it, no find, no log! So it lead me to believe that it’s also someone that’s been to the cache before, as well. Just my observations! Good Luck on your quest. SF1
  20. Sadly, the first victim was actually the Mustang Mach III owned by Welch via his first post on First posted on 08/01/05 and confirmed on 9/15/2005. Someone looted the cache it was in, and the tb was taken. Lets hope that it somehow it gets returned to a cache and put back in play. SF1
  21. See this post, http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...dpost&p=1696814 also. SYSTEM OVERLOAD AGAIN ! Give it some time, and it should be back up as normal! SF1
  22. Yupp, SYSTEM OVERLOAD, AGAIN! Give it some time, and things should clear up, and be back to normal. SF1
  23. Email TPTB at contact us, explain your problem. I'm almost 100% sure, some help will arrive in your mailbox soon. Happy Trailing your TB SF1
  24. Hey Vargseld, If you order that many, Can I get to log them all - please ! Thanks for all your help, getting this rolling! I'll be ordering mine soon! SF1
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