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What's up with your avatar?

Jamie Z

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I see folks with some rather interesting pics in their avatar. I try to be a little creative sometimes myself. I was wondering where folks got the pics for their avatar, and the story behind them.


To start off, here's a history of mine:

My first avatar came about when I was listening to the wonderful bluegrass music on the Deliverance soundtrack, and I noticed this young man on the cover. It seemed a good fit for my avatar. icon_wink.gif I scanned and cropped the pic, and ya'll saw it here for a short time.


My next avatar came on the heels of the Mitsuko era. Ironically, it was the night before Choberiba admitted the whole thing during chat that I made the image: a combination of part of a self portrait I made in a run-down section of Memphis and a pic Eric had posted on Mitsuko's profile. It took me several hours to figure out how to make an irregular crop.


This avatar came because my Mitsuko avatar had run its course, and I needed something new. It's a pic taken by my friend Matt during our hunt for this cache when I made a 55-mile bike ride. I wasn't particularly happy that the details were to small to appear properly in a 75-pixel wide avatar, so when I came across...


This image on the Official Homepage of the Fighting Whites Intramural Basketball Team from the University of Northern Colorado, I knew I had to use it. Regardless of its political position, I found the idea of a white stereotype as a school mascot quite amusing.



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My is of one of my rockets, I started using the user name that I have now 3-4 years ago (?). I created that name because the thing I was intrested in then was model (or highpower border line). I put that pic on there so people know what my user name means.


Wyatt W.


The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions.

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Is my friend Spirit. He's almost one year old. Seven in dog years.

I have no clue how to post any photos so if you remember any previous avatars the first one was me combat fishing on the wall in Oswego NY near Leto Island with my 10 Lb Brown Trout, the second one was me fishing in Maxwell Creek with my 15 Lb Brown Trout, The third one was a friend's dog (White, Husky, part wolf) but he passed away so now I use Spirit. I like switching them around. Anybody mind that? When people switch avatars? I didnt' mind when Brdad switched back. The dress was pretty cute though. Sometimes, I wish the avatar you had when you posted something would stay with that post and the new one would go on the new posts. Does this make sense?


Cache you later,


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My avatar is a runic alphabet developed by Tolkien, called the Angerthas. It's based on a real runic alphabet called the futhark (named for the first six letters in the alphabet). In this case, the runes spell out the name "Azog". Azog carved these runes into Thror's forehead after he beheaded Thror. Kinda nasty when you think about it, huh? The title for the avatar is self-explainatory when taken in context.


Most people associate runes with occultism, but for me, that's hardly the case. See my sig. Historical linguistics are a hobby of mine.



Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be also be like him.

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My Paul Bunyan avatar is what I started with. He stands in the Bangor, closest city to me 25 miles away. He stands for what a lot of Maine is. Bangor was a lumbering empire back in the late 1800's. The peavey in his left hand was also invented here in Maine. I tried the robot Marvin From HGTG but it was lame and I liked Paul Better. I decided instead to just alter the Paul Bunyan avatar to reflect current events in the forums. Unfortunately, the forums are lacking for intersesting content lately!

My avatar history:



With friends like you, who needs enemas?

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I came across this Troll watching me. Ok, Ok, I didn't really see a troll. My avatar is a pic of one of several trolls that I own. They are handmade and sold in Gatlinburg, TN. I think they are just too cool.


Remember, not all 'trolls' are bad! icon_wink.gif




A "Buckeye" is just a "Hillbilly" that ran out of money on the way to Michigan jpshakehead.gif

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My first avatar was a photo of me...boooring.


My second was a depiction of the murder of Jane McRae during the Revolutionary War. She was the fiancee of a Tory officer who served under Gen. Burgoynne. She was supposedly a beautiful and widely adored lass, with waist length, red hair. The story goes, that Burgoynne's Indian scouts killed and scalped her during a raid and brought her scalp back to camp, at which point her fiancee recognized her scalp and got pretty ticked off.


Despite the fact that Miss McRae was the fiancee of a Tory, her murder served to anger the local population and thousands who were previously not interested in taking sides, took up arms and joined General Gates' army at Saratoga. And the rest is history...well actually all this was.


My current one comes from THIS website,which I think is among the funniest websites I've ever run across.


"Men don't stop playing because they get old, they get old because they stop playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes

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I believe mine came from the Pharmaceutics department at my college (University of Florida College of Pharmacy.) It has a gator wearing his lab coat, mixing up something with his mortar and pestle. Since my name is a combination of "Gator" and "Rx", this image fit pretty well.

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I have been withholding posting your Family Tree's website for a while so as not to give away your identity and now you've gone and let the cat out of the bag icon_rolleyes.gif. But I did send it to Skully & Mulder following a comment they made about your haircut or something. icon_biggrin.gifLOL.


Cache you later,


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Is just cause its the Halloween season, and it was a funny picture I got from an email my mom sent me.



Diplomacy: The ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way they actually look forward to the trip.




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7474505B was Jake's prisoner#. I got the avatar from this pic.



First you trade the Cadillac for a microphone, then you lie to me about the band, now you're gonna put me right back in the joint.


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I modified the Gx logo to get the three colors of our hockey team in (red, white, and black). I first used a black GX and a red fill on a white background, then changed it to a white GX and red fill on a black background. As I look at it, it starts to remind me of a logo that might be worn to a klan rally. So, I am going to keep fiddling around with it.


By appointment to the Court of HRM Queen Mikki I.

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a mythical-whimsical character of ancient Southwestern Indian Cultures. His likeness comes from petroglyphs (drawings) found on cave walls throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Southern Utah. The drawings depicted the life and spiritual beliefs of the Anazasi, Hopi, Zuni and other Southwestern Indian people.


He symbolizes joy, happiness, abundance, and fertility. He is believed to be a mischievous trickster and the spirit of music. He is often shown play a flute and dancing. The hump on his back is thought to be a bag containing seeds, plants, flowers and gifts to bring abundance to those whom he graces with his presence. He is the sower of good things.


The image was digitally photographed and processed from a new T-shirt. I have a collection of Kokopelli shirts that I enjoy wearing when hiking and geocaching.




"When you find it, its always in the last place you look."

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My avatar is a painting by Johannes Vermeer - Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window. In Thomas Harris' novel, Hannibal, the nurse, Barney, took up a quest to see every Vermeer in the world. That sounded like a lot of fun to me so I decided to try it myself. I started my search before I ever heard about geocaching, but it's similar to geocaching in many ways. I get the location from the internet, travel, use maps, etc. And the reward ... well, it beats a McDonald's toy I can tell you.


I've seen 8 Vermeers so far but I haven't seen my avatar yet. It's in Dresden, so it's not something I can do on a weekend. I like this painting for a number of reasons but I suppose I chose it for my avatar because Vermeer never painted Girl Reading the Forums in Her Cubicle.

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Ours is a picture of the magnet sign(s) we stick on our P/U when we hook up the travel trailer and take off. Now we put them on even if we're just going out geocaching, in case some local cachers see us and can chase us down.


And the story of how we got the logo and the signs made up is just too long to go into. Suffice to say, it was all an accident.


Um, honey, did you mark a waypoint for the car?

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In the 1930's, Chrysler Corporation consolidated the parts divisions of all their brands (Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, Imperial etc.) into one division.

Thus the Chrysler Corporation Mopar (MOtor PARts) division was created. Parts used on ANY of the brands came in boxes branded with the Chrysler MOtor PARts logo.

Over time, "Mopar" became a synonymous term to use to talk about any of the Chrysler Corporation vehicles.

The avatar I have used so far was the Chrysler MOtor PARts Division logo from 1972-1984, which was the time of my life when my passion for Mopar cars was forged.


Tae-Kwon-Leap is not a path to a door, but a road leading forever towards the horizon.

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

My current one comes from www.mytrailerpark.com website,which I think is among the funniest websites I've ever run across.

Brian, I actually came across your avatar while surfing somewhere, although it wasn't the site you cited.


Looking at that site, I find it fairly amusing, although I'd enjoy it more if the majority of photos weren't manipulated.



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History of Avatars:

My first one

Avatar One: zzzzzzzzzzz, but too big to put here




Then the current one...


Calvin & Hobbes, the quintessential commentary of life in America, as seen by a micheivious boy and his tiger (which no one else sees move).


It captured the child-like, not the childish, imagination of a kid at heart in college. I faithfully read every single strip from the day it first appear in the local paper where Calvin caught Hobbes with a Tuna Sandwich - all the way through that fateful sled ride to oblivion.


On more than one time, C&H were off on an uncharted adventure to visit never before places. My other temporary avatar was the one below. I'll probably go back and forth to it.





Chicago Geocaching

"Therapy is expensive but bubble wrap is free."

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Originally posted by bigredmed:

I modified the Gx logo to get the three colors of our hockey team in (red, white, and black). I first used a black GX and a red fill on a white background, then changed it to a white GX and red fill on a black background. As I look at it, it starts to remind me of a logo that might be worn to a klan rally. So, I am going to keep fiddling around with it.


By appointment to the Court of HRM Queen Mikki I.


So, given the lack of expressed concern, I will assume that the current Avatar is OK.


By appointment to the Court of HRM Queen Mikki I.

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The flag is the First National Flag of the Confederate States of America. The true CSA flag. (The other, devisive, flag is a battle flag, not the national flag.)


The motto is because I don't log my finds on the geo site.


The gun? That's just for fun! (This is my weapon, this is my gun . . .)



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Not being real creative, I had the VF logo originally - a take off of the Van Halen logo. That was boring, so I went to this logo:

30819_600.jpg This is a picture of my alter ego, Elmer.


The one I am using currently was an attempt at graphic art using the theme from this old thread about a cacher who seems to find a lot of virtual caches, and has his hand in the exact same position in many 'proof photos' which strike a quite the resemblance of photos on tourism websites.


Though it's outdated from that fun thread, I just felt like it was time for a change, and I'm too lazy to think of anything original.



wavey.gif Go! And don't be afraid to get a little wet!

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I'm sorta like the Halloween costume guy that posted a few above this... icon_smile.gif


Midget pirate


Pet Rodent


Caching at night dressed as Batman(Law enforcement loves this one, I now have my very own file)


Standing in a waterfall dressed as Batman


Vamp test makeup



"Software isn't released, it's allowed to escape."

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