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  1. I just heard the new this morning and I am truly shocked. Skully was a great guy. I met him and his crew twice on the trails and 3 or 4 times at events. When I started geocaching the Skully crew only had a few more finds than me but I remember how he had told me at an event that he initially did not take cache contents and placement too seriously and just threw what ever was around in the cache but then he got hooked and he upgraded all his caches and when he placed new ones they were always top notch. I know he will be missed by all of us. My deepest condolences to his family and his geocaching partner Autumn.
  2. Lots of Hippo fans out here that only want to go to the Zoo if it has a Hippo. Waymark the Hippo exhibit at the Zoo so they can get right to their favorite animal.
  3. Congratulations! And nice run with the football.
  4. Why would you want to confine NNJ to one thread? If you have something specific to discuss then Post it in the Northeast but put something in the Topic that clues us NNJ people to it. Like: "What cacher would you like to meet on the trails in NNJ?" "Who is your favorite NNJ geocaching couple? (I vote for Hart + Brian)." I like reading short threads. If this thread went on and on about this and that, I would stop looking at it. My 2 cents.
  5. Yikes, Your TB is a lot larger than mine. By the way your event sounds great. Don't think I will make it. But hope you have a Rockin good time!
  6. Any no using WG$ to pay for the food and drink at the meeting! Is that supposed to read: And no using WG$ to pay for the food and drink at the meeting! Personally I don't see a problem with that. WG$ are real US currency and should be accepted anywhere. But perhaps WG$ are a contributing factor to the addiction of geocachers.
  7. There is a good chance I will attend. I once had a problem but am recovering. So perhaps I can sponsor anyone who truly wants to get over their addiction. Once I know for sure I will make a note on the cache page. If I am attending I will be bringing a Travel bug that I need to get to a Central Jersey cache so if anyone can help with that let me know.
  8. Looks like about 6 months (Nov. 2003 to May 2004) A little more than 180 days.
  9. You should go over and read the Geocaching.com forum section. This is being discussed alot. I think it may even be pinned at the top. There are people already at work trying to provide this feature in the future.
  10. orange

    Tb Rescue

    I should of just kept the bug when I checked on it. At least I would not of moved it out of MC. But it might of resided in my house for a while.
  11. My favorite time of year. Orange is every where.
  12. A belated Congratulations. 3000 is amazing to me still. What persistance and a lot of time spent in the woods. Enjoy your next 1000!
  13. I would congratulate at 100 (Shows it wasn't just a one time thing.) 250 (I may never get there.) 500 750 1000 And then every 500 after that. Every 100 is too soon for many of the current geocachers.
  14. Obviously a lot of people like this but when I saw it I had hoped it would download everything on the cache page. Not just what I can get in the PQ already. Is it possible to have this feature download everything? (All Finds, DNFs and notes too.)
  15. I like Cachedog's special equipment. I remember that hill too. It was the hardest hotel I ever found. I have a similiar piece now too. I admit he has slowed down my geocaching but I get more joy from him than finding a cache.
  16. 2003 61 Finds 4 Hides with jungle green 2002 102 Finds 3 Hides with jungle green Probably finds will be less and hides the same in 2004.
  17. The November stats are now posted. I have now factored in the hides too. 77 active caches in Morris County. I changed the Top Finders to a Top Cachers of Morris County and this makes Skully & Mulder et al. the Top Cacher of Morris County. They are only missing 4 of the 77 caches I am counting. Check it out here. Note to Brian: You have now jumped over Stayfloopy due to your 18 hides.
  18. Actually I was thinking of doing that. It may be done when I update for November. I was busy counting some more open caches and now have 77 Morris County caches that will be listed in next update. Hopefully I will update first week of December for stats thru Nov. 30.
  19. I have recently spent a bit of time manually creating some Morris County geocaching statistics. (Finder only at this time.) If you would like to see the top finders of Morris County caches or know how many finds Morris County caches have then feel free to check it out at this location. I only counted traditional, mystery, and multi caches that are in Morris County. I did not count members only caches or virtuals. There are 64 caches in Morris County that fit this criteria as of 11/5/03 and no one has found them all. I now have added these to my watch list and hope to keep my counts updated through the watch notifications. I really miss the old stat site even though I would no longer be in the top 25 NJ cachers. I miss some sort of comparitive info. I miss it so much that I decided to create some at a very local level. But I wish I still could see NJ finders state wide. I hope to update these numbers at the begining of each month with the numbers from the prior month. Let me know here or via email if you would like me to continue to share this info on a monthly basis.
  20. Congratulations! Have enjoyed your logs and occasionally bumping into you and your family when on the hunt.
  21. I give you credit at least you log your DNFs. I do too if I enter the search zone. (If my GPS goes to feet then it is a DNF if I don't get it.) And it is a note if I get out of the car but for some reason turn back before that. However far too many cacher's don't log them. So your poll should have had one more choice: I don't log DNFs because it is embarsassing.
  22. I would like to set up my Pocket queries to not give me Members Only caches since I often cache with non-member cachers and they can not log these on the site here. So I only want the open to all caches in my result set. I do not currently see that option. I see that I could get just members only caches but I don't see the reverse. Is it posssible to add it?
  23. Love the pictures of everyone wearing my favorite color.
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