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  1. I was told yesterday that "the developers are aware of this issue and are prepared to have it fixed with our next site release."
  2. I don't use FB, so I can't address that, but GC will not keep me logged in. I also have to go to the "play" page (or some other page) rather than the introductory page to get the "log in" feature to work at all. I cannot log in on the introductory page. Clearing cookies doesn't work.
  3. Same issue here. I have to log in via the "Play" page rather than the introductory page, and it will not KEEP me logged in. Logs me out as soon as I shut down the browser. Prior to a few days ago, I hadn't been able to log in on the intro page for some time, but it wasn't a problem because I stayed logged in. Now that doesn't work, regardless of what I do with cookies.
  4. Repeating myself from a different thread on the same subject, I do not see the functionality of this Facebook "like" feature. A new multicache popped up in my area a few days ago. Within minutes, it had two "likes" on it even though it had never been found. Because of the owner's history of bad coordinates, I did not attempt to find it but friends of mine did. The coordinates on the first WP were 60-70 feet off. They could not find the second WP even with additional hints from the owner. They made two trips to the site. With three more waypoints to go, this cache has still not been found...and from the sounds of it, probably never will be, yet it is "liked" by two people. WHY? And to what purpose, other than to say, "I am one of the owner's friends/family?" For the record, I do not want my caches associated with Facebook. Period.
  5. New cache in my area...hasn't been found by ANYONE yet. Two people "like" it already. Boy, that's a helpful feature!
  6. Add another vote for bringing it back. Even though the HIDE count was inaccurate, the find count was a nice way to keep up-to-date on your friends' activities.
  7. This is a relatively new happening I see've been seeing a lot of recently, due to new trends in DHTML markup methods (that is to say, the move away from using tables and towards div layers and heavy css) Honestly, The problem isn't -that- it's doing it, the problem is that it's not taken into consideration in the design of the page. In some cases I've seen (speaking of forums and wikis), a section will have a white background, but an element stretches beyond the right edge of the screen, and now either the background no longer flows behind the extended object, or the visual structure/design of the page gets messed up because the stretch wasn't taken into account (even though the rest of the page fits within the bounds of the initial window size and appearance - which is good). Really, I don't know how best to handle that situation. I don't like it the way it is, but yes, the tradeoff is expanding the entire the page for the sake of an image. In all the forums I frequent, this is a very common problem. There however, if it stretches the page someone can simply reply "Make the image smaller! You're stretching the forum!". Not as simple on GC.com caches. Some forums have an automatic adjustment that puts embedded images inside a scrollable layer. That takes more html analyzing on save and display, and less raw html description though (and lots of potential problems with people not being to lay out a page as they want). The other option is simply to tell people that images can only be a certain maximum width, then put the description block in a layer that hides the overflow. I really don't know what the best solution would be here, based on what users have done in the past, what they're used to, and want to do, while improving the interface itself. Right now, IMO, even though it's not 'pretty', I think the current layout is the best solution. Or at least, without a lot of (honestly) unnecessary visual design programming and tedious coding to just make the 'stairstep' effect look ok on browser windows where the content doesn't fit. *shrug* GC automatically resizes avatar images...why not extend that to cache page images? I customarily resize all of my cache page images to no wider than 500-550 pixels (550 stretches the page on my monitor, but not on others I've seen, so I've used it occasionally). The screen cap I posted above is what my monitor displays. It was resized only to fit it into a forum post. The stairstep effect is a minor annoyance compared to that vast expanse of white nothingness I see on each cache page now, a white nothingness which is followed not long after (depending on cache page length) by an eye-poking, brilliant banner. The transition does not go down gently...more like a handful of ground glass.
  8. I like how this is cropped to not show that the cache listing has very large picture in the details that's throwing the "full page" off. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...97-38b4956a23a8 -Raine I cropped it that way to illustrate the "stairstep" of user background/GC format background in the righthand corner. This occurs whenever cache pages contain images which extend off the right side of the screen. Background should be fixed so that user background fills the full background space. This piece of bad programming turned up in a previous "update" and obviously has not yet been repaired.
  9. Minus Firefox's header and my toolbars, this is an example of what I see when I first load a cache page. Real classy, eh? Why do these stylistic "improvements" always seem more like steps down in quality? Once again, there is too much white space. The full page does not appear without scrolling to the right. The new typeface in the Navigation bar is hard to read (this reduced image makes everything look blurry, which it really isn't). And then of course there is that OBNOXIOUS "Lost and Found" banner which I believe has already come under discussion...
  10. shift-f5 (or whatever other keyboard shortcut your browser uses for shift-reload) Thanks. That worked.
  11. Yes! Extremely so! I thought that, as a premium member, I wouldn't be subjected to ads! It's ugly, and annoying! Let me add my vote for "ugly and annoying." It also seems to me that I recall something about "no ads" being part of the contract when I signed up as a Premium Member.
  12. How about a "DISLIKE" button for Facebook itself? Oh, sorry...guess that's beyond GC's control.
  13. I have the same thing. Is it perhaps a disagreement with Firefox?
  14. I am not a fan of the Downloads tab for "My Finds" PQs. I just attempted to run it again after having run it approximately two weeks ago, and that was the date which appeared as the last time it had run. Apparently it stacked my new PQ on top of it so that when I deleted the ten-day old one, it also deleted the current one before I had a chance to download it. "My Finds" also continues to appear with the red "X" and sometimes gives me an error message, sometimes not. I am using a PC and Firefox.
  15. Sigh. If you can't see the connection between law enforcement investigating what might be deemed "suspicious activity" at night and geocaching, then you really need to take off your rose-colored glasses and put your nose on the page. If law enforcement is called out repeatedly to investigate people "skulking in the bushes" at night, it won't be long before geocaching earns an unmerited but bad reputation.
  16. No, but spending twenty minutes talking to the nice officer kinda cuts into your caching time.
  17. Friends in Longview WA just sent me this news article which I thought I'd share with the rest of you. As a sidebar, let me note that my caching partner and I have been pulled aside by the police several times in the last few months when we were caching after dark but BEFORE 9 PM. To all of our wonderful Caching Friends, We've copy/pasted an article from The Daily News this morning that unfortunately, affects those of us who have enjoyed caching after dark. Police will be looking for and citing people involved in "suspicious activity" after dark due to a new teen game described in the article below. This will definitely make our nighttime caching a risky activity. As disappointed as the rest of you! Teens' nighttime tag game alarms police By Leslie Slape / The Daily News | Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 10:15 pm | (2) Comments A fast-paced, intense form of nighttime tag called "Fugitive" has become a weekly event in the Kelso-Longview area, sending dozens of young people darting through yards and streets at night. Kelso police have responded by increasing nighttime enforcement of pedestrian and driving laws. The game is "best described as 'cops and robbers on steroids' " and involves "fugitives" on foot being pursued by people on foot and in cars, according to the Fugitive page on Facebook. "This game is inherently dangerous and has required responses by law enforcement, as there is no way to know if the situation is related to the game or not," Kelso Police Sgt. Doug Lane wrote in a recent report. The basic rules, condensed from the Facebook page: Everyone meets at a designated location at a set time and splits into "fugitives," "chasers" and "drivers." The point of the game is for the fugitives to run from Point A to Point B (usually 3 or 4 miles away) without being tagged by chasers, usually two per vehicle. When someone in a chaser car spots a fugitive, the occupants jump out and chase down the fugitives to tag them, usually with a flashlight beam. A fugitive who has been tagged becomes a chaser. "They're running from somebody," which gives the appearance they are doing something wrong, Kelso Police Capt. Darr Kirk said Tuesday. "We look for suspicious activity. This is very suspicious." Police received a report Friday night that more than 150 young people met at Mark Morris High School to play the game. Throughout the evening officers saw dozens of young people on foot and in vehicles as they made their way east to Kelso High School, the destination point, police said. Dispatchers took numerous 911 calls from worried citizens mistaking the players for prowlers or vandals. Kelso police cited several players Friday night with disorderly conduct and unsafe driving. Kelso police said swing shift officers will strictly enforce all pedestrian violations, driving violations, disorderly conduct violations, trespassing or any other violation that results from playing the game. "If they are jumping on private property, not obeying the rules of the road, they're going to be contacted," Kirk said. "Laws are going to be enforced. This isn't harmless. They just need to obey all the laws. That's all we ask. We don't want to infringe on their rights, but at the same time, public safety is our prime concern." Other locations that have been used by game players have been Splits and Tam O'Shanter Park, police said. Sgt. Lane said he received a call from a parent whose son was recruited to play but who refused because it was dangerous. "The parent was very alarmed by the behavior and realized the potential risks of injury and/or arrest," Lane wrote in his report. The parent told him the game "is becoming a weekly event and is growing." The game has become highly popular among teens and young adults, particularly on the West Coast, according to accounts in several newspapers. Posted in Local, Crime-and-courts on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 10:15 pm
  18. My avatar has gone missing from its accustomed position in the upper right corner of Geocaching > Your Profile. It appears everywhere else on the site, as far as I can tell (including here in the forums). I've tried reselecting it and re-registering the changes, but nothing seems to work. Is anyone else experiencing this glitch?
  19. There is an attribute for an area which is open to hunting, so why not have one indicating fishing is available? I'm sure the hunting attribute isn't there simply to warn cachers that they might need to dodge bullets...or even if it is, one for fishing would still apply, especially since some folks' backcasts can be pretty wild. Seriously...please add a "fishing available" attribute for those of us who'd like to know whether or not to pack a rod (and I don't mean that in the sense of "carry a gun").
  20. We would second this approach. Some may not be aware that their photo is or may be considered a spoiler. Bumping this thread up because I'm in full agreement with this idea. I've let a number of photos stand because I didn't want to delete someone's entire log just to get rid of a spoiler shot.
  21. I'm home again! The TB page has returned me to Washington, and thank you! But did it have to be snowing when I got back?
  22. Not quite the same subject, but related... I'd like to see "New in (State)" list caches by distance relative to your home coordinates. Right now, event caches overflow into the second page of "New in Washington," and I'd think most cachers' primary interest would be what was closest to home. By sorting on a cacher's home coordinates, you could also reference the newest caches nearest to you instead of having to browse through those four or five hours away.
  23. I'm still in Idaho, according to my last TB log. I mean, I knew it was raining and blowing pretty hard out there, but I really don't remember pulling up the anchor. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...cb-dc2e17bdb2ab
  24. This has been noted in another thread.
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