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  1. I use the Garmin case for my 60c. It has worked great for me. It will not carry batteries however.
  2. Could someone please explain how any GPSr could retrieve an ‘accurate’ lock inside a building? I was under the impression (from everything I have read about GPS) that the signal has to be line of sight. Anything other then line of sight would decrease the accuracy of the unit. ie...if the unit is inside a house the signal from the satellite going through the roof will slow down (either because of the difference in the medium or because the signal is being bounced into say a window) and thus give you an inaccurate reading (if at all). If this is the case I don’t see how any chip can change this because a chip under say a dense forest will have the same line of sight that any other chip would have. Am I missing something?
  3. Sounds like your maps have not been transferred to your GPSr. I have gone through the transfer procedure before only to find exactly what you’re talking about on my unit (60c). I then searched for the maps on my unit and found none. I re-downloaded the maps to my unit again and all was well. It has happened to me a couple of times and its really weird but you may want to make sure your maps were transferred or transfer then again.
  4. I know this is kind of off topic but have you tried using GSAK or any other software for transferring waypoints to your unit? I much like you used EasyGPS when I first got my GPSr (in my case a Garmin GPSmap 60c). It worked great for basic stuff. Then I found that I wanted more so I searched and soon found GSAK. I have not had any problems/conflicts between MapSource and GSAK. Its a great program with excellent support and you may just want to test drive it yourself and see if you still run into your problem. Or maybe try some other great software you find. The idea here is testing to see if its really the GPSr or the software interface by trying another software package. Oh and welcome to geocaching (my first hunt skunked too )!!
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew how often City Select (specifically North America in this case) is updated? I currently own version 6 and like everyone else I had the version 7 upgrade dvd sent to my house after it came out (but did not unlock the maps). I do not think I will really need the updated driving maps until next June. If there is going to be a new release before June I would of course prefer not to spend the extra cash on a version 7 that I won’t use. However if a new version will not come out for another year (ie the new release date is two years after the previous) I will just purchase the upgrade now. I have also noticed that the price has dropped for upgrades from (I believe) $75 originally to $50. I'm not sure if this is only a temporary price reduction or if this is normal and it just says "we are coming out with a new version soon so get this old one for less". Any help would be great. Thanks!
  6. Also remember that accuracy is dependant not only on your GPSr but also on the GPSr of the person who hid the cache. So even if your GPSr is dead on it could still be way off due to the person hiding the cache having bad accuracy.
  7. Ditto That !!! It doesn't get any better than this combo for ease of Geocaching. Can't argue with this - excellent advice All I have to say is "Thank You Clyde!!!" You really can't argue with this advice. $28 for painless fun that has free upgrades and some of the best support (if not THE best support) I have ever seen for any programs.
  8. I have a 60c and also use the Gilsson antenna. I use it mainly when I'm in my car on a road trip and I would definitely recommend it. Oh, and I also bought mine on the ebay store GPSgeek which I would also recommend.
  9. I would say its the difference between apples and oranges. Some people prefer apples some people prefer oranges. That is not to say either is bad fruit I personally like the size of the 60's and prefer the button placement to that of the 76's. You cant go wrong with either though as I have heard nothing but good things about both series.
  10. I did not have my GPS on at 6:05pm PST but did not notice anything strange at 8:30-9:00pm PST from the LA, CA area.
  11. I will have to second all these satisfied GSAK users as I am one also. Clyde makes a superior product IMO and supports it 100%. GSAK takes no 'time' to register. Just go to the website and less then 5 minutes later you’re good to go. I think it actually took me less then a minute. So not getting “around to taking the time to do it” is really not an excuse. Give Clyde some love and the nags disappear, forever! Easy fix
  12. Update: GPSMapEdit 1.0 (update 23.4) was posted July 30th, 2005. Has anyone found accurate river/stream/lake data? Also has anyone seen National Park/National Forest/State Park data (like border shapes)? Actually any sites that anyone has found to have good data would be great to know about.
  13. I don't like rechargeables. One of the selling points of the 60c for me was that it took regular batteries. I can't tell you the number of times I have been out looking for a cache and looked at my palm to read the description of the cache only to find my palms lithium ion battery was dead! Thankfully with my GPS if this happens I just pop in a couple of AA's and I'm ready to go. Best part about it is you can find AA's anywhere, but finding a wall socket and a changing connection for your lithium ion battery can be very hard.
  14. I use this case: Garmin Case - 010-10578-00. Works great for me. Have to take it off to get to the back but fits the GPS perfect as its from Garmin. It does slide off fairly easy though.
  15. MapSource is the base program (basic program). MetroGuide is a set of maps that you can add to MapSource in order to get more detailed maps then your base map. So no you do not need MetroGuide to do what Sputnik 57 is suggesting.
  16. Google Eearth supports GPX files (I think?) So all you need to do is File=>Export=>GPX Yes Google Earth supports GPX files. Great program for visualizing the altitude change during a caching run.
  17. I don't have MapSource but if it supports loading a file at start up (confirmation from a MapSource user ?) then you can do this now via the macro language with the RUNPGM command Yup, Clyde is correct on this. The mapsource application name is mapsource.exe and the usage to open the .gpx file is just like he said. path\mapsource.exe fromGSAK.gpx I would use the macro that Clyde mentions.
  18. Yeah, I knew you could change the map but I want to leave the map there just change the top level map. ie City Select is always on top. So if say City Select and Topo USA are on a GPS and both set to 'show' City Select will always be on top of Topo USA (ie you will not be able to see Topo USA). I would like to change this so that if both are on Topo (or in my case my custom maps) will alway be on top of City Select. I have done this also...bad idea!
  19. Ok all.... here is the time we have all been waiting for. Putting custom maps into MapSource! This is done using jacksan’s great link above I’m just expanding on the ending (after the cGPSmapper step). These new steps include creating a preview map, creating a TDB file so that your custom maps show up in MapSource and of course importing them into MapSource. Adding Maps Hope you all enjoy and that it makes sense.
  20. Is there a way to set which set of maps will be on top of the others in a GPSMap 60 series GPS? I was wondering because it seems like the City Select maps out trump all other maps and I wanted to put some custom maps above these if possible. I can make the custom maps transparent and it would be nice to see the City Select maps under it instead of the base map. Any ideas?
  21. Are you using .gpx files or .loc files for your PQ? .loc files do not contain the information that your looking for. Make sure and double check that the PQ your downloading is set to .gpx format and not .loc. Note: The (OIDHLP) is just the same menu items (as your 'info' menu..ie I in OIDHLP = info) but done with buttons across the top in place of your 'info' menu. This is simply an option you can change in cachemate. To change to OIDHLP simply display a cache and use the menus 'Options' >> 'View Options' >> 'View select with pushbuttons'
  22. First, make sure you are downloading .gpx files and not .loc files from the gc.com website. The latter does not have all the information of the first. Second, on the top right of the cachemate screen you will either see letters (O I D H L P) like popatom2 said or you will see the word 'info' with an arrow next to it. This is the menu that will allow you to see all the extra information. I think by default you will see ‘info’. If you select this menu it will drop down and you will see info, description, hits, log, past logs, overview. This is where description and other information your searching for is stored. Overview is the one I use most as it has everything but the hint and the past logs on it (which I try not to read unless I cant find the cache).
  23. By defalut my 60c did not have WAAS enabled. You might want to make sure WAAS is enabled on yours unit if you have not already. Press 'Menu' >> 'Menu' >> 'Setup' >> 'System' >> 'WAAS' make sure it says 'Enabled'. That would definately keep you from seeing the #35 in your area
  24. This does not work either. You would think it should but it does not. The Palm installer actually writes the files to be installed to a file in the QuickInstall directory called FileList.dat. Try it out. If you add something to install and then look at the file (FileList.dat), then move the install location to the card you will see the file (FileList.dat) changes. Again it also changes when you remove them all. Because this file is not simple plain text I have no idea of how to circumvent the move without using the QuickInstall program. Edited for clarification
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