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  1. I use a GPSMAP76S, which I upgraded from a Legend about a year ago. ArchieDH Ridgeland, MS
  2. Hold my beer and watch THIS! This is a "she" tree?
  3. Rachel, Do not be fooled by the one they call "pater47". He claims to have full-time employment, somewhere. However, if in fact he does, it's only to purchase gas for his car, items for caches, and to maintain an internet connection to provide for his geocaching addications. This fine man "caches at will", anytime, anywhere, even from a "farm", Rachel. Watch yourself. ArchieDH Ridgeland, MS
  4. quote:Originally posted by drat19:Yeah, but I noticed that they included Leatherneck's handle in the article, but referred to Archie and the Squid by their real names. Whassup with DAT? -Dave R. in Biloxi Dear Dave, Not to worry. People have found me as well as found Leatherneck.
  5. I was on my way to find a cache after placing a cache when I received a phone call from my wife telling me of this very tragic happening. I'm so very saddened by this! And for all the fine people involved in this mission and for all those hard working employees of NASA and other companies who work with them to make our space program so great.
  6. so that's why my floppy started running when I read this thread. It's looking in my A drive too. I can hear it looking for it... but I don't have it!
  7. quote:Originally posted by lsfalk:My friends say that this is a "guy-thing" - I say NO WAY! I say it's only a "guy-thing" if YOU, the ladies, let it be a "guy-thing". Let the LADIES hunt! Archie
  8. Just a note to let anyone who might have gotten more than one email from me about our gathering know, if I've sent more than one to you, I am sorry. I'm trying to let as may people as I can know about our gathering, so I migth overlook someones name and send more than one email. Thanks for your understanding. ArchieDH
  9. Let the GOOD TIMES ROLL! I'm leaving today in order to be there in a timely manner! ArchieDH ps.. Very nice PIC, Leather!
  10. I think the deep and real problem is a very simple one, U! It's just U! I'm sure wifie would agree? ps.. Very nice backpack and not to mention your GPSr selection.
  11. I've never seen a pop-up add on any part of the GeoCaching.com web site. I do however, get them ALL the time at work.
  12. THE.U.mc.com THE.U.com MR.U.mc.com THE.Great.And.Powerful.U.mc.com I.AM.THE.U.MC.com UMC.R.ME.com For.THE.U.mc.com howamidoningsofar.com? THE A(rchie).com
  13. U, You best be checking with that pretty little lady that lives with you FIRST!
  14. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=25420
  15. There was no way you were gonna catch me in a mall today or typically any other day if I can help it. I went caching with a buddy and we found two nice caches. A minute in the woods is better than ANY time in a mall. Well, unless perhaps if one might be buying a new GPSr. [This message was edited by ArchieDH on November 30, 2002 at 07:52 AM.]
  16. Originally posted by umc: Who's ClayJar? ______________________________________________________________________________________ Not WHO, U! WHY is there a "ClayJar", is the question, U.
  17. Cache your little ole heart out, but be home before dark!
  18. Well, I had been hunting in the woods one fine day and as I was "tring" to remove myself said woods, I came to realize, I'M LOST! But, with the fine help of my Bro-in-law, our lungs for yelling to eachother, and our two-way radios, I managed to get out before dark. Well, when I was making my way out of the woods and I spoted his shining face (to my relief), he could hear me exclaim!, I'M GETTING A ****ING (I was the Navy) GPS TONIGHT! THEN, I discoverd, GeoCaching. Archie (Way Down South) PS. Hey, "U" (umc), the guy's excited. Give'im a break. Besides, put your pretty wife on the computer, we want to talk with her anyway, not you, "U"!
  19. Well, I judge them by how pretty their wife is. We don't want to listen to you, umc. umc, PUT YOUR WIFE ON WE WANT TO TALK TO HER! ArchieDH (Way down south)
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