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  1. You can always sneak into your local thrift store and get old Thermos screwtop containers for a buck or two at the most
  2. Garmin GPSMap76 and it works way better than my original lowrance something or other
  3. Here's My entry from the Skookum Cache on the Sunshine Coast of BC Canada. The Kayakers were surfing in the rapids created by the 10-15 knot tidal current Skookum cache log And from this log came this picture Skookum Kayaker
  4. Buzzle

    Bc Geocoin

    Hey i think it's a great idea!! I'd by a half dozen to take on vacation outside of the province. Darn I coulda dropped one in Nassau BUZZLE
  5. Sundays and Monday nights are good for Brieze and I but I know that may not be convenient for all those day people.$10 not a problem.If it's more than a couple of hours Battery Conservation could come into play. Or play by braille
  6. We seem to be very lucky in southern BC and on Vancouver island in particular. My Girlfriend and I have found $100 for first finder TWICE and several $20's at other caches in the area. An anonymous group called TEAM KFWB GPS has placed over 160 caches to date. 90% of them have a money reward for the first finders and some of the more complex ones have had Etrexs and Digital Cameras and up to 1200 Dollars in Cash!!! They have given out over twenty THOUSAND dollars worth of cash and goodies in the last 7-8 months We live in a very lucky place
  7. Brieze and I have had our lights for a while now and when it dies you really know what DARK is Thanks KFWB
  8. I just wanted to say I am shocked and saddened by the news that I just read. I will miss trying to wrap my brain around the puzzles they presented. I tried to plot them all even with the knowledge that I would probably never get to most of them. I thank the TEAM for getting me out there even in the dark to try to plot a position I couldn't even see But Hey I was having fun!! This will not stop me from searching for caches wherever I go now and I thank them for kickstarting me just at the time I got a gps. Thanks again TEAM for a jobhobby well done Buzzle and Brieze The Nite owls
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